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In Topic: Your Thoughts About: Stefan Matteau

04 September 2015 - 08:44 PM

No, I got that. I'm still not sure what about his game screams dominant in the AHL.

I think the idea here is the a solid NHLer should stand out at the AHL level. Maybe "dominate" is too strong a word, but I would expect even a solid NHL third-liner to be pretty much top shelf at his given role in the AHL. Conversely, if you can't stand out in the AHL, you're DOA in the AHL. That's my take about why the previous poster seemed concerned that he Matteau wasn't dominating the AHL.

My 1/50 of a dollar....

IOW, I think you both might be saying much the same thing in different ways, but I could be wrong. That happened once in the early '90s, so I'm due. :)

In Topic: Salvador Retires - The Players's Tribune

04 September 2015 - 11:16 AM

I mean, from what I can tell, he never really said anything to the Devils' staff, and he evidently passed whatever would be the concussion protocol. When he told Lou what was going on, Lou told him to take as much time as he needed, he eventually made a full recovery, and had a pretty good season in 2011-2012.

But even if you're right, your post does bring up an interesting issue. That is, let's say the Devils knew Salvador had a concussion, downplayed it, and continued to allow him to play to the detriment of his health. At the same time, he earned something close to $9 million that he wouldn't have otherwise. People who are paralyzed as a result of others culpability often get less than that.

This brings up a somewhat different issue for me: to what extent are players and other people able to determine whether they can endanger their health even when they know all the risks? This is a good example. So he passes the concussion protocol, he apparently fully "recovered", but then again something was affecting his play toward the end. Was he just slowing down? Or were there lingering concussion issues? If this was concussion related people will cry out against the Devs allowing him to play, but what if he wanted to? I'm not really taking a position here so much as posing a question. It seems morally ambiguous to me. On the one hand, I think everyone has the right to do pretty much whatever they want to themselves, so long as it is done with full knowledge of the repercussions. But then they need to take responsibility. OTOH, i think this argument could be used in some pretty nasty ways. For example, teams could argue that EVERY player chose to continue playing when concussed and ended up with brain damage, while behind the scenes it was more a matter of people being pressured to perform or lose their jobs. That wouldn't be a willing choice IMO, it is coercion. But then you end up putting these decisions in the hands of docs and suddenly you cannot make your own choices, right? I dunno, maybe I am missing something, but any way I can think to look at it this is a nasty situation...

Wanted to add my own appreciation for Sal as well. It was great having you as a Devil sir! Another in a wonderful line of gifts bestowed upon our organization by the Blues. If only we could milk that cow a little more....

In Topic: How many Devils fans that post here are following Lou in Toronto?

16 August 2015 - 01:58 AM

I have a bad feeling about LL taking this job. I think he may sully his reputation (not entirely unlike MB's end) by trying to extend his career. With the Devils LL had full control, he knew the team, he knew the prospects, he had an intimate knowledge of every facet of this franchise. There is no way he can come into a new franchise with the same knowledge set. He won't have the same control, the same comfort level, and so on.

I think this is important because he was already showing signs of losing his touch when he was in a situation most people would consider to be optimal. A less optimal situation isn't likely to yield better results and LL has never come across as someone who plays well with others when it comes to control. So how does he make Toronto work? I think he has fooled himself into thinking this was a chance to prove himself all over again, but really this is a situation ripe for failure for a person like him. Perhaps I'll be wrong, but i suspect not....

In Topic: So now that Lou is gone...

23 July 2015 - 02:47 PM

You mean like this?

That primary logo looks like an evil baboon having an anaphylactic reaction. I don't fancy being the "New Jersey Sickly Baboons from Hell"