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27 October 2014 - 01:25 AM

I'm pretty sure they changed the handpass rule so that even if you're in your own zone it's illegal and the ref should blow the play dead.

I think you can still do handpasses in your zone, but you can't put your hand over the puck now, you can only push it.  Otherwise it's not only blown dead, but it's a penalty.  Seemed like an unnecessary splitting of hairs in my opinion, it's not like people were picking up the puck and throwing it because that was already a penalty.

In Topic: sansstick

26 October 2014 - 12:52 PM

There are 2 schools of thought on this with about an 80/20 split with the heavy side towards staying on the ice. New school coaches tend to say go get a stick, they also do not subscribe to handing off the stick of a player already on the ice for the most part. Old school coaches are split on this area of handing the stick off as well. I always think it makes a bad situation worse. Imagine Gio handing Sal a stick.(Bump...Set....)


I teach them to evaluate the play for a moment, then go to the bench to get a stick or usually better a change. A good change can really speed up getting a player back into position faster. 

Why would it make more sense to have a defenseman out there with no stick?  Even if it's too short, it's definitely way better than having no stick at all.  You can handpass in your zone, but you're not going to get a good pass off, you can't make any kind of breakout pass, and if there is a rebound or a scramble in front of the net, you have a much lower chance of being the first to the loose puck if you have to kick it or use your hands while everyone else has a stick.  A forward without a stick is much less of a problem than a defenseman without one.  The forward won't be able to pressure the point man as effectively and it will be easier to get around him, but the defenseman definitely needs a stick more than the forward.

In Topic: Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

16 October 2014 - 12:37 AM



This is actually the song...

I like this.  I'd rather have something original than some lame mainstream song that will sound outdated in five years.  I am on the fence about the recorded "Let's go Devils" though.  I've always found it lame that the Rangers had that in an otherwise awesome goal song, and I feel the same about this one, but if it remains in the final product I can live with it and I think it is more universally appealing than all other suggestions I've seen.

In Topic: Zach Parise Says 2012 Cup Run Was "Surreal", Talks Brodeur

11 October 2014 - 03:42 PM

You misunderstood. These tournaments require you to stay in a particular hotel to be eligible to play. Doesn't matter if you're within driving distance or whatever. If you want to play, you HAVE to stay in that hotel. It's absolutely ridiculous because it's just so the people holding the tournament can get kickbacks from the hotel.

Oh wow, yeah that is even more outrageous.  Why don't teams that are within driving distance refuse to play in those tournaments?  Are there no other tournaments around at that skill level?

In Topic: Zach Parise Says 2012 Cup Run Was "Surreal", Talks Brodeur

11 October 2014 - 01:34 PM

Pretty sure that number included moving their entire family to an area with higher quality hockey teams. $20k/year is not that far fetched though. It's not cheap to travel. Last year my brother played on a tournament in Edmonton. A week in a hotel, food, rental car, round trip plane tickets for two people. That's not cheap. Had my father gone with his wife and my brother, it would have cost even more. That trip alone was probably in the neighborhood of $1000.

My Dad constantly complains about how all the tournaments are now what they call, "stay to play", meaning that if you want to play in the tournament, you have to stay on a particular hotel. That's ridiculous and I'm sure these aren't exactly budget hotels either.

Makes sense.  The travel teams at the rink I work at only go to tournaments that are driving distance, but if they had to fly out to places and and stay in expensive hotels I can see the costs being drastically higher.


There's actually a decent amount out here on long island, in fact another sports facility that will have a house roller hockey league is just being built and will be open in november. I've been playing since 4th grade and still playing. Actually hockey in general has grown alot on li. Also got some places that strictly do deck hockey.

The roller hockey scene in Long Island is great.  I play on a semi-pro roller team now and we tend to get crushed by the Long Island teams because many of them have been playing together since they were kids, and they still have strong youth travel roller hockey programs.  In New Jersey, there used to be a lot of youth travel roller teams when I was growing up but now I can only name two throughout the entire state, and the in-house youth roller league I played in which had probably over 20 teams across various age divisions is now down to one league for all ages that has only four teams, and the coaches have to coordinate matching up the "big kids" line against the other team's "big kids" line so you don't end up with a 15 year old lining up against a 7 year old.  Long Island even has high school roller hockey, while my high school didn't even get an ice hockey team until after I graduated.