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Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

09 July 2003 - 02:15 PM

:huh: Okay... you're gonna think I'm off the wall with this one... but here goes.. one of our local-yocal (oldie rock-n-roll) radio stations is having a contest here in Anchorage.

Each week they vote off another well-known Alaskan.... Welp.. some turkey is trying to vote Scotty Gomez off... :angry: ...

You can only vote once every 24 hours... but right now.. Scotty is about to get tossed off... HELP!! :(

Can somebody ***PLEASE*** help me keep Scotty on by voting for Megan Baldino at >>> http://www.kool973.com

(Megan is a newscaster at one of the local stations.. She's the only one who has just under the amount of votes that Scotty has)

From a fello' NJ Devils fan.... please vote Megan off the Island and keep SCOTTY GOMEZ on!!!

Thank you a KAZILLION TIMES OVER from sunny, beautiful Anchorage!!!! B) xoxoxox!!!!!