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In Topic: Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

Today, 06:40 AM

Below numbers include OT games, not just regulation.

Between last year and this year, Schneider has gone 18-10 (.643) in games when giving up a goal or less. Over that time when he's given up 2 goals or less he's gone 24-20 (.545). Over that time when he gave up 3 goals or more he went 3-25 (.107).

For comparison, NHL goalies from last year to this year when giving up a goal or less had a .844 winning percentage. When giving up 2 goals or less it was a .727 winning percentage. When giving up 3 goals or more it was a .239 winning percentage.

I'm glad Schneider's got that nice contract to ease the blow of putting up with this team. It's got to be maddening for him. His 1 goal or less winning percentage is .201 below the league average. His 2 goal or less winning percentage is .182 below the league average. His 3 goals or more winning percentage is .132 below the league average so it's not even like they can bail him out on an off night.

Also, according to Rob Vollman's Hockey Abstract, Schneider has the 2nd highest Quality Start percentage among NHL goalies at 69% from 2011-14. Over that same time he also had the 4th highest Home Plate SV%. Though unfortunately, some fans will never appreciate him due to him replacing a legend and having a disappointing W-L record through no fault of his own.

Back on topic, I don't believe in untouchables so I'd be willing to move him if you could get an elite young forward like Hall, but I just don't think the Devils and Oilers match up at all as trade partners for a deal like that.


i don't know that they don't. Schneider could be a real key here and i'm just saying there might be a possibility. I think with our system and attention to detail, there's a good possibility even an OK goalie will do well here. Scrivens under protection, hell even Anti Niemmi is a FA this year - there's a potential for a hockey trade. We have young D, they need D, we have a goalie, they need a goalie. We badly need a Hall type - they have it. So I don't know - it's crazy to think about given the investment we made in Cory - but the more I think about it - the more I see it's not as crazy as people think.

In Topic: How do you feel about Seth Helgeson?

Today, 06:22 AM

I'll be the dissenter here - I like his game okay, and he's willing to stand up for his teammates and all that, but he's a total nothing in the offensive end and only knows to chip the puck out at every opportunity.  He can be a 7th D, I guess, but it's hard for me to expect a ton of improvement out of a guy who is 24, and I don't think he's good enough at the things he's good at to make up for all the things he can't do.


Exactly. He's a number 7 and I'm fine with that. Every team needs ditch diggers too.

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Today, 06:20 AM

I separate myself because people like me, Tri, Dr33, cr76,sundstorm, DM, hasan, you and a slew of others can sit here like people - take our awful season, and act like adults while the majority of the people in the building last night and HF and FB (here less so, but even we have SD) act like babies. I'm ashamed to be a fan of this team and bring a friend to a game last night and have to explain to him the terrible behavior of most of the fans around us. If this post angers you, you're a part of the problem.

In Topic: Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

Today, 12:21 AM

I'll take Fasth, Scrivens or make a trade in the offseason to get a goaltender in here, Much like the Isles did with Halak. There are goalies to be found.

It's not only about return it's about what you're replacing him with.  Replacing Cory with Kinkaid after three NHL starts is more or less like scratching a lottery ticket and hoping you hit it big.  If Kinkaid plays 15 or so games this year, 20-25 next year and proves he can start then talk to me about getting value back.  Even then you won't have seen Kinkaid as 'the guy' any more than you saw Cory as the guy before his big deal.


Getting value is meaningless if you patch up one hole with a partial solution and create another gaping one in the process.  We're totally jumping the shark as a fanbase talking about trading Cory after three games of Kinkaid.

Totally agree about robbing Peter to pay Paul and not really solving the bigger problem of creating a winning team, but finding a competent goalie is a lot easier than finding a top line forward, especially an elite talent like Taylor Hall.

My caluclations don't involve Kinkaid really. I think goalies are easier to find these days that are serviceable and top line forwards are harder to come by.

In Topic: Is it time to trade Cory Schenider?

Yesterday, 11:51 PM

Edmonton wanted to give up the farm for Cory last year.  They're not particularly married to Scrivens or Fasth atm.  I'm sure they'll get a good scouting report from Fayne who saw Cory when he actually 'was' good.


Granted I'm still not ready to go all Paul Holmgren.  Like someone said, it's just not right for us to want to trade Cory when we complain about every other player leaving instead of signing long-term and Cory DID sign long-term.  Even though after tonight I'm sick of just about everyone and everything on this roster.


Look, I love Cory - want him here long term. But like anything Hasan, it's about return. If Edmonton wants to give Hall+ for Schenider - it's hard pressed to say no to that.