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The Problem with Matteau

19 November 2015 - 01:11 PM

I don't think anyone could suggest Lou didn't screw this kid out a possible career by keeping him up in the NHL as long as he did a few years ago. 


However, is there a situation - Tri, I'm pointing this at you as you're familiar with procedures stronger than most - where by not playing him at all, we kill his value so much, there is a possibility of sneaking him through waivers as we approach holiday freezes, etc? 


Yes he's a former first rounder, but he's definitely not an NHL player - would there be a team willing to commit to him on an NHL roster for the rest of the season? At some point he may have to go through waivers - because it's clear he belongs in the A. 


What's the end game here?


Even in a trade situation, the team getting him would have to believe him to be a current NHL player and be comfortable with him taking a roster spot without thinking of putting him through waivers. 


I feel bad for the kid. 

2015-16 Training Camp Thread

18 September 2015 - 11:33 AM

We need a fresh thread for training camp. 


Of course Patrik is nursing an knee injury to start camp. Hopefully it doesn't linger. 


I'm liking the initial d-pairs today:






We have a lot of borderline guys for that 8th spot/injury call ups from Mozik, Grabarenko (easier to spell that his anglo-name), Gragani, Helgeson and others. 


I like the pairs of forwards they are starting with today as well. 







If Elias was around - I'd assume he'd be with Henrique and Palmeri. 


Tlusty skated with Camm and Travis today. 





Salvador Retires - The Players's Tribune

02 September 2015 - 09:27 AM

This was a shocking article. He played the last several years with concussions. 




The following preseason, everything changed. I got into a little scrap, and my opponent punched my helmet with a pretty weak shot. It sent me to my knees. I’m thinking, Okay, that’s weird.

After that, every time the puck would get rimmed around the boards or I’d try to receive a pass during practice, my stick would completely miss the puck. I mean, I couldn’t chalk this up to a few bad workouts. I’d go to make a pass and the puck wouldn’t even be on my stick. This was serious. My depth perception was totally off. It was an embarrassing blow to my confidence. I worried that I was letting my teammates down. Now the fear was starting to creep in. Maybe I lost more than just a step…



Read it here: http://www.theplayer...ils-retirement/