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Request Re:posting

13 December 2002 - 10:58 AM

Is it possible for folks who post articles to cite the source as well as provide a link to where it can be viewed.

I don't mean to sound like a pain but I know DM had requested this in the past and I had gotten accustomed to it. But, not too many people do this any longer I just find it handy to be able to go and read the article before anyone puts in their own editorial views, so I can achieve my own uninfluenced opinion. Plus it is easier to send the link furnished to my friends who may be interested in the article. I try to do it whenever i have something to share but unfortunately I have been too busy to participate as I had in the past.

Do as you may. These are my reasons for wanting to get the links. Maybe the administrators have additional reasons for links to be posted along with the articles. I'm just asking you all to simply hook a brotha up.

Hope you all have a great holiday season.

And the Devils start putting the puck in the net and begin playing good dominant hockey on more consistant basis and stop taking nights off all the time.

Devils - Habs Media Guide

15 November 2002 - 04:10 PM

Not sure if any of you ever check this stuff out or are aware of it but the Devils usually post this media Guide on their site on the day of the game. It provides rosters and a complete statistical analysis of the matchup. I find it pretty cool. So Enjoy.

Btw It is like 6 printed pages so I'll only give the link.


Jiri Dopita

12 November 2002 - 11:22 AM

I am pretty surprised that Dopita has lasted this long on waivers.

I never really had too much faith in his ability to adapt his game to the NHL style of play once I had seen him in a few games with Phily. This on top of his age being 34, having the major knee injury which kept him out of much of his 1st year in the NHL, and aparent inability to use his size and play the physical side of the game are my reasons for not keeping him in high regard.

Perhaps I am not the only one who take these things into account since the rest of the NHL seems to be hesitant to use a roster spot and pick him up. This surprises me because all I have ever heard about him is how good he is and how how was the best european player to not play in the NHL. I guess his stock has hit rock bottom.

BTW does anyone know how long a player remains on waivers before the original team is allowed to demote that player to their minor league team?
If I remember correctly it's 4 or 5 days. But I am not sure.

Devils Have Evolved

11 November 2002 - 09:16 PM


Devils have evolved
Breaking up A line one of the team's best moves

By DARREN (N)Đ„verson
Faceoff.com correspondent
It's been eight months since the A Line was broken up for good, but we're still talking about it. That line was that good.

And yet, splitting up the trio of Jason Arnott, Patrik Elias and Petr Sykora -- the latter two of which will face each other for the first time Nov. 12 at the Meadowlands -- was one of the wiser moves the Devils have made of late.

The overwhelming success of the A Line, a combination first put together by ex-Devils coach Robbie Ftorek, has much to do with the players Arnott, Elias and Sykora have become. Arnott was in the midst of a down season when the Devils acquired him from Edmonton in 1998.

Elias and Sykora hadn't blossomed into top-line players yet.

"When Arnie came here," Sykora said in 2001, "we felt we had a chance. We said, 'This is our time.'"

They combined to score 73 goals during the 1998-99 season, 82 the season after that. They scored a combined 24 goals in the 2000 playoffs, in which the Devils won the Stanley Cup.

And yet, the Devils -- who were 8-4 going into their game Nov. 12 against Sykora and the Mighty Ducks -- may be a stronger team now, with Arnott in Dallas and Sykora in Anaheim. The Devils have retained the most complete player of the three, and the team has moved on.

The Devils began to do so last season in the wake of the 2001 Finals collapse against Colorado. As the team plummeted from first in the league in goals in 2000-01 to 20th last season, in part because Arnott, Elias and Sykora all suffered a significant decrease in production from the season before, Arnott was traded to the Stars along with Randy McKay at the trading deadline for Joe Nieuwendyk and Jamie Langenbrunner. Sykora, after a disappointing first-round playoff series against Carolina in which he had a right ankle injury and one assist, was dealt to the Ducks in July for, principally, Oleg Tverdovsky and Jeff Friesen.

Regardless of whether the 36-year-old Nieuwendyk, a potential free agent, returns as a Devil next season or not, the Devils have gained a skilled defenseman in Tverdovsky, a hard-working all-around winger in Langenbrunner and a speedy forward in Friesen who, in the right environment, can score 60-70 points like Sykora. They have a center in waiting in Elias, who can play there or on the wing.

And the Devils are no longer reliant on one line combination.

On Nov. 5, after the Devils lost at home to the Flames, it was evident that Elias misses playing with Sykora and Arnott. "I don't know if I'll ever get the same feeling that I had with Jason and Sykkie," Elias said. "I played with those two guys for two and a half years. So far I'm still looking for it."

Once he does -- and he will, with his talent -- the Devils will truly be better off.

GARDEN STATE REUNION: While Elias was looking forward to seeing Sykora at the Meadowlands, Jeff Friesen was anticipating his first game as a Devil against his former team.

But it didn't stir the same feelings as did playing against San Jose, Friesen's first team. For one, Friesen was a Duck for only a little more than one season. And for another, he felt fortunate to be traded out of Anaheim to a winning team.

"It was just totally different from San Jose," Friesen said. "I think that was just a big shock. The whole atmosphere there -- San Jose, if you lost, it was just death. It was life or death whether you won or lost. There, if you lost, you just put your helmet in your stall and if you got mad, people would look at you and say to you, 'Why are you mad?'

"That's not everybody, but it's certain guys. If you get a few guys doing it that way, guys start going their separate ways and forming cliques. If you keep losing, nobody really comes together."

Friesen and Oleg Tverdovsky, whom the Devils also acquired in the Sykora trade, were frustrated while with the Ducks, who were coached last season by current general manager Bryan Murray.

"Bryan was the coach," Friesen said. "He has a way of believing; I have a way of believing as well. The coach is always the boss, but every now and then you run into a coach that doesn't believe in you, and it's tough to believe in him. You try to work hard, but if you're not rewarded, you get frustrated. I think that things just didn't work out for both me and Ollie, with our relationship with our head coach. We probably were two of the more frustrated people last year."

THE LINES: With Jay Pandolfo out with a groin injury, Pat Burns juggled the lines Nov. 9 against Edmonton for the first time in weeks. Pandolfo will likely replace rookie Christian Berglund in the lineup, but not alongside Elias and Scott Gomez.

Christian Berglund-Scott Gomez-Patrik Elias.

Jeff Friesen-Joe Nieuwendyk-Brian Gionta.

Sergei Brylin-John Madden-Jamie Langenbrunner.

Jim McKenzie-Mike Danton-Turner Stevenson.

Extra forwards: Steve Guolla, Jay Pandolfo (injured).

Scott Stevens-Brian Rafalski.

Colin White-Scott Niedermayer.

Ken Daneyko-Oleg Tverdovsky.

Extra defenseman: Tommy Albelin.

Power play: Berglund-Gomez-Elias, Friesen-Nieuwendyk-Gionta.

Penalty kill: Elias-Nieuwendyk, Madden-Langenbrunner.

The Petr Principle -- The Return Of Petr Sykora

11 November 2002 - 05:13 PM


November 11, 2002
The Petr Principle -- The return of Petr Sykora

By Raymond Galis
Author Laurence Johnston Peter defined his Peter Principle as: