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In Topic: Streaming Devils' Games

23 March 2015 - 08:24 PM

So far I haven't been able to get any of the "HD" methods of streaming games to work.  On my Android phone the GC app just says "Upgrade" despite being able to log in to it without any username and password.  It seems some others are having this issue lately too.  


With VLC streams I have the 64-bit version which fixed the app crashing problem I initially ran into, but now VLC doesn't even open -- the LazyMan app just says "opening in 3 seconds" and then freezes without VLC opening.  


With the Python script, initially it would also open VLC but nothing would happen in it, no videos would play -- now no matter what stream or game I choose, it says there's an access error and that the port is in use, despite nothing listening on port 80 and even rebooting.  


Unfortunately these methods seem unreliable, and even when I looked at some of the links, one or two were HD, but most of the others were SD, and most of them were the ones I've been using/seeing from other sites anyway.  It was nice in theory, but I'll probably just stick with the webstreams -- they load in mere seconds and with some safe browsing habits or AdBlock it's almost hassle free.

stevensnjd4, creator of lazyman here. sounds like you didn't set your vlc path correctly. shoot me a pm if you need add'l help,