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In Topic: Stevens Signing Tonight

30 June 2003 - 08:23 PM

and does anyone notice Livvy is doing PR for the Devils :evil:  Posted the first HoF Stanley cup site post (1st  that i recall) and posted about the airing of the parade on ABC :)

party animal -- write something about hockey for fun!  What do you think of the Niewy situation? Really! :)

PR for the Devils…that would be a dream job! And they could use the help! :D
I just noticed that the Stevens signing tonight had not been posted yet and did not want anyone here to miss out. Same with the Stanley Cup Journal.
And I have lots of hockey thoughts but I'm new to this posting stuff…wanted to start slowly. But perhaps I should jump right in and not be so shy!

As for the Niewy situation I don’t really having anything new to add that has not been said. But I think the Devils need him and I believe he will stay in NJ.

For anyone that is going tonight…have fun! B)

In Topic: Parade Televised?

13 June 2003 - 11:48 AM

I believe the celebration will be televised on ABC and News 12 at 1:00.
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