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17 February 2011 - 05:29 PM

Okay, my turn!

I am a frequent poster on NJDevs, HFBoards, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

To the simple notion that our fans suck? Well, a majority of them do. The ones that start fights with other teams' fans, the ones that boo that Canadian national anthem when there are a bunch of Canadians on our team, the fans who don't show up to games and have no problem complaining about our attendance, the ones that chant Rangers Suck and You Suck when we are down four or five goals, the ones who start yelling at Dany Heatley and calling him a murderer, and most of all the fans who care more about the Rangers losing than the Devils winning.... There's plenty more I can come up with.

Yeah, there are plenty of fans that suck. That is something that myself and a lot of other people are currently trying to change. I didn't get involved int he Devils Generals thing because I simply don't have the time working a full time job and three writing jobs. The program is in GREAT hands with the people that are in charge of this program.

About CJ (Jaime),

I simply cannot believe that after all she does for our fanbase people have something negative about her. She is constantly the loudest fan in the arena, terrifically vocal about our team on the internet, and has now dedicated even more time and energy when she doesn't even live very close to Newark to get her butt down there and be involved in this program. To the people that are saying rude things to and about her... what have you done?

Right now, our fan base sucks. Our ticket prices suck. Our team and it's fan outreach sucks. The Devils Army Generals is something that the Devils are supporting that not many if any other teams would tolerate. NHL teams are corporations and the fact that they are now asking us for our input on how to make everything better is really unprecedented.

There are way too many people that complain and talk crap and then just sit back and don't do a damn thing about it.

I complain alot about things I don't like about this team. So what do I do? I contact an Army General or the Devils themselves. Actually, Jamie and I have to be at the arena in a half hour so I can speak with a rep about some things.

So if "our fans suck" is CJ's personal opinion... then so be it. And it's true! She has taken it upon herself to join the effort and bridge that gap between the fans and the team to try to make things better for everyone and to find out how we can get some new fans in the seats and in on the fun. I salute her and am glad to be able to call her a friend.

Also, to some specific posters that will know that this about them: Get a life. Masking your identity behind a stupid message board handle makes you look absolutely childish and stupid. You should go pick up a hobby if you don't want to act your age. Everyone here knows who I am, where I'm from, what I do for a living, exactly where I'll be before and after every game, and 5 or 6 ways to get in contact with me. So if you want to start acting like an adult, let us know and we'll have an adult conversation. Til then, try to grow up and actually be supportive of people like Jaime, Colin, Steve, and the others who are taking on a non-paying position just to help all of us out and to get our ideas heard by our favorite hockey team.

Very, very well said sir.

For the record, I'm the Steve he mentions at the end. And I'm insanely easy to get a hold of as well.

In Topic: Mission Control

17 February 2011 - 12:50 PM

this is exactly why this whole thing is a bad idea. a few well known self-aggrandizing fan(s) with their own agendas.

Popping my head in here for the first time in a long time...

I disagree with this sentiment very strongly. There are 25 of us Generals (Yes, I am one), from various backgrounds and different levels of fandom.

Some of us have been friends, some of us have just met for the first time in this program. We are all on an even level, with none of us having any more say in anything then anyone else. All we can do is offer our time and energy to the Devils office staff to help them with what they ask of us. I can assure you that we cannot have our own agendas, because frankly, the Devils office doesn't care about anything besides their own concerns, i.e., improving fan experience and building a strong social media community. They have their agenda, and that's it.

We've had many group discussions with the front office staff running this program about how this program is exactly the opposite of what you just said.

And finally, the Devils Army Generals program isn't really geared towards fans already posting on NJDevs/HFBoards and what have you. It's to get the causal fans more involved with the team, getting them to come to more games, and build the sense of community that those of us who post on message boards already have. So, no, maybe at first there isn't a lot this program can do for people here specifically. But all we're asking is that you give it a shot and maybe let it work it's course a little before deeming it a failure.