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In Topic: NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15

Yesterday, 11:33 AM

Moves like Jagr:

In Topic: Is Phil Kessel the answer?

Yesterday, 11:27 AM

I love how your argument keeps changing.


This is the deal the Devils need to make, they will never find a Kessel, Crosby, JVR, or Wheeler, drafting at 15.


Last I checked, I haven't changed my tune one bit.  Unless I'm missing something.  I want the Devils to build from the draft, not acquire veterans on crazy deals.


We can argue whether the Devils should do the deal or not until the cows come home - the point is moot, since the Leafs would never deal him.  Especially not for the package suggested.


I imagine any trade would start and likely end with Henrique.

In Topic: Brodeur got a tryout with the Blues

Yesterday, 11:24 AM

I wish absolutely nothing but the best for him, I hope he sticks it there and plays the season.  Hell, I hope he has a career year.  Like others said, it would only validate his time here.


All that being said.. I'll still die a little on the inside when I see him in another uniform.

In Topic: Jaromir Jagr Quotes Thread

26 November 2014 - 12:33 PM

John Madden did that to Mario Lemieux once, during the 2001 playoffs.  Mario was not happy:




Hah this is great, I forgot about this.

In Topic: GDT: Frozen @ Devils

26 November 2014 - 10:15 AM

Damn, I came here for hockey discussion... not feels.


Nice little community we have going here.