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#1268930 Stanley Cups Won vs. Projected

Posted by devilsfan26 on 16 June 2014 - 09:45 AM

Hm, I'm sure some here will take issue with the 1/30 metric, but either way it makes for an interesting analysis.

Every team doesn't have a 1/30 chance any given year because some expect to contend for the Cup while others are rebuilding, but the premise is that over time, that stuff should cycle around and cancel out.  If it doesn't, that generally can be attributed to how well the team is managed, so that's why I think 1/30 (at least for years when there have been 30 teams obviously) is fine.  It's not perfect, but I think over enough years it is good enough for this statistic to have meaning.

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#1259457 Kenny Agostino

Posted by devilsfan26 on 08 April 2014 - 01:01 PM

Fucc the Bennys, kill yourself


Whats wrong RedStorm-kun?




Could it be

you're craving my



Are you a Tea Party sympathizer? 



This forum was better yesterday at 8:57 PM than it is now.



Also, thecoffeecake clearly won that discussion and it's not even close.  TheRedStorm, you are never going to be taken seriously until you learn how to debate and not just argue.

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#1256626 BEER

Posted by devilsfan26 on 28 March 2014 - 12:01 PM

Ive stayed away from this forum for a few weeks because facts and experiece gets you nowhere in an internet arguement so I was wasting my time. I have not seen this movie but its nice to see you take an unslanted view while watching it. Its really easy to watch a documentary and get fired up behind the cause. But DM84 is right, you cant say they should have shown both sides because no documentary does. Just look at any dreck michael moore puts out.

It has nothing to do with "facts and experience."  Everyone else in this thread is an unbiased consumer talking about the beers they buy and drink, while you obviously have a vested interest in supporting the bigger guys that your store sells more of.

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#1246371 All purpose Olympics thread

Posted by devilsfan26 on 19 February 2014 - 09:50 AM

Anyone else find it hilarious that after the handshake they saluted the fans, who then booed (whistled?) them right off the ice?  Haha

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#1246051 Why Russians can never avenge ‘Miracle on Ice’ - Brooks NY Post

Posted by devilsfan26 on 17 February 2014 - 04:05 PM

Nah, I agree, but as a true hockey fan, I shake my head during some of these "remember 1980" moments, or when they interview someone and that's the question they ask (like retired Russian players can't stop thinking about the Miracle On Ice; I'm sure they got over it next Olympics when they won gold again).


As a pragmatic fan, it just reminds me of the whole Rangers/1994 coverage we're always making fun of lol...

Yeah the interviews are kind of ridiculous and I agree there probably aren't any Russians that are still bummed about it, but it was such a big upset that it for us it should be bigger than the Rangers 94 Cup should be to them since every NHL team should theoretically have equal footing, so every Stanley Cup championship is equal to the prior and following one.  I think the fact that the 1980 US team was a bunch of college kids that hated each other months prior taking down the best professional hockey team in the world makes it more acceptable to be brought up still today, especially when you consider that the Olympics attract mainstream people that otherwise don't care for hockey and the Miracle on Ice was a hockey moment that non-hockey fans can relate to.  I think they are just trying to make the current games more compelling for those people whereas the Rangers' ongoing 94 celebration has more of a "look how good we were that time" vibe to it.

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#1239858 Very fluky goal in LAK vs DET game.

Posted by devilsfan26 on 19 January 2014 - 01:18 PM

Fluky? Fluky is euphamistic, this goal was illegal. Blatantly illegal. NHL refs are really bad, the worst in any sport I'd have to say.

Hockey is also a more difficult sport to officiate.  Missed calls happen, but the NHL refs are the best at what they do.  There will always be missed calls, there's no way to improve the officiating, but in my opinion everything should be reviewable to make sure that missed calls can be corrected so that the outcomes of games are closer to being 100% based on what the players did and closer to 0% based on what a few people watching with the action quickly happening around them thought they saw.  If this play was reviewable, it's a non-issue.  Can you imagine the embarrassment that would ensue if this was an overtime goal in the Stanley Cup Finals?  Everything should be reviewable.

I remember a play in the 2009 Frozen Four when a puck was shot out of play with just a few seconds left in the third and the original call was that it went off a forechecker so the faceoff was out of the zone.  They weren't sure, so they were able to review it.  The ref himself went into the scorer's box to watch the video, no phone calls to upstairs, no calls to Toronto, just the referee himself quickly goes in, watches the video, and makes sure he gets the right call.  Turns out it was shot straight out, so they corrected it and had the faceoff in the defensive zone, and the attacking team scores right off the faceoff.  That goal either tied it and they won in overtime, or that might have been the winning goal, but either way, the right team won because they were able to make sure the right call was made.

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#1227337 The Schneider and Marty disparity.

Posted by devilsfan26 on 22 November 2013 - 03:09 AM

It's just coincidence; people are making this a bigger deal than it really is.

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#1218585 Lundqvist 2013 - new pad rule?

Posted by devilsfan26 on 21 October 2013 - 10:59 PM

As for where Marty ranks all-time, I have my opinion. Not worth debating unless people are open to it.

Alright so then obviously your opinion is different than most on this forum.  Nobody asked you where you think Marty ranks all-time, so why even bother posting this sentence other than to incite?  Why do you post here when there is no shortage of Rangers forums for you?  I never understood this before you left and now I really don't understand why you came back.

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#1216977 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by devilsfan26 on 16 October 2013 - 01:45 AM

What do you guys think of The Trooper by Iron Maiden as a possibility?  The part I have in mind starts at exactly one minute in.  They can maybe edit it a little so the part that would be the crowd chant would be repeated a few more times.  People can easily chant along to it and it is upbeat.



I also like the suggestion for Seven Nation Army but not that bogus electronic version posted earlier.

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#1212543 NHL Approves Hybrid Icing '13-14

Posted by devilsfan26 on 01 October 2013 - 12:16 AM

How is anyone complaining about this? This is what the teams and players want. It is a protection issue as the video above shows the dangers of it.


It's a non issue as far as flow. Just different at first.

Agreed, I'm surprised to see people so up in arms about this.  They were using it throughout preseason and it had no effect on the speed or flow of the game.  I am a little concerned with how quickly the linesmen have to make the judgment call though, maybe no-touch icing would be better as long as they could wave it off when the forward is clearly going to be the first to the puck.

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#1211183 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by devilsfan26 on 23 September 2013 - 12:31 AM

I think people are over-analyzing this.  I don't see how this shows an inferiority complex, it's just something people say when the Devils' offense prevails over the other team's defense.  The people who think this shows an inferiority complex seem to be way too self-conscious to me.  Also, it is not meant to be taken so literally regarding the score of the game.  It doesn't matter what the score is, it's just something that is attached to the crowd's goal celebration whether the team is winning or losing.  If you want to be literal about it, then there is never a correct context to say "you suck" since obviously nobody in the NHL sucks at hockey.

And who cares what other fans think of us?  We don't want to be a$$holes in the stands starting fights and stuff, but if other fanbases are thinking of us as some low class trashy people just because we say "you suck" then that's their problem for being so uptight and serious.  Nashville's fans do the same exact thing and have you ever heard anyone criticize their fanbase for it?  I've never even heard anyone criticize Devils fans over this except for other Devils fans.  This is not a big deal.

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#1210941 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by devilsfan26 on 21 September 2013 - 01:45 PM

Or some Redman.

I'm kind of glad we're getting rid of R & R part 2 since Gary Glitter is a convicted pedophile and all.

I believe that is why it was done away with the first time, and then when something was worked out where he wouldn't be getting royalties, they brought it back.  Other teams have the same goal song, but if I'm not mistaken, the Devils were the first to use it.  I would hate for them to change it, I'm always against ditching traditions, plus you know that whatever they pick is not going to be good.  Also, do you really want to take away a popular part of the gameday experience after the great attendance they finally had last season?

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#1208590 USA's 2014 Olympic Jerseys

Posted by devilsfan26 on 29 August 2013 - 08:51 PM

No, they don't. They just keep re-inventing the wheel. As a rectangle, apparently.

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#1206097 BEER

Posted by devilsfan26 on 02 August 2013 - 12:22 AM

Of course Redd's is doing well, it has the vast advantage of MillerCoors' budget, marketplace clout, and distribution network!  Everyone has their own tastes and all, but I am seriously confounded by your assertion that there are as many craft beers that are worse than BMC than there are better. 


Also last time I was at Maloney's I don't remember any beer costing $12, you are just making things up now.  The reason most drinkers don't drink craft beer isn't because it's bad like you keep implying, it's because most drinkers haven't tried it yet since people tend to stick with what they're used to and brands that they have heard of rather than trying something new.

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#1204397 BEER

Posted by devilsfan26 on 19 July 2013 - 11:39 PM

Yes sam adams which is a billion dollar company. They sell quality products and you know what you're getting time in and time out. If you ask me their the best company around. BUT paying around 9 dollars and upward for a six pack is ridiculous. I manage a bar and liquor store, the consumers speak for themselves. For every 1 case of craft beer you'll sell about 50 cases of normal domestic and imports. Me personally i love to try the new crafts, but the average Joe isn't going to even think of spending that amount of money for a beer that's probably going to be garbage compared to a bud or rolling rock. You see people agreeing with you because you're at a bar serving craft beers lol they wouldn't be there if they didn't like the same things you do. 


I don't mind spending the money, and neither do any of yous, but a lot of the times i'm 4 beers through a six pack and say to myself, welp that was nice to try but i'll never buy that again. Why, because most crafts are mediocre at best, but it's fun to discuss them and try new styles.


On that note has anyone tried innis & gunn? I'm drinking the original and i gotta say it is absolutely awesome. It's so smooth and has a little vanilla/caramel taste to it. 

The sales numbers comparing craft to mass-produced swill aren't a good measure of what is better, they are just a good measure of who has the cash on hand for advertising campaigns.  If Dogfish Head had advertisements constantly in your face every single day like Anheuser Busch and MillerCoors do, I guarantee they would be selling a lot more. 


And I completely disagree with your sentiment that most craft beers aren't as good as Bud or Rolling Rock, sorry but that is one of the craziest things I've ever heard from someone who works in the industry.  It is no secret that the beer most people drink tastes like sh!t, even the people making it know it.  Just look at their commercials--they usually make very little mention of the actual beer itself and they instead try to sell you on being popular or they just try to fool you with gimmicks like different packaging or they claim that their beer is the most refreshing or coldest or they make up phrases like "frost brewed" or "triple hops brewed."  If their beer was actually good, why wouldn't they tout it in their own ads?  Making good beer isn't even that high of a priority, their entire business revolves around cutting corners in the recipe for the sake of mass production.  For craft brewers, they know they can't rely on the mainstream, uninformed, crowd-following, buy-whatever-is-the-cheapest, believe the marketing beer drinker, so their top priority is making good beer.


Also I don't think I've ever found myself four beers deep into the same six pack in one night, probably because there are so many different craft beers out there that I like having a variety instead of drinking four of the same beer in one night.


Funny you mention Innis & Gunn, I have never had any of their beers but just the other day I picked up a four pack of their Scottish stout aged in Irish whiskey barrels and a single bottle of their original.  Haven't opened one up yet, but looking forward to trying them.

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