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21 January 2013 - 11:28 AM

After relying on illegal streams for the last few years I decided to give Gamecenter a shot.

It works like a dream on my Sony Google TV using Chrome. after a few tweaks.

I had to set up the settings to allow pop-ups from 'gamecenter.nhl.com' as well as 'nhl.com'.

While Google TV does have a NHL Gamecenter App, it is only for scores/highlights and does not support Gamecenter LIVE streams. Need to use web browser.

Using a VPN, I was able to by-pass the blacked out games.

My only complaint is that for whatever reason, the mosaic view does not work. Not really concerned as I do not watch more than 1 game at once.

Also tried on tablet, android phone, and linux computer, all worked flawlessly.