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In Topic: Rumor: Travis Zajac being shopped to Toronto

Yesterday, 08:17 PM

if you thought your post may towards me you wrong (but you fvcking steal the larssons picture i would want to put on avatar)


i`m just about you wrong with offensive 

if you think you are not - talk with dallas fans  what do they think about only offense and only points


mmmm not exactly sure i understood what you just said but i think you said that i'm all about offense? If that's what you think, that's not what i was saying. lol I said that it's all about balance and that it shouldn't be too much about the D like it's been (that's not saying it should be all offense lol)  

In Topic: We're #28 in this preseason poll

Yesterday, 08:12 PM

If my dog would run away and that i wouldn't see him for a full week. I'd grief like a motherfvcker and move on instead of sitting outside staring at the horizon telling myself that he might come back. And well if he suddenly comes back... i'm just gonna be super fvcking happy and forget that he was even gone.


That's kind of my mindset for the Devils now. I'm expecting the absolute worst, not setting any expectations that could just end up pissing me off more than anything if they don't reach it.. and if they do well... well cool. 

In Topic: Rumor: Travis Zajac being shopped to Toronto

04 October 2015 - 01:54 PM

they can won in SO technically 


and i didnt talk about thinking only defence, i talk about "game is about only points" for poor spirit men


oh if you thought my post was towards you or something it wasn't. sorry 'bout that.


It's just a general feeling that im getting from this fanbase

In Topic: Rumor: Travis Zajac being shopped to Toronto

03 October 2015 - 07:41 AM

It's not all about offense, or about defense....it's the differential between the two.

Well thats what im saying

In Topic: Clint Malarchuk injury

02 October 2015 - 02:24 PM

man that guy was super slick and smooth. I can only imagine what he could come up with at the bar to pick up chicks