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In Topic: I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About

Today, 08:33 AM

lol @ let's forget results. That's the only way to gauge things. It's completely ridiculous to make a blanket statement that waiting is always bad. If we started signing everyone a year before their contracts run out, it'd be a disaster when we end up stuck with a bunch of guys who declined in the last year of their deals.

Like was mentioned before, no one was really upset when certain guys left like Gionta, but for some reason he's brought up as a guy LL failed to keep. I don't remember for sure, but I thought it was clear that MTL was offering money that the team just wasn't interested in matching.


let's not lol @ let's forget results. When you gauge/compare things based in 2 different "scenarios" you can't compare results directly, it's unfair and pretty common sense. Everything is not in black and white. 


All i stated is that we ALL know how Lou deals with UFAs, some agree with it, some doesn't.


Just pointing out it's a bit ridiculous when people were saying they were worried Lou might wait last minute with Cory (which was totally fair since thats what he did 97% of his career) then someone throw a "yeah keep ignoring that he signed Zajac a year before!" like the person is crazy to think that Lou might actually wait last minute, using a very very rare and isolated signing to make a case.


So call me crazy but yes, i do think you can't compare results from when we had a super solid squad guaranteed to be contenders years after year with no salary cap and all that sh!t and the situation the team is in right now. We're really not as attractive as we were, to get guys we have to overpay or get guys who have something to prove or want lots of ice time they wouldnt get somewhere else.



In Topic: I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About

Today, 08:17 AM

* facepalm * fvck guys, you must have just skipped everything i said and replied on stuff i said months ago. unreal. Like 3-4 of you guys answered with something i havent said at all.


In Topic: I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About

Yesterday, 05:12 PM

CC, it all kind of goes back to the same thing...there will always be a contingent of Devils' fans that thinks Lou never gets it done in these spots, and that contingent often not only ignores the many signings that Lou HAS gotten done (both pre-emptive and during UFA), but also glorifies the players that left (like Gio, Gomez, etc.) and leaves out the circumstances as to why they weren't traded or brought back.  They also pick random big signings around the NHL and take the grass-is-much-greener-over-there approach.   


Basically, there were people who assumed that Lou wouldn't get it done here, for no other reason than the idea that "Lou just loses guys, he always loses guys, blah blah blah...", when that is so untrue and so unfair.  Not saying Lou is perfect, no GM ever can be, and that he never make mistakes, because even good GMs make them, sometimes several of them, and I don't always agree with everything he does...but when it comes to retaining some key players (like Schneider), Lou is better at that than people give him credit for. 


you're missing the point totally here as you tend to exaggerate what people with different opinion than you says. Completely.


Some people doesnt like Lou's way of handling free agents. Saying "he's playing with fire" is different than saying "he's gonna fail". But yeah again, you always exaggerate.


Lou has been there a GM for like an ETERNITY. He might have signed guys a year before their contract expired and not after the season weeks before free agency.... less than 10 times. I can barely remember 5... IN ALL THAT SPAN. So let's forget results and all for a second... how the hell is it unfair to be a little worried that he MIGHT wait few weeks before free agency and that the player MIGHT want to see the interest around the league at that point cause the closer players gets to free agency even if they love their team, the more they start to think about the possibities, its a fact, it's been said by free agents over and over and by Zach himself too.


So again, why is it unfair to be a little worried that Lou does something he did for for like 97% of his tenure as a GM? like really. 


*** His career track record is useless to bring in discussion here cause situations are a lot different and players are not as loyal as they were either these days. Money talks a LOT and we're not a top destination like we we're before either, really not as attractive as we once was.


The "results" are really out of his hands at that point and he's putting his back against the wall hoping for the best. I'll never agree with that kind of business decision.

In Topic: Schneider re-signs with extended multi-year contract

28 July 2014 - 07:05 AM

People will still bash Cory, lots of folks here bashed him already.


For my part im always willing to give a free pass to guys like Cory or all the youngsters on the D cause we need youth and those guys will make mistakes but that's what we wanted but then you have to deal with the consequences and them making rookie mistakes but its fine.


On the other hand... when a veteran fvcks up...

In Topic: The East is the Key

22 July 2014 - 11:51 AM

the main problem with NJ is having too many "guys who play the game the right way" who does everything good but can't capitalize on chances. So we always endup having all kind of stats going our way as if we should be great but the puck doesnt go in.


I mean it's somehow better than having bunch of snipers who can't play a system. the base is there we just need to get the puck rolling in our favour in term of goals a little more. Scoring is our only problem. We're good defensively, good goaltending, we possess the puck but we can't score

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