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In Topic: John Moore to NJD

01 July 2015 - 07:56 PM

Any day we don't sign an overpaid, 35+ year old ex-Devil is a win in my book. Lol. I like the youth movement, keep it up Shero!

In Topic: A Thru F: Rank Shero/Conte's Job At 2015 NHL Entry Draft

30 June 2015 - 05:59 AM

B. As others have repeated, the Blackwood pick seems unnecessary at this time unless we're shipping Schneider a few years down the line. That should have been a forward. But whatever...Shero gets my approval for at least trying for Barzal. In years past, we would have just sat there and did nothing. I don't want Frolik though...he'll cost a ton and only has a few years left at the level he's playing at. Continue with the youth movement!

In Topic: Gomez, Clemmensen, Bernier gone

28 June 2015 - 11:01 PM

I like the fact that Shero is trimming fat. This never would have taken place under Lou. Keep it goin!

In Topic: Gomez, Clemmensen, Bernier gone

27 June 2015 - 05:26 PM

I hope Havlat, Zubrus, Clowe, Ryder, and Sal will be jettisoned next.

In Topic: Rangers trade Cam Talbot and Carl Hagelin

27 June 2015 - 02:34 PM

So much for the Talbot for McDavid rumors. Lol.