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Corruption trial: former Newark deputy mayor

08 September 2011 - 11:30 PM


.... describe a culture of corruption in the early days of Mayor Cory Booker's administration as seen through Salahuddin's eyes. "In Newark everyone is cutting out their little niche," Salahuddin is alleged to have said in FBI surveillance recordings. "The demolition is what I'm interested in.....


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Deputy Mayor Stefan Pryor is leaving Newark

06 September 2011 - 07:16 PM

NEWARK — Newark Deputy Mayor Stefan Pryor, one of Mayor Cory Booker's most influential aides, is leaving Newark to become Connecticut's education commissioner,
according to Connecticut Board of Education Chairman Allan Taylor.

If you guys don't know this is Cory Bookers man for Newark's Redevelopment.. he use to live on my side of 1180 and I would see him every so often... and he is now bailing on Newark.


Port 44: Did it really close already?

30 August 2011 - 07:10 PM

Port 44

The brewery that's only about a year old has closed??


"But Scully’s is under contract and in the process of being sold. "
"That’s gone, closed for a year."

"Then there was the City Chop House on Commerce Street, imagined as a white-tablecloth restaurant, complete with a rooftop Tiki bar, offering wine and top-of-the-line entrees, edgily named for the Palace Chop House — where gangster Arthur Flegenheimer, aka Dutch Schultz, was gunned down.

The City Chop House never got beyond the imagining stage.

"Downtown wasn’t ready for a place like that," says McGovern."

At 60 Park Place, one of his partners — his maitre’d — was Richard Codey, the former governor and still state senator. Codey came into the business with a splash, talking about the "investment in Newark’s future" and suggesting the place would be a mecca for political and news junkies who would mingle with sports fans and jazz devotees.

Never happened. "The worst investment I ever made," said Codey. He didn’t explain and didn’t respond to a request for a comment for this article.

The fate of 60 Park Place is the most worrying. It didn’t make it five years ago as Arthur’s Downtown; it didn’t make it three years ago as The Savoy Grill. Now it is once again shuttered and gathering dust, a symbol of a downtown that, unlike similar areas in Philadelphia and Baltimore, hasn’t been able to draw crowds for nearly five decades.

Branford Place in Newark has become new drug hot spot

10 August 2011 - 06:12 PM


Bad News Bears: Court battles, unpaid bills and a would-be reality sho

17 July 2011 - 07:00 AM

Court battles, unpaid bills and a would-be reality show sidetracked the Newark Bears franchise


Even with an affiliation, this team is going nowhere but bankrupt.

Meanwhile, the taxpayers continue to pick up the tab for Riverfront Stadium, which was funded by bonds and built at a cost of more than $30 million. Essex County and Newark each must pay $1.1 million annually until 2029 to cover the debt service on the stadium, a county official confirmed Friday.

Adding to their troubles, the Bears owe nearly $800,000 in back rent to the Essex County Improvement Authority. The team is currently making yearly payments that continue to escalate until 2022, when the debt is scheduled to be paid off, according to Jim Paganelli, the executive director of the ECIA.

Bill collectors from PSE&G, seed companies and clothiers are asking for their money, and payroll was delayed for some employees this season, according to court papers and interviews with current and past employees. Jim Hague, the team’s former public relations director, who also served as the stadium announcer, resigned in late June, calling the team a "circus" on his blog.