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In Topic: Scott Stevens No Longer on Coaching Staff

24 September 2014 - 12:58 PM

I think that's definitely a trend. Gretzky would be a prime example.

I had forgotten he had even coached--perfect example, thanks.

In Topic: Scott Stevens No Longer on Coaching Staff

24 September 2014 - 12:52 PM

Ah, so this answers my question above: later down in this thread this exact discussion began.

I can see what you're saying about Stevens, but more generally how do you explain the seeming greater failure rate of "great" players coaching? It seems to me that if you were to take all the ex-players who've coached and then figured out who was more or less successful, then compared that to their success as players, there would be an inverse relationship between their success as a player and a coach. This really seems to be the case in al four major sports. When I followed baseball that almost always seemed to be the case, in football that is very often the case, and even the little I know of basketball seems to hold up this logic. Anyone know anything about soccer? I know very little myself.....

While I am a great proponent of "you teach best what you most need to learn"  I dont think great players make sh!tty coaches merely or even partially because they were great players. 
Great coaches are great communicators/manipulators.  Stevens manipulated wordlessly.  That's fine but he needs more styles of communication in his arsenal.
So my sense is... He's a weird guy. His integrity, modesty, truthfulness is kind of ... how do I say this?  He's got some moral hardwiring which  -- gets bent I'll say -- and it for specific reasons which are truthful and necessary - but he doesn't field questioning his motives well.  He doesn't like being challenged and he fvcking stomps off like a big fvcking baby rather than dealing with the fvcking situation like an adult because he APPEARS to be more in control when he bales.  It's not a bad thing.  It's got it's own brand of kind of stick in the mud morality.but it's ineffective as far as communicating goes. 
He needs to deal with that.  When he can deal with that then he can coach.  No one challenges him beyond a certain point because he's an a$$hole about -- and knows it and walks away like a big baby and then comes back when everyone is willing to give him a bye and as far as what he's learned on the communication front -- it's MINIMAL.  Lou knows it and also knows if it would just click if he understood the power gained from NOT walking away getting all grumpy and frustrated.and learning how to deal with -- I dont know - whatever is irking him or confounding him, making him feel weak or whatever...then it's all good.  and chances actually are that if this is what he wants it will click.  I'd like him to have a tutor... you know, and not a little high pitched self righteous yammer and stuff that he can just sort of suck it up about but still not be convinced.  You know -- and he's not a fan of his temper I'm feeling.  He's being a baby about it -- his idea of control is walking away and that's just crap.   you know -- it's doubt.  Its waaaay too easy to get the guy to doubt himself.  Charging ahead isn't quite the way... it's close -- but he doesn't see the way... grrr... there's a certain stopping and facing it keeping calm enough to listen -- stay in the moment not too many steps ahead second guessing a response and trying to head it off losing sight of what you really want....
BAHHH -- I have to make catsup and do work and stuff...  :P

In Topic: Scott Stevens No Longer on Coaching Staff

24 September 2014 - 12:42 PM

I badly wanted Stevens to work out as a coach but deep down I sincerely doubted he would. For years I have noticed that the ex-players who transition into being the best coaches are often the least physically talented. I know this is a generalization, but my feeling is that players in almost any sport who possess uber-skills often don't need to be students of their respective games in the same way someone with a more marginal skill set. Look at people like Tommy Lasorda: a mediocrity as a player but a huge success as a manager. Of course there are examples that go against the grain here, like Larry Robinson, but my guess is that if someone were to actually do a study my assertion would be held up. Anyone else ever notice this sort of thing?

In Topic: Should we be condensing topics on the board?

24 September 2014 - 12:31 PM

For me, I like the option of opening smaller, individual threads to read. I hate wading thru mega-threads unless it is truly warranted. For example, if we had a 20-page thread on, say, the greatest defenseman of all time then I'd gladly read thru that given enough time. OTOH, a bunch of tenuously related subjects, smoothed together into one thread are a PITA to read. I'm not a major poster tho, so perhaps that's the conundrum.

FYI, I voted no. Hope that feedback helps.

In Topic: Expansion to Vegas Apparently "Done Deal"

29 August 2014 - 04:42 PM

Honestly, I'm ok with this, especially if it means Seattle gets a team. I know Las Vegas and Oklahoma City are obviously completely different, but the Thunder show what can happen when a team is the only major professional sport in town. Might be a risk, but it's worth it.

I dunno, I think Vegas and OkCity have more in common than first appears. Both have a lot of rollers--one dice and the other holy. Both are are consumed with issues of sin. Both cities have lots of books--one city has books for G-d and the other city books for sports. And finally each city has many large buildings dedicated to what they worship--G-d in one city and gambling in the other.

Yep, seems to me they're virtually the same place! ;)