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Marty at The Garden

06 February 2010 - 08:30 PM

If anyone has Marty's career record & stats at MSG would they please post them.

The fragile state that arguably the best Goaltender in the history of the game falls into once he hits Manhattan, is almost too awful to be true.

Am I watching the all time greatest tonight - or is this Hannu Kampurri in the nets?

New Jersey Devils fan club

22 December 2009 - 02:29 PM

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early days, the infancy, the genesis if you will, of Devils hockey (actually it was year 2), I joined the 'official' Devils fan club.

The President at the time was an "Ed" somebody or other...I used to receive like a brochure of some kind in the mail every so often with Devils news and stuff...stuff? Did he say, stuff?

Anyhow does anyone know if this club is still around, if so where do I re-join, and if you're a member, what do ya get...if anything?


Devils radio program

22 December 2009 - 12:22 AM

What if...

We had a one hour Devils radio program...exclusive and specific to Devils hockey and the NHL - but Devils hockey being the primary function of such a show?

How many here would listen?

Would you listen even if it was an internet driven program...(albeit projected in a very professional fashion as an internt only show) would you feel inclined to listen and or participate?

Show would be custom tailored to Devils fans, guests, updates, a minor league report, etc.

A show of hands indicating an interest level would be much appreciated...I am kicking around a few ideas, and would encourage anyone reading this to get in touch with me concerning your thoughts on this kind of a show.

Thank you.


A conversation with, Ken Daneyko

19 December 2009 - 04:04 PM

I had a terrific 25 minute discussion with, Ken Daneyko, on my national radio program last night.

If you aren't aware, concurrent with his role on MSG, Kenny also does a 2 hour program along with former Rangers pretty boy, Ron Duguay, each Thursday night on Mad Dog Radio...the show is called; 'ICE BREAKERS', and it airs from 7-9 PM EST.

Last night we spoke about the Devils season, how in the constant face of doom & gloom from the prognosticators, the Devils continue to not only win and remain relevant in the Eastern Conference, but in addition, each year, they have a legitimate chance to win the Stanley Cup.

I spoke with Kenny about the 'culture' of Devils hockey, and how it is fostered from player to player, handed down over the years, how Lou does an outstanding job of cultivating the pride within the organization, how Stevens, and Kenny, and Johnny Mac, Chris Terrerri, Driver, and others, are still connected to the club, and Kenny admitted that he and the guys I just mentioned do indeed speak to guys at times and impress upon them what you could call; 'The Devils way'.

I told Ken that it was my opinion that come spring time this year, that Mrs. Niedermayer, would finally be able to root for both her boys together playing for the Stanley Cup, as it is my opinion that Lou will swing a deal with the Ducks to bring Scott back to the Devils at the trade deadline and reunite him with his brother Rob - Ken said he was thinking the same thing.

We spoke of Marty and his record breaking events the last few years (including last night), and Ken candidly agreed with my assertion, that Marty, particularly at his advancing age, should be willing to cede some time to a back-up, being fresher for the post-season. He spoke of Marty as a rookie, in training camp, with what Kenny described as a 'cheesey mustache' he wore early in his career. I told Ken that Lou would probably make Marty wait a year after his career to retire his number 30...Ken disagreed and said that while Lou does that for everyone else, in this case, it would be different for number 30...he expects Marty's number to be in the rafters about 2 seconds after he announces his retirement.

I asked Ken if it was just a tab bit different playing in front of Marty...instead of say, Lindsay Middlebrook...or Hannu Kampurri!

Kenny still checks in with the Devils best ever former radio voice, Larry Hirsh, who is still in Tampa doing some radio work.

A real fulfilling conversation with an all-time Devils great...and if you're looking for NHL talk on a national sports talk radio program that talks up NFL, NBA, MLB...be advised you'll hear it on my show.


Dino Costa
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Devils set team mark thanks largely to their youth movement

11 December 2009 - 04:12 AM