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#1251211 GDT: YOUR New Jersey Devils @ Detroit 7:30PM

Posted by Devs3cups on 07 March 2014 - 09:21 PM

Cory has proven he can be one of the best over an extended period of time. Everyone goes through cold streaks, and he's definitely struggling right now.

It's just ESPECIALLY unfortunate right now because of all the Marty bullsh!t drama. He knows the job isn't his and he's probably unnecessarily nervous as a result.

Bleh. Garbage.

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You really wanna destroy what's left of his confidence?

And what makes you think a cold 41 year old Brodeur is a better option? Get real.

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Yeah I know Cory is a very good goalie, but with all that Brodeur talk, whether or not he'll stay next year, the low-scoring for Cory etc. will CS really stay with us? That's just what I'm concerned about.. He's the goalie that we need, but I'm concerned about him staying long-term.

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#1208906 Summer 2013 UFA/RFA Thread

Posted by Devs3cups on 02 September 2013 - 08:56 PM

If schneider has a solid season, he will get payed around 5-6 mil. long-term. He hasn't won a stanley cup however. But with Marty off the books and Jagr etc., this shouldn't be a problem.

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#1198675 Summer 2013 UFA/RFA Thread

Posted by Devs3cups on 01 July 2013 - 01:11 PM

Sergei Bobrovski has signed a two-year, 11.25 million$ contract extension with the Columbus Blue Jackets.



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#1189225 GDT, the 2013 Finale: Devils @ Broadway Blowhards

Posted by Devs3cups on 27 April 2013 - 02:34 PM

Kovy gliding doing nada! Usual

I know this play is unacceptable , but I think Kovy thought Moose would be there for the poke check.
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Posted by Devs3cups on 27 April 2013 - 02:10 PM

I think people are really looking too much into this. Who wouldn't love to represent their country? Kovy is from Russia, and it's his right to represent his country in the WHC. You guys easily forget how he was dedicated last year and how he played well and with heart in the playoffs (he played games injured fyi). Kovy is a devil. This is team. He will be back next year with the goal of going in the playoffs and winning it all. So no, you should'nt worry.
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#1185571 GDT: W667 or L8? Boston Bruins @ New Jersey 666 7:30 EST

Posted by Devs3cups on 10 April 2013 - 09:12 PM

Ohh well. The Devils never gave up. Give them credit for still believing after a 4-0 deficit.
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#1179335 GDT 3/19/13: NY Rags @ Devils

Posted by Devs3cups on 19 March 2013 - 08:38 PM

Ohhh well, that game is all on Lundqvist. Played a really strong game, and hedberg let in one softie that made the difference. The Devils offence was good. If only Hedberg made the key save. Can't wait for Brodeur to come back. Liked Elias's game, he is a key player to this team, he has to re-sign this summer. Clarkson with the useless shot once in a while as always.

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