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In Topic: Scott Gomez will attend Devils Camp

Yesterday, 09:43 AM

I saw that but then in your subsequent posts you pretty much disregard that point and go on and on about "missing production" without again reminding yourself of how a lot of things went against the Devils last year to help them miss the playoffs.


By "missing production"  its not just about numbers (cause like i said, situations can throw off any numbers) it's about what they brought / how clutch they could be / what they can do in certain situations. You need a goal you look up to those guys, you expected those guys to be able to raise their game at the right time. They could do stuff that others couldnt do, or at least not on a regular basis lol


and to your point, a lot of things went our way that year that we went to the cup finals. Which again shows that you HAVE to bury your chances and make the big plays when you can. Gotta grab your opportunities. Again hard to deny that our guys that we have are missing of that other than Henrique and Jagr, even Elias has lost his touch. Some of his SO attempts were beyond sad.


anyways, this is going nowhere. Let's call it a day

In Topic: Scott Gomez will attend Devils Camp

Yesterday, 09:20 AM

What? No. You don't remember the Parise-Henrique-Kovalchuk line that was in tact for 60 games?


sigh... I said the structure of our team with everyone healthy was what i was referring too and when we went into the playoffs cause all along we were talking about the depth and our scoring depth. And the part of the season with them on the same line was because Zajac was out. 


is it true or not that that year (fluke included) that once everyone was healthy and the lines set that we had Kovy on the first, zach on the 2nd and Clarkson on the 3rd? guys that other teams had to mark up. Plus of course you have Elias and other guys that you can't leave by himself either.


Why are you guy fvcking cherry picking on only part of what im saying anyway. Of course if you pick one part ignoring the big picture of what i meant that its not gonna make sense.

In Topic: Scott Gomez will attend Devils Camp

Yesterday, 09:14 AM

Obviously more goals usually mean more victories, but you are also not taking into account last year we didnt win a single shootout in 13 tries.  If they would have won half of those games, the Devils would be in the playoffs last year.  You are not taking into account that half the games were played with a goalie who wasn't cutting it and that cost us a few games too.


lol not sure why you'd say that i dont take this in consideration cause i referred to the shootouts earlier. and have you read the post you quoted at least? i said our goalies could let in 4-5 goals when we'd finally score a few goals.

In Topic: Scott Gomez will attend Devils Camp

Yesterday, 08:12 AM

We have had that same exact 4th line for 2 more years and I would hardly call them productive anymore.  We lost Sykora who hasn't exactly had other GM's knocking down his door to get him after 11-12.  We also lost Clarkson who might not even hit 20 goals ever again as said before in a previous post.  Also we basically replaced Kovy and Parise's production with other players for contracts that are not nearly as absurd.


Really that 11-12 playoff team was a fluke, as is most cup finalist teams lately.


exactly well thats kind of the point and shows how important goals are. a 10 goals difference from one season to another can have a HUGE impact, 10 more goals can be 10 more points in the standings easily. Of course that's not black on white. You can win a bunch of game by 3-4 goals and lose 20 games by 1 goal and it doesnt really add up if you only look at numbers but the devils are in need of timely goals. We use to win sooooo many close games, now we're losing those close games cause we can put the damn puck in the net.


It's really like the hockey gods are trolling us though, our goalies could stand on their head all game and we'd lose by a goal or we'd score 3-4 goals and our goalies would let in 5... this happened ALL YEAR. 


Basically it's not as much about numbers cause different situations can throw off stats. But we need guys who will raise their game and score goals when we need it the most. Jagr has been phenomenal last year for that. Henrique has it in him too. 



In Topic: Scott Gomez will attend Devils Camp

Yesterday, 07:49 AM

Also from what I remember Zach played most of 11-12 with Kovy on his line with Henrique at center (due to Zajac missing most of the season to injury).


the team i have in mind when i think of that season is the team we had heading in the playoffs with an actual productive 4th line and Zajac healthy

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