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30 July 2003 - 04:46 PM

Dew, backoff, don't speak on what you know nothing of....any disgruntled fan from another team thinks thats what happened, softens the blow from having to hear what a great team it was all the time....just because the Bruins are dedicated to losing doesn't mean Ray had to be, F*CK LOYALTY, especially when the Bruins broke their loyalty to Ray first....

Oh puleez...Adam Oates even said RayRay did what I said he did...disgruntled???? Excuse me but what dew I have to be disgruntled about? The fact that my team is owner of the Stanley Cup again??? As for loyalty...you must be a new gener or one helluva sick old timer, that thinks the world owes you something and loyalty means squat...what have you done for me yesterday...as for the Bruins...they can dew the same thing that the Avs can dew....SUCK EGGS RAW AND ROTTEN...now if you will excuse me, must be time for your cookies and milk....run along :puke: :puke: :puke:

What are you? 6? Do people grow up and learn to spell, you show your ignorance when you type....there was alot more to that Bourque situation than you know about, or care to admit....he owed Boston NOTHING, they didn't fulfill their promise to him, so he fulfiled a promise to HIMSELF!

I know loyalty, and if my boss promised me something, I'd expect it, not cheap imitations, or pathetic substitutes, i'd do whats best for me, because as long as he's getting paid, he owes noone anything....

Your a pathetic example of a Devils fan....

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30 July 2003 - 12:54 AM

I wouldn't call what I said to PatrickRoy33 much of an attack, especially when it was responding to "F*CK LOYALTY," a disgraceful thing for a hockey fan to say. Here's an attack.

I didn't take it that way either....but as for me saying F*CK LOYALTY, it WAS in the case or Bourque alone....as for Kariya, i'm sure theres some other reason lurking behind that, that no one knows....

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29 July 2003 - 11:36 PM

sounded to me like you were.

I said ANY disgruntled fan, never singled out B's fans.

That's BS, never stopped Harry from trading Wesley to one of our Biggest rivals, the Whalers, or Oates to Washington, Harry sent the players where he could get the best deal.

They're no where near the player or fan favorite Ray was....

You know how we feel? Really? Highly doubtful. And don't think that Ray doesn't feel empty about his ring, because he's said repeatedly to the media here that although he is happy he won, he would have RATHER DONE IT AS A BRUIN, and that is his only regret.

He might have RATHER done it as a BRUIN, but he still apprciates it all the more just having it....

Hmm, when was this that Harry said they'd make a drive for the cup.. Last time I heard those words out of Harry's mouth it was like 1979 when Ray started.  Ray knew, as did every player whose played here in the past 15 years, as did the fans, that the organization was NOT interested in winning a cup. Ray has repeatedly said that in 90 they were missing one key ingredient, and always were, and that the B's management was too damned cheap to get it.  Jacobs does not care about winning a cup, only selling hope, and the only reason he even slightly invested in this team back then was to convince the city to help fund the Fleet center.  So, no offense here, but you're talking out your arse on this one. Ray had many opportunities to leave, he chose to stay, and then tried to play the lack of dedication card.

It all happened when he signed Ray for 6 years at age 28 or 29 I believe it was....you don't have to tell me the Bruins management sucks, the whole NHL already has seen it....

No, it was a slap in the face to Bruins management, and a mockery to the NHL.

The Bruins slapped Ray in the face, you expected something less?

I will agree to disagree with you on this.

Of course you will, your a bitter disgruntled Devils fan....your team got beat that year, you have NO EXCUSES....PATRICK ROY let in 1 goal combined in games 6 and 7, he GAVE the Devils a chance to win it, but they choked in game 6 and didn't show up for game 7....

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29 July 2003 - 10:20 PM

[quote name='Jimmy Leeds' date='Jul 29 2003, 10:17 PM'][quote name='PatrickRoy33' date='Jul 29 2003, 11:10 PM'][quote]F loyalty?

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29 July 2003 - 10:16 PM

For the most part I think whoever WINS the cup deserves to win it.  The Avs winning didn't bother me so much as the Devils losing.  If they Avs win this year I'll think it's lame.  Buying a team is lame.  A bought team is not worth rooting for in my book...not that there's anything wrong with anyone else doing so... I'd think it was cool if teh Devils became ALL-STAR and won teh cup...but you can't get attached to mercenary players -- they're guns for hire...and that doesn't make for long term enjoyment -- then you love a sweater and a rink is all...that's sad.

I'm happy a great defenseman finally got his name on the cup -- but I also thought it was kind of pathetic -- blame Boston Blame Bourke -- it still doesn't change the fact that I pitied him hoisting it.  And teh Avs retiring his number ... well it's in keeping with the whole buying a team line of thought ---  nahhh - it's bullsh!t plain and simple that's a turd hangin from your rafters that even i can't polish my Avalanche fan friend...

BTW, when did the Avalanche BUY a CUP???? Making trades and re-signing players for their market value isn't buying a Cup....

SAD???? You guys have a team that rarely sells out during the regular season and almost moved to Nashville a few years ago....