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In Topic: General loss of fanship interest

28 November 2015 - 11:51 PM

On topic:  went to the Devils-Pens game with my wife and 7-year-old daughter.  Winning obviously helps, but I had almost forgotten how much fun it can be to just get out and see a Devils game live.  Being there helped me get a little zest back.  I'm still thinking this team probably doesn't finish much above NHL .500, so I'm not delusional about what's been a pretty fun start...but with baseball firmly in Hot Stove mode, I'm getting my enthusiasm back for hockey.  And hearing my daughter yell "Let's go Devils!" is something I'd like to hear a lot more of.
Off:  regarding Greene, he's a bit like Daneyko in that he's not getting his number retired because of awesome stats.  Right now he definitely doesn't scream "retirement candidate" to me, but his career still has a ways to go.  If he plays 95% of his career as a Devil (think 1000 GP in a Devil uni), remains the Captain for the next several seasons (and keeps playing in every game), and he proves to be the most stable part of a D-corp that goes on to win a Cup in the next 4-5 years...if all of that happens, then I could see #6 joining #4, 3, 27, 30, and 26.  But that's a lot of ifs.

Keep in mind the key difference between Daneyko and Greene: On the one hand you have Daneyko, who was one of the first pieces of the puzzle that eventually became what was damn near a dynasty and one of the most successful franchises in the NHL in the '90s and '00s. He helped to raise the Devils from the obscurity of the being perennial losers and stop the franchise from the wandering from place to place looking for fans desperate enough to tolerate the on ice product. Being part of that transformation is quite literally a revolution for this franchise and Daneyko, more than any single player, most signifies the early struggles the franchise went through and the ultimate success the Devils have had.

Then you have Greene. He is a very good defenseman. He doesn't miss a lot of games (like Daneyko), he is reliable (like Daneyko), and is a great team player (again like Daneyko). So while I'm not looking to slight Greene, what I see in him is the potential to be the 21st century version of Daneyko but without any of the significance that Daneyko had for the franchise. This isn't Greene's fault it is just the luck of history.

In Topic: Danterson returneth

19 November 2015 - 07:26 AM

He tried to kill a dude.
Edit: read the wiki on him. I mean, I guess good for him...?

This is absolutely great! I think you've just had the abbreviated version of what happened to me when this all went down. I remember reading about Jefferson/Danton (whatever his name is?) trying to kill Frost and thinking Danton was a flippin' loony. Then when it came out what the dude had been through, what Frost had done, etc., I distinctly recall pulling my judgment back REAL quick. Sort of going from:
"dude tried to kill someone, get this loony out of e Devs system" to something like "damn, too bad he didn't finish the job".

I hope Danton can rebuild his life.

In Topic: A noticeable difference

09 November 2015 - 02:28 AM

what do you mean "will have some evidence to back up their arguments"
lol I have TONS of that already haha
i mean... is there really people willing to debate that Lou isn't stubborn and refusing to go out of his way?

I think some folks are missing the "lol" and other tongue in cheek internet marks here. Still, I don't get the arguing over the point since what SD is saying is logically correct. What am I missing here?

In Topic: Why not move Gelinas to forward

03 November 2015 - 10:42 PM

Maybe he should take the Happy Gilmore route.

He should challenge Tiger Woods to a golf grudge match because Woods purchased his grandmother's house while it was being seized by the IRS for non-payment of taxes? Hmmm.... okay, I can see that. Pretty common story really.

In Topic: Your Thoughts About: Stefan Matteau

04 September 2015 - 08:44 PM

No, I got that. I'm still not sure what about his game screams dominant in the AHL.

I think the idea here is the a solid NHLer should stand out at the AHL level. Maybe "dominate" is too strong a word, but I would expect even a solid NHL third-liner to be pretty much top shelf at his given role in the AHL. Conversely, if you can't stand out in the AHL, you're DOA in the AHL. That's my take about why the previous poster seemed concerned that he Matteau wasn't dominating the AHL.

My 1/50 of a dollar....

IOW, I think you both might be saying much the same thing in different ways, but I could be wrong. That happened once in the early '90s, so I'm due. :)