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In Topic: If the Kurvers for Niedermayer Trade Never Happened

23 October 2014 - 05:39 PM

Lindros probably would've signed. He wanted to be in a big market, and even though he wouldn't have been in NY, he would've been in a big metropolitan area.


it wasn't the big market - it was that he didn't want to be in quebec specifically because of the french canadien culture.

In Topic: Robinson on Severson: "NJ Would Have Won The Cup W/ Him"

19 October 2014 - 08:35 PM

that series was both closer than it seemed and not close at all when you think about it. i'm not sure severson really changes anything unless you're saying he buries the shot that fayne missed and is the one in position instead of bernier and doesn't take a 5 minutes major.

In Topic: Opening Night 3D Light Show

19 October 2014 - 08:28 PM

i thought it was pretty cool, but tough to appreciate from my vantage point (section 7, row 18). i think anything lower than that would be even worse.

In Topic: Club Seats

19 October 2014 - 08:12 PM

I'm not happy about it, but I understand. They valued the amount of food on the tickets as $40 per ticket per game. So they gave the option at the end of last season for this year:


1) Pay the same amount and get $40/ticket, loaded on your ticket, that can be used for anything in the arena (any food anywhere or merchandise).

2) Take $40/ticket off the price of your ticket.


I took option 2.


Now here's a bit of the rub. They did NOT say they would be changing the food in the ice lounge, and jacking prices up to go with it. I assumed that it was going to be the same burger, hotdog, chicken fingers/fries and pizza, along with sushi and maybe some other "special". That's what it was during the pre-season. Average food product was $7.00 or so. Instead, they eliminated all of that (so really - no kid friendly food in the ice lounge) and replaced it with a more gourmet selection where the average food item is $14.00.


The motivation for the team was two fold.


1) They needed to make the lounge seats less expensive face value tickets. In years past, they had all you can eat food caked in and needed to charge $240/ticket. You just will not get that for Ottawa in the middle of January on a Wednesday night. That's why, short of the corporate (or wealthy) season ticket holders, you saw the lounge seats about 1/2 full. So by removing the food option from the face, they can now sell at $160 face ticket for a weak game and that's a bit more palatable.


2) They had so much waste with the food in the lounge that they were giving away money. By improving the food (it's better but lets not go crazy - it's not Dinosaur BBQ, let alone BLT Prime), they were able to charge significantly more and bring in extra revenue.


We have very savvy businessmen as owners of this team now - they improved a 7 year old arena with millions of dollars of investment. There are certainly kinks they have to work out. Lines got long all over and the concessions weren't quite ready. But they'll get there. The food in the arena has already gotten very good reviews. The game experience is better with the 3D intro and around the building.

In Topic: Would you trade Adam Larsson...

19 October 2014 - 08:01 PM

A) That's beneath you

B) I don't agree that he's on the same level as Marty vis-a-vis the coaching staff.  He's not Marty, he's not a larger than life figure.  And I do agree with Tri they legit think he's the best option atm, they have a blind spot/mancrush with him.  If they didn't think that way but 'had' to play him he'd be getting Volch minutes/role


a) it is. i just feel like it takes 4x as long for the coaching staff to see things others do. they're biased just as we are, but a different way. what happens in the room carries much more weight with them than us.


b) nobody was on the same level as marty - it doesn't mean pdb doesn't have his favorites. obviously my hyperbolic rants are over the top. but if he's so obviously awful and still in the same position with this team in a month, we'll all be furious.