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In Topic: Jacob Josefson signed to a one-year deal

17 July 2014 - 01:52 PM

Maybe a little strong, you rarely see him making mistakes on the defensive side of the puck.  If you've noticed that he is good on the PP, it's only because he's one of the better passers on the roster.  He's very accurate, and was featured in a In Lou We Trust article for it. 


I see no issues with his defensive game. If it wasn't for his defensive game, he'd probably be out of an NHL job by now. My argument is that he has shown nothing more than being a checking center.


Also, I meant "PK" not "PP" (and edited the error in my post).

In Topic: Jacob Josefson signed to a one-year deal

17 July 2014 - 01:27 PM

except that isn't true. he played half of two games on Jagr's line last year, and that was it. far from atrocious, too.


Maybe "atrocious" was a bit strong. I hope I'm wrong, but I haven't seen anything from JJ to indicate that he's anything more than a checking center. He's great on the PK but I just don't see him as being anything more.

In Topic: Jacob Josefson signed to a one-year deal

17 July 2014 - 10:44 AM

Please keep in mind how many of those games were played on the same line as Cam, Boulton or Gionta


You missed my next sentence:

At this point, it's hard to argue he still needs experience or an opportunity to succeed (DeBoer has rotated him on the 1st/2nd lines and was atrocious).

In Topic: Jacob Josefson signed to a one-year deal

17 July 2014 - 10:08 AM

I like to think JJ has potential but the bottom line is that these are his stats:
118 games, 7 goals, 18 assists, 25 points

At this point, it's hard to argue he still needs experience or an opportunity to succeed (DeBoer has rotated him on the 1st/2nd lines and was atrocious).


That said, his defensive game is great.

One thing i ask myself... Why we get ruutu at the deadline? we are stuck on offense. I actually like Ruutu but his acquisition is questionnable. (Except we intend to trade others 3 liner)

The Ruutu trade made no sense. If his contract expired at the end of the 13-14 season, I'd have no problem with it. Well, there's 2 more years on his contract and we have yet another 3rd/4th line caliber player in our lineup that is filled with too many 3rd/4th line caliber players. Oh, and his contract is a $3.8mill cap hit (which is HORRIBLE even with the Canes picking up 20% of his $4.75mill/season contract) with a No Movement Clause. :argh:

What makes you think it's likely that Carter will sign with us? Unless he's just waiting for LL to move some forwards, there's really no need to sign him despite Carter being the one member of cbgb that I really wanted to see get signed.

I think Lou has to make a trade regardless of whether Carter is re-signed or not. But even with a trade, I don't see where Carter fits in, unless JJ is traded or used as an extra forward (which I doubt because he just signed a 2 year, not 1 year, contract). Sucks considering I think he was the best player on CBGB.

In Topic: All Jersey Talk

14 July 2014 - 08:04 AM

SportsK is a reputable, on-line NHL jersey retailer.  The majority of the jerseys I've bought on-line, I've bought from SportsK.  They have responsive customer service when you e-mail them (based on my experience), send out non-customized orders quickly, and are on the up-and-up.  More specifically in my case, in spring 2013 they gave me $10 off each on a pair of jerseys (1980 USA Olympic Team replicas) I ordered as an alternative when they mistakenly indicated on their website that the Devils red/green Vintage Hockey jersey I ordered was in stock in my size but actually was not (Reebok/CCM mislabeled the jersey sizes on the packaging they received), and at the end of December 2013 they included a free USA Hockey winter hat in my $300+ order when I ordered three hockey jerseys and a MLB jacket from them.


A related comment to the above - generally speaking, I think you can distinguish reputable on-line retailers from questionable retailers (i.e. those with prices too good to be true, though there are some shady retailers who sell jerseys at full price) if the retailer indicates their physical location and provides a mailing address on their site.  If you look closely at retailers' sites (especially) for those companies that sell NHL jerseys (though this is true for other sports apparel as well), the questionable retailers will not provide a mailing address anywhere on the site.  They also usually do not provide a phone number, and the e-mail address provided is very generic. Reputable retailers will provide a physical, mailing address, and provide much more detailed information about returns.  I think the last point is also why questionable retailers often seemingly have jerseys for half of a team's players advertised on their sites; they do not do/will not do returns.  By contrast, the reputable retailers don't keep as much customized player jersey stock on hand (because they don't do customization in a half-assed manner and it costs them more time and money to do customization) but will try to do a good job when they do get customized jersey orders.


Some reputable hockey jersey retailers I can tell you off the top of my head include SportsK (located in the Detroit area), CoolHockey (Toronto area), IceJerseys (Montreal area), and River City Sports (Winnipeg area).  There are a few others too, but I've only bought from the first three and have heard only positive feedback about River City Sports.


Regarding SportsK, I was thinking about picking up a Dano vintage white jersey:



Does anyone know if they use the correct font/numbering? Just trying to figure out if I can just get the Dano direct from SportsK or if I should buy it blank and ship to Exclusive Pro.

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