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In Topic: traveling to away games

Yesterday, 10:34 PM

Oh- and everyone who says to check out Montreal is spot on. Its an awesome experience. The crowd there is unlike any crowd I've ever seen at any sporting event I've been to. That building is louder than loud. I saw a Devs-Habs game up there in 2008. The Devs lost 2-1 (ironically, Brian Gionta scored the only Devils goal that night) so I was annoyed afterwards, but I went and drank it off with some Devils fans that were staying at the same hotel as me later that night. I drank so much Molson X I actually passed out at the bar lol. It was awesome. So yeah go to Montreal.

Amazing bars and clubs there, love that city. Been to four games there and been lucky to see four wins. I managed to go to that crazy game in January of 2010 with Parise's OT winner. Brodeur and Halak put on a hell of a show.

This highlight is just sick, incredible game.


Edit: I miss the Doc and Chico combo :(

In Topic: traveling to away games

Yesterday, 10:14 PM

Some guy on HF wants to set up an MSG invasion for the 12/27 gm. Both games at MSG are Saturdays so it'll be expensive.

In Topic: MSG Summer Ice

Yesterday, 10:13 PM

Here you go, listen carefully at 40 secs. This has been playing at MSG after every loss for years.

In Topic: MSG Summer Ice

Yesterday, 10:04 PM

lol i wasnt even paying attention, what song is it?

No clue, look up any Ranger loss or OT home loss highlight on YouTube. It's the same song for years, it makes me very happy.

In Topic: MSG Summer Ice

Yesterday, 09:59 PM

I want whatever song plays at the garden after every ranger loss as my ringtone haha I love it.
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