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Devils' Bryce Salvador responds to his critics

23 October 2014 - 09:05 AM

Chere article, keep in mind that he's fishing for page clicks.  Still some interesting quotes nonetheless. Link.
Including the following from PDB..

“I think Sal has given us everything he can,” coach Pete DeBoer told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday. “This guy missed most of last year (with injuries). The one thing when he suits up is you know that his heart is in the right place and he’s going to give you his best effort.


“We don’t have a lot here of what he brings to the table as a defenseman. We need that in the lineup.”


"It’s a tough job. He doesn’t have a lot of insulation there doing what he does,” DeBoer said. “But he’s a great leader and no one prepares more and no one cares more. When you watch Sal you have to look at the intangibles he brings. I think that is what people have to recognize.”

I could post a long-winded response to all this but I feel like this post on reddit really sums it up really well.  Maybe one of you here posted it:

Oh save it.


Bryce Salvador is awful at hockey. I don't care about his intangibles. I don't care that he puts his sweater on like a "pro" and smacks his teammates ass better than anyone. I care about his performance. Cut the intangibles bullsh!t please. Everyone.
You don't need a defenseman like Sal. What you need is a defenseman that can play hockey well. That can contribute positively to the score far more than he hurts it negatively. Or even a little more. Or even breaking even. You don't need a guy like Sal that contributes nothing offensively and coughs up goals against every chance he gets. Seriously Pete cut the bullsh!t.
Sal is awful. He's really really useless and this infatuation with physicality is part of the reason we've lagged behind. Look at the albatross that was Volchenkov and the pain in the ass that is Sal. Look at the bullsh!t CamJam call up that sparked us and then was useless because, gasp him being bad at hockey caught up to him. Look at how Brunner, Loktionov, Josefson were told that they must play physical and look to STEPHEN MOTHERfvckING GIONTA as their example to look up to.
fvck your army of Jay Pandolfos and Bryce Salvadors. I'm tired of this sh!t. Play the best players. If they happen to have intangibles, like Adam Henrique, fvcking bonus. If they don't? Who the fvck actually cares. They don't award a Lord David Eckstein Cup for the scrappiest group of losers to smack themselves along the boards like idiots. They don't award a trophy for throwing your worst player in a Faceoff circle in your defensive zone against Giroux, losing, and giving up a goal. You get losses more often than not when you play inferior players. I am actually sick of this sh!t.
Lou, I love you and am thankful for the Cups. This sh!t has to stop. I know you will never disclose it but I bet part of the reason Stevens, Oates, Robinson left was because of a disconnect with this sh!t coach. You know, the fact that he doesn't play his best players. The fact that he plays favorites. The fact that he makes winning a hockey game harder than it should be for the Devils.
Which brings me back to Sal. A career worthy of being called a captain and a warrior. A man who has taken countless pucks in places men shouldn't be taking pucks. I love what you have done Sal. But you are now bad at hockey. Father Time wins. It's not your fault that you're out there with Zidlicky and Gionta on a PK, that's on the coach. It's not your fault that there have been games where you have more minutes played than Greene after two periods. That's on the coach. I get it. But you're still bad. And I don't want to hear about the intangibles you bring I want you to not be on the ice for 6 PP goals in 8 chances. I want you to not be a -3 taking time away from Larsson or Gelinas or anyone who is better than you at helpings us win hockey games.
I don't care that you're our captain. I respect that you've earned the respect of your teammates but it's not a golden ticket and this isn't willy fvcking wonkas chocolate factory. You're not an auto starter. Stop thinking you are. I don't care about your preparation or you being a nice guy. I don't. fvcking. Care. I want to win. It's not translating to you being good and helping us win. So please go away.
I know our failures don't solely fall on your shoulders but you are preventing others who are better from playing. For asinine reasons. This needs to stop. Gionta falls into the same category.
I'm so tired of being the gritty team with no talent. Please just let our talent play. fvck intangibles.



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