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In Topic: GDT: Devils vs Sharks (10/18) Home Opener

18 October 2014 - 10:40 PM

Just back.


The Arena: What a great job they did, really really really. The food options are much much improved. I really liked the sliders in the upper concourse and I am eager to try a lot of the other food as well. It's going to get me in the building spending more money on gamenights rather than guaranteed going to Dino BBQ or elsewhere pregame - so they are doing their jobs on this one. It just looks better too. More creative, more colorful and well thought out.


The 3D - I was actually sort of just meh on it. I mean really cool...really cool - but the design and what they did with it was anti-climactic and devoid of story telling. Something like that needs to build like a firework display and it was kind of flat. But still very cool. Hopefully they improve on it.


The sound - yeah I had sound issues in the upper concourse. I didn't mind too much what they played on the music-side as others did, but I actually felt it was too quiet. I think that's a problem with where the speakers are and the mix in the building. I was in 228, and just couldn't hear it that well and my hearing is fine. I will say though the GOAL SONG was too loud from the speaker (although it was quiet by me) but it sounded distorted and the vocals in the song mix was 'unhearable'. 


Anyway as for the game - looked fine mostly, a little out of sync in the first half of the game. Much like everyone has said here about Sal and Gelinas. Gelinas was a train wreck all night, bad decisions. Zids was too, but at least he got some shots through. Gelinas was a loose cannon literally on that PP and gave the puck up way too much. Time for Larsson.

In Topic: Bernier, Harrold & Janssen on Waivers. Carter to Wild

08 October 2014 - 09:21 AM

I know this isn't the thread per se, but my big frustration right now is with Zubrus. He's a #9 in the top 9, and a borderline fourth liner at this point and I just don't see how he'd help this team where he's slotted right now. 

In Topic: 30 Thoughts: Devils Edition

08 October 2014 - 09:07 AM

In terms of no assistant GM - I would say Steve Pelligrini who is VP of Hockey Ops is that guy. He worked for the league on the CBA in 2005, and then came to work for Lou. He handles Cap stuff, contracts, etc. 

In Topic: I hope the Devils never do what the Red Sox did

29 September 2014 - 10:10 AM

And sometimes you have to remember the players are bigger than the teams too. It's an appreciation for the entertainment and effort these guys put on the ball field/ice they are showing appreciation. Jeter lost to the Sox as well - many times, and never pouted, smashed Boston fans, etc. He lost with class and won with class.


Lundqvist will retire one day and probably with the NYR, and if he plays another 8 years and somehow wins a Cup or two (god hope not) and did a farewell tour (again hockey doesn't do it) - but if he did and the Devils recognized him in some fashion during the last tv timeout thanking him for years of contribution to the rivalry and service to hockey while making a donation to a charity - by all means - I'd stand and cheer. Things are bigger than the game. These are people. Henrik by all measures is pretty much all class, hard working and passionate. He leaves it out all on the ice. I can appreciate that. It's stupid hockey logos on jerseys we root for, but the players who do it are bigger.

This guy is waving Hi to that:



You mised my point. I meant when players come back with another team and play against the Devils for the first time.

even Holik's first game back against the Devils with the Rangers - there should've been some acknowledgment of the service he gave to Devils hockey. Same for Gomez, Parise, Gionta, Madden, Niedermayer, Arnott, and so on....these guys won Cups here and when they returned to NJ as players on other teams for the first time, the Devils couldn't be bothered to say "thanks".

In Topic: I hope the Devils never do what the Red Sox did

29 September 2014 - 10:04 AM

Couldn't disagree more.


There are moments BIGGER than a stupid rivalry. If a truly great was honored by the Devils in a farewell tour, I'd give them a great send off.


Hockey players rarely do farewell tours though. Teemu did it, but didn't get the fanfare Jeter did. Baseball is different though.


The Devils barely do that with players who have come back after signing elsewhere and I've always hated that. I'd be happy with honoring players when they come back who were important to the team, i.e. Parise, Niedermayer, Gionta, etc. It's sad, and it shows Lou doesn't concern himself with the history of the game and how it important it is to the game and fans. It is contradictory to everything else Lou talks about in terms of respect and doing things the right way. They've been on the wrong side of this for years.