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In Topic: Should Schneider be traded?

26 February 2015 - 11:30 PM

You know that lava pit Obi Wan tosses Anikan in that leads to Vader? This thread belongs there...

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

22 February 2015 - 10:37 PM

If we are spitballing? I would put a stop at 2-3 beers/mixed drink per ID. At the VERY least what could be done is something simple, such as getting rid of free booze in the suites or not letting anyone that appears blatently inebriated or intoxicated into the building. The security at the Rock is tough enough to the point that they can kick out anyone trying to sneak in a flask of all things.


And I would also like to point out that I don't hate families or even parents. That is the same generalization that I'm apparently being accused of. However, it's no secret that families and parents are the majority in this and that the plan is to switch to a overly family friendly/generic atmopshere for games. Now, I actually have a Devils ticket plan for next year, I've been a fan of this team since birth and I probably could go toe to toe with anyone when it comes to Devils discussion, memories...etc. However, getting your panties in a bunch over YS is just fvcking laughable.


The point that I was trying to make that it's a chant that can 100% be rationalized with children. As I said earlier, jeering opposing players and teams is a tradition that goes past the Devils, it's the oldest tradition in all of sports. Not just hockey. Chanting HEY YOU SUCK! after the Devils score a goal or the opposing lineups when they are annouced...that's just, childs play.


You can argue "but what if it's a blow out"?!?! Well, personally I don't chant when the Devils are getting blown out but like I mentioned, I rather hear chants of YS then nothing at all or miscued Lets Go Devils chants. There are some games where you can literally hear a pin drop. If you are perfectly content with that, then cool, that's your deal. But people like Daniel who are attacking people and calling them insulting names because they want to chant YS is literally the last way to get your arguement across and comes off worse then the overly militant YSers.


The Devils should crack down on the drunks and the beer/drink sales. My rep said they are going to expand bars in the arena next year. Everyone else thinks that's OK and not asking for trouble but saying "You suck!" is embarassing? Lordy, I can't begin to describe how insane that sounds.


The anti-YSers try to lump YS with the Rangers/Flyers chant and that's equally insulting. One is perfectly harmless and the other is something that needs to legitimately stop. The Flyers/Rangers chant is something I can agree with abolishing. That's wrong and disgusting. However, to get so adiment over a chant that is basically "HEY OTHER TEAM, YOU STINK" is just silly.


People can attack me for being pro-YS, I personally don't care but I don't see the logic in getting rid of it. Especally when there is far worse sh!t going on. You shouldn't have to explain or apologize to someone else that you are going to a game with for chanting "HEY YOU SUCK". Anyone that knows the bare bones of sports should get the logic in the chant. However when it comes to the Rangers/Flyers chant? Absoutely apologize and explain why people feel the need to a$$holes and chant that.


See you're a rational pro-YS person. I get why you chant it, and we see eye to eye on when its absolutely moronic.


For me, YS is dumb, but that doesnt require explanation.


RS, FS, CW chant does require it because its absolutely unnecessary. Like you stated, our fans have been reduced to not being able to even keep a Let's go Devils chant going for more than two-three goes. But man, they never miss a whistle. THAT is pathetic.


Also from my limited sample size, they ABSOLUTELY need to crack down on the drunks. Between getting beer spilled on, or the tough guys who start crap around them just to show off, or the clowns who talk like they're at a frat house and pretty much act that way, its gotta change.

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

22 February 2015 - 10:09 PM

"Weird traditions!"


It's that simple.  


But they aren't "traditions," this bullsh-t started within the last 10 years.


My explanation, if I am ever asked for one, is that people are idiots, and unfortunately, they're becoming the overwhelming majority. The most recent games I've gone to, a good number of people around me joining in with it were also the same ones who proved on more than one instance that they have very little knowledge of the game nor the team.


Its like once the fan base felt our superiority over the metro area teams began to slip, we had to make up for it with YS or the drawn out Rangers suck "chant".

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

22 February 2015 - 01:28 PM

It's about living in the moment and having fun at games. I personally don't chant it when we are down 5-1 and apparently this team isn't "out of the playoffs anymore". I'll say this though. I rather hear fans chant YS down 5-1 then hearing nothing at all or out of sync chants.



If the Devils really wanted to counter a$$holeyness they would eliminate free booze in the suites, put a limit on beer sales to prevent drunkenness...that type of stuff. That's what causes more dickheadedness rather than chanting YS. Our priorties aren't in order.


There we go.


The obnoxiousness of a large percentage is absolutely fueled by alcohol. People peg the younger crowd for the growth of YS, but it is also part of the crowd who came up in the 90s who now get a buzz going and feel like they're back in high school/college all over again and use it as their excuse.


There are so many damn problems with the organization and fan base, the losing just magnifies everyone's perception even further.

In Topic: So long, Corsi and Fenwick, we hardly knew ye

22 February 2015 - 01:24 PM


Cause the internet didn't almost explode when capgeek shutdown.


The commissioner is really out of touch with the fans. I mean he even still thinks people support the shootout.