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Stanley Cups Won vs. Projected

15 June 2014 - 11:37 AM

I thought I posted this on here a year or two ago and was going to just bump that thread but couldn't find it in a search so maybe I didn't actually post it.  Anyway, I calculated how many Cups each franchise should have based on how many years they've been in the league and how many other teams were in the league for each of those years.  Then, to measure how successful each team has been at reaching those expectations, I divided the number of Cups each team actually has won by how many they should have to come up with a percentage.  Here is the list in order of most successful to least successful.  100% means they have exactly as many Cups as projected.  Each team's percentage includes the entire history of the franchise, so for example the Scouts and Rockies are factored into the Devils' percentage.  I also counted 1919 as half a Cup for Montreal since they made it to the finals against the Seattle Metropolitans, but the deciding game was never played because of the flu epidemic.

368.48  (5/1.35)      Edmonton Oilers

235.92  (24.5/10.39)  Montreal Canadiens

226.89  (4/1.76)      New York Islanders

183.15  (3/1.64)      New Jersey Devils

147.39  (2/1.36)      Colorado Avalanche

143.19  (1/0.70)      Anaheim Ducks

139.16  (3/2.16)      Pittsburgh Penguins

135.12  (1/0.74)      Tampa Bay Lightning

133.76  (11/8.22)     Detroit Red Wings

129.51  (13/10.04)    Toronto Maple Leafs

 92.77  (2/2.16)      Los Angeles Kings

 92.77  (2/2.16)      Philadelphia Flyers

 73.7   (1/1.36)      Carolina Hurricanes

 71.56  (6/8.38)      Boston Bruins

 56.72  (1/1.76)      Calgary Flames

 48.64  (4/8.22)      Chicago Blackhawks

 48.64  (4/8.22)      New York Rangers

 46.39  (1/2.16)      Dallas Stars

  0     (0/0.43)      Minnesota Wild

  0     (0/0.43)      Columbus Blue Jackets

  0     (0/0.47)      Winnipeg Jets

  0     (0/0.51)      Nashville Predators

  0     (0/0.70)      Florida Panthers

  0     (0/0.74)      Ottawa Senators

  0     (0/0.79)      San Jose Sharks

  0     (0/1.36)      Phoenix Coyotes

  0     (0/1.64)      Washington Capitals

  0     (0/1.91)      Vancouver Canucks

  0     (0/1.91)      Buffalo Sabres

  0     (0/2.16)      St. Louis Blues


Interesting to note that only three teams are higher than the Devils, and the only teams worse at meeting their projection than the Rangers are Dallas and the 12 teams that have never won the Cup, of which only five should have won one by now.  LA was below the Rangers and tied with Dallas until the other day.  The next time Rangers fans tell you, "4 > 3, BRAH!" feel free to show them this and explain to them that even if they had 8 Cups, that would be nothing special, it would be par, but instead they have half of that.

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