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In Topic: Rumor- Kovalchuk to Devils

02 February 2010 - 05:40 PM

Its really amazing how insane folks here get when something bright and shiny is waved in front of them.
Kovy does not solve the 1:30 defensive breakdown, the pass distribution, playmaking, or the complete lack of pressure on the back line from our defense.
All of which have proven to be instrumental in any cup run in the past 4 years.

Folks ready to sell the farm for this. Most of you hate either Mottau or Fraser. Who mans the backline once you trade Oduya and get no defensman in return? Corrente? In a playoff series?

I agree we need to trade some assets: but for the RIGHT pieces!

Can anyone really see Kovy being excited to play for JL? After having shift/play Carte Blanche in ATL?

Just some food for thought.

Unload Oduya and the above problems are solved. He gets overpowered in the D-zone, cannot make a flat pass tape to tape, mishandles the puck every time he looks up ice, and is the complete lack of pressure on the back line. I don't understand the love affair with this guy. And as for playoffs? Johnny's got a whopping 2 pts and is even in 18 NHL playoff games.

Kovalchuk would most likely solve the Devils not scoring on the PP with 4 minutes remaining in that game however.

Martin will replace Oduya in the lineup. Corrente/Murphy in the meantime while Martin heals.

PP with Rolston, Langs, and Kovy dropping bombs from up top? And Martin will be back for playoffs.