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In Topic: Lightning sign defenceman Lukowich

04 July 2007 - 12:26 AM

Enjoy your dream world. It's on schedule to come crashing down on or about November 1.

In Topic: Lightning sign defenceman Lukowich

04 July 2007 - 12:09 AM

Souray is way too injury-prone. Sopel, Ference and Markov are all second rate. Of course, chances are Lou won't make an offer on any of them anyway. Remember, this is the new "fiscally responsible" Lou!

I remeber 2006 too. We still had Gomez, Rafalski and Lukowich. We got an unbelievable season from Parise, Zajac and Langs. Are those things going to happen this year?

In Topic: Lightning sign defenceman Lukowich

03 July 2007 - 11:58 PM

If he signs Hinote, I'll shut up and give Lou the benefit of the doubt. But otherwise, there are no other D's out there that could really help this team.

In Topic: Lightning sign defenceman Lukowich

03 July 2007 - 11:49 PM

How do we know this is the worst team since the 80s if they haven't even played a single game yet?

Can we at least clarify -- worst team on paper, worst team in the summer, worst team pre-season...you know, something? I hardly think this team is screwed, but then again, they have yet to play a single PRE-SEASON game for crying out loud!

Certainly the worst team on paper. I can't claim to know how that will translate onto the ice. Who knows? Maybe Marty will single-handedly win us 30 games and we won't look so bad. Maybe Zajac will follow in Parise's footsteps and actually have a better sophomore year than his rookie year. Maybe Elias will remember how to play hockey again. Maybe Zubrius will finally (after 10 years) become the player Philly thought they were drafting. I have no idea.

The fact is that everything is stacked against this team, though. Lou doesn't seem to realize it, and most Devils fans don't either - since they follow him with the kind of devotion that would shame most cult leaders.

But let's take a second just to examine the Devils defense and clarify what I mean.

White - Coming off a lousy season. Only real physical D on the team.

Martin - Logged big minutes, but still looked average. Not much size or strength.

Matvichuk - Looked very old and slow in the few games he played. At his age, it's all downhill from here.

Oduya - Looked good, but fell flat late. Not very big or strong. Possible sophomore jinx.

Greene - I honestly don't know what anybody sees in this kid. He's small, doesn't react quickly, doesn't have much skill, is one of the physically weakest players I've ever seen, and doesn't read plays all that well. I still don't understand why he ever made the Devils.

Rachunek - This is a guy who couldn't stick on the Rangers blueline! He wouldn't hit you if you insulted his mother. His positional play isn't all that great either.

Fraser - If he ever makes the NHL, It'll be at least 2 years from now. Painfully slow, but at least he hits people and plays with passion.

In Topic: Lightning sign defenceman Lukowich

03 July 2007 - 11:02 PM

Come on, worst Devils team ever? That's really pushing it.

Then we'll just call it the worst since the '80's. The problem is that the original Devils teams had an excuse for sucking. With this team, we had a championship in '03, and it's been nothing but bad deals and mis-management rivaling that of Lyndon Johnson ever since. This years' team won't make the playoffs.