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In Topic: David Clarkson Autograph Signing Part 2

26 January 2010 - 12:48 PM

For those in the Freehold area:

Pro Image: Freehold Raceway Mall
3710 Rt 9 S
Freehold, NJ
(732) 577-0290

Thursday, January 21st 6-8 PM

Pro Image is far form being a Pro at autograph events. They were not prepared for the even had a nothing more then 3 photos and a puck to purchase and a jersey Yet were loaded up with Rangers Crap.
More insulting they split people into 2 lines one group being those who purchased for the 1st event in Dec and the 2nd line for those who purchased since that date.
What was so insulting is that I and many others were on line an hour and a half before the event but would have to wait till all the people who purchased for the dec date were taken care of even if they came
an hour and a half later.
The staff of Pro Image placed the 2nd line in a place that would block other store fronts till mall management had the line moved again. As we were placed on line 2 to watch people leave the end of line two to join the never ending line of line 1 Pro Image employes did nothing about this. One of the Employes went by the name of Rob would say to us on line 2 what do you want me to do walk to the back of the line? as we responded YES he would retreat back into the store. No one was checking the dates on the tickets so perhaps we are fools for being honest on Line 2.

In Topic: Time Warner Cable Question - NYC

25 December 2009 - 06:35 PM

Thanks for the info! I got the HD DVR and get other HD channels, so it looks like my box is jacked up, which means a phone call to customer service. When moving to NYC from NJ, I was told how shoddy TWC is but that's my only option, so I'll have to deal. It's either that or try to find a bar in NYC that shows Devils games, but that's hit or miss, especially if the Rags are playing at the same time.

Thanks again for the info!

If you have family in NJ why not get a Sling Box HD that way you can watch all devils games in hd over the net as if you were in NJ

In Topic: St Patricks Day Suite w/ Green, Red and white Jersey for each person i

21 December 2009 - 07:51 PM

Oh OK, I didn't realize that. I guess it would make sense that it would be the same for us too.

Got a call today to be clear 24 beers 24 waters 24 sodas and finger food
I am a season ticket holder so we will get 10% discount BUT I will only offer
the 10% discount once all 20 seats are sold being I am taking a large risk laying out
$5850 on this if 18 people pay full price (me included) I lose $50 vs $590 I am not looking
to make any money off this just dont want to take a heavy hit If I go for this.
I brought up about the jerseys for sale and he (the rep) had no info.

In Topic: Time Warner Cable Question - NYC

21 December 2009 - 11:17 AM

Just a quick question before I call Time Waner Cable to schedule a service call. I just moved to NYC this past week and for some reason, I'm not getting MSG+ in HD. When I first got the service, I wasn't getting MSG and MSG+ in HD at all. Now, I get MSG HD but on a different channel than the guide says (channel 712 as oppoosed to 727 on the guide) but still no MSG+ HD.

What makes it even more odd is that the channel doesn't even seem to exist. It's not like it's blocked or anything...it just isn't there.

Anybody else in NYC have this problem or will I have to get a cable guy over here. I only have cable to watch hockey in the first place...well, that and Biggest Loser...and Hell's Kitchen...and Curb Your Enthusiasm...but that's it!

To start I am sorry you are a fellow fan with TWC they SUCK as far as getting games in HD
48 is MSG+ 748 is MSG+HD
27 is MSG 727 is MSG HD
122 is VS 481VS HD
If a game is on MSG+2 were out of luck for HD only on Reg def on channel 197 or 198 it is painful to watch
I call every game that is not in HD to complain but change yet.
I have TWC triple Play package (DTV) check if have this. Another issue you may have is you might not have a HD box if this is the case
simply take your box into a TWC location and swap it for a HD box free of charge and no additional monthly charge ether.
if you can watch say channel 702,704,705,707 this means you have a hd box being there just 2,4,5,7 in HD.

In Topic: St Patricks Day Suite w/ Green, Red and white Jersey for each person i

20 December 2009 - 07:41 PM

Im sure these are for replica jerseys and not authentics. Also, last time I checked, Suites did not include unlimited food like the fire and ice lounge seats do. On the fence about this deal, If it was maybe $200 a person, it might be worth it, but at $295-325 per person? You might as well just buy the jersey yourself... What do u guys think?

I have to agree if I can buy a replic jersey why would I put out 6500 and risk not selling all 20 seats well 18 myself and my wife would be going I will have to look in to this