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In Topic: Versus vs ESPN

08 May 2009 - 03:46 AM

just to put my two cents in here (however that maybe now)

i wish that ESPN would broadcast the NHL again because then hockey would finally get its due instead of being treated as a second rate sport.

But I also firmly believe that ESPN has made sports into more about what their analysts think than anything else. They have gone from being a sports channel into marketing the players of the sports. They have ruined most of what they show by telling everyone who to cheer for, e.g. they pretty much told Detroit to draft Matt Stafford.

Versus, on the other hand, while technically being a second rate sports network with only one channel has brought the focus back to bringing the sports to the fans. I firmly believe if they had more money that most of the complaints would stop. They could get more than one channel and go after more lucrative opportunities, etc.

ESPN and Bettman have been telling people that the best person in the game is Sidney Crosby. No other professional sports league does this, they let the fans decide who to like. If the public at large wants to believe that Crosby is a pussbag, then let them. Don't make us think that he is the best, when there better players on his own team.

So the real discussion for me, i guess is what has to happen so Bettman will realize that he has to reverse his recto-cranial inversion and lose his hardon for the pens, and realize that you can't forcefeed one team/guy on the sports fans of america?