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In Topic: Careful what you wish for, Devils fans

31 July 2014 - 03:22 PM

Gelinas looks to be another one, but yeah, that's pretty damning.


I was only addressing the forwards in that.  The defense has been a better story, but thats come down to drafting mostly.  The homegrown guys haven't had to spend full years down there.

In Topic: Careful what you wish for, Devils fans

31 July 2014 - 03:09 PM

Looking at drafting, there is still a baffling affinity to marginally talented large forwards that play a north/south game that get picked to high on the hope that unforeseen offense develops.  They have historically come from NCAA programs or the USNTDP, but lately have gone to chl leagues for them as well.


Then you have the drafting of nobodies like a Mauro Yorg or Derek Rodwell type.  But those happen so late as one cant totally complain, though i would bet there were overagers or others out there that could at least play in the AHL.


Other than this past years draft disaster, the three before it look promising.  Certainly far better than anything done in the mid 2000's.


What it is becoming more apparent to me is not a drafting methodology issue, but a player development issue.  There have been a few trends that have come and gone with the Devils and forwards, but the AHL program has been consistent.  Either by desperation and putting guys in the NHL too soon, like a Jacob Josefson, or something afoul in the forward coaching in Albany very few are turning into useful pros.  So few serviceable forwards have come through minor league development program since the late 90's.  I can name three that spent 1 or more full years there that turned into full time pro's. Henrique, Clarkson, and Parise.  Zach was only there due to the lockout.  No one else has turned themselves into a every day nhl player.  Forget top end talent, the Devils cant even develop bottom 6 guys anymore.