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In Topic: Friedman: Devils Could Take Run At MSL

05 June 2015 - 05:06 PM

If he carries the value of a 7th round pick he's still worth signing.  The Devils have nothing to lose but money.  If he's terrible, great, the whole team is going to be terrible, what's lost here?

I agree, although I would hope that if we were going to have him taking space on the roster we'd be able to flip him for more than a 7th should the need arise. However, I have no idea if that expectation is out of line--I simply haven't followed MSL.

In Topic: Friedman: Devils Could Take Run At MSL

05 June 2015 - 05:01 PM

agreed, lets bring him herte to trade him at the deadline?? moronic!!

While I get the gist of your argument, I would have to counter by saying that I would sign tradeable assets every year if I thought I could reasonably expect a return of a 2nd or 3rd should we not need them come the deadline. It is a win-win. Either you have a vet come playoff time or you add another draft pick, and I, for one, believe the Devils can use all the picks they can get. However, this isn't a strategy you can pull off every year. I just wouldn't reject it out of hand.

The only downsides are if he is taking playing time from younger or better players. In the Devils case I am not sure he would be, but I haven't followed closely enough to be sure. But even if he has slipped, the key metric is really relative, not absolute. If he is still better than what we have and could still garner interest at the trade deadline, then signing him is a viable strategy.

In Topic: Devils 7th in STH sales, + 200% in revenue

31 March 2015 - 03:57 PM

He burned many bridges with them.  Need I even mention the Verizon Tower incident?
I also recall last year that the new owners said that at the time they bought the team, the Devils were involved in over two dozen (IIRC) lawsuits at the time of closing.  They said they knew they had some, but were surprised at how many there actually were at the time of the closing (that I am not sure I believe that they were caught off-guard as to how many exactly).
I clearly remember 2 of the lawsuits from the JVB days.  One was Centerplate suing JVB for non-payment, thus the reason why they switched to Aramark for the last year of his ownership and last year with the new ownership.  The other was JVB suing the vendor whose employees cleaned up the arena after each event.  Jeff claimed they did a bad job and that they caught some of their employees drinking out of half-empty beer bottles/cups while they were cleaning.  I also want to saw there was a lawsuit between Jeff and the Newark Nut Company but cannot remember for sure.  I think it was over their contract.

Two dozen lawsuits? Did JVB realize he was running a hockey team and not a law firm?

In Topic: Devils 7th in STH sales, + 200% in revenue

31 March 2015 - 03:53 PM

Good news all around.  However, I think the 200% increase was with respect to revenue generated through corporate partnerships, not overall revenue for the team or the arena.  Still, that is a huge increase.  The team has to be pleased as this was something the owners said they would focus on when they took over, and it looks like they have succeeded in their efforts thus far.
I will be interested to see how renewals go this season (for the 2015-16 season).  Hopefully the new "flex" plan draws more people in as it seems like a really good option for people that want to go often but can't attend all of games or don't have seats that are cheaper for full seasons than the cost of the minimum buy-in on the flex plan.

I also wonder how much of this has to do with the departure of the Nets. My guess is that some corporations has Devils seats and others had Nets seats, but the companies with Nets seats have been moving over to the Devils.

In Topic: Slow News Day: Kremlin Edition- Could IK Come Back to NHL?

26 March 2015 - 11:57 AM

OK, so you buy Parise wanting to go home to a place one time zone away, that speaks a slightly different version of American English, practices most of the same customs and traditions as people in New Jersey, where he still had instant telephone and text access to all of his family and friends in Minnesota, but Kovalchuk going back to a place nine time zones away where he had almost none of the luxuries Parise did here and had to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle to, you're not buying? It was just money for Kovy but Parise's reasons were noble ones?

I think Parise wanted to be near his father before he passed away and the money was there to make the decision easy. Is Kovy's dad passing? If not, this is more about money than family--that's what I think most people feel. For me, Kovy left in part because he was worn down and now he's able play play much less grinding hockey.