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Players Getting Scratched

21 March 2014 - 11:16 AM

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on the subject. I'll use a specific example:
Brunner v Ryder
I like both players and what they bring (when they are playing well that is) but why does Brunner get scratched and Ryder doesn't? I mean I'm not coaching and I don't see/know all the intangibles each player brings. But when Ryder goes 20+ without scoring he's called "streaky" and that's it but when Brunner goes 10 or less without scoring, he's scratched. They were both brought in to score so I sort of get it. Now Ryder isn't exactly a defensive monolith (nor is Brunner by any means) but I think I'd prefer a speedy non scoring Brunner over a sluggish non scoring Ryder (is it me or does Ryder look lost sometimes?). Again, by no means is this a knock against either player, just more of a conversation starter. Is it just a case of PD favoring vets more then anything else because I know he certainly does that and had a rep of mishandling the younger guys. Is Brunner that bad on D? Am I missing something? Thoughts?