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In Topic: Lou on trying to sign free agents before July 1st

11 April 2014 - 04:13 PM

Absolutely shocking.  To think that the most secretive organization in the league does contract negotiations behind closed doors, all the while towing the company line in public.  Never saw this coming......


Come on, anyone who did not think that this was the case all along was being delusional.

In Topic: GDT- New Jersey @ Dallas (The Stephen Gionta is a Top 6 Forward Editio

30 January 2014 - 11:02 PM

Sorry all, I think i broke the chat room :(

In Topic: Brodeur embarrassed himself and the franchise today

27 January 2014 - 12:10 PM

Its not about the goals against.   Though that will get everyone's attention due to the size.  There was never a moment where he looked comfortable with a shot coming his way.  He did not play anything clean.  There were rebounds galore, he was overplaying the shooters, and getting himself out of position.  There was nothing good about his game, we saw the bad lateral movement, the inability to get off his ass, the bad rebound control, mistakes playing the puck, and a weak 5 hole again.  He just looked terrible by any subjective measure as well.


The Devils played like a hot mess in the neutral zone and high in the rangers end, leading to far too many turnovers and chances against.  The D was aggressive all game long and got away with it in the first, but was crushed for it in the second.   Instead of playing their down low grinding style, the devils let the game evolve into a track meet, and they cant win that style of game.  But that brings up one of the big weaknesses in the lineup, the lack of speed in the lineup.  The moment the Rangers started on those odd man rushes, there was not a Devil player who was going to get back into the play.   Its unfortunate, but with this roster games like this are going to happen on occasion.  They just dont have the margin for error with games opening up.

In Topic: GDT: NJ Devils vs. NY Rangers - 12:30pm on NBC - Stadium Series Editio

27 January 2014 - 11:57 AM

I believe #30 wants to play another season. The question becomes, can the Devils sign Schneids if he does. I say no. So, what does Lou do? A very agressive approach would be to trade him if the Devils are outside of the playoff race.(Marty may be real happy to go by then) Then sign Schneids in the summer right away,(5 years max). Then, if nothing materializes for a decent back up you very shadily sign MB for 1 year after the ink is very dry on Schneids contract and reassure Schneids he is the guy, meaning a 65/17 split.



I disagree.  If Marty even has a microsecond of thought about coming back the reaction has to be, not here.  The adults in the room are going to have to make this decision for him.

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