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In Topic: Devils re-sign Gelinas

Yesterday, 03:17 PM

so he doesnt want the pressure of the canadian fans/press??!!  unfortunately this sounds a little like gelly, if true, please grow a pair Eric.


work on your one vs one and in the corners defense, and stay away from the west, way too much speed at forward there.  I wish we extended fayne a year (obviously he wouldnt)

In Topic: Hockey will be back soon... Dano is the new Chico.... why so dead?

Yesterday, 08:24 AM

was treated to a Green Bay-Jets game at Lambeau by my boss! (M-F'er, I'll never travel to see that team again!!! but thats for a different forum, lol) flying into newark yesterday afternoon I looked out and saw The Rock in all its brick beauty..which made me look at my outlook calendar AND sure enough THIS MONDAY!!!!! Devils-rags WOOT!  Plus my kids club team are getting their jersey's and warm up suites this sunday (pretty fancy for a "B" Bantam team LOL)  either way HOCKEY IS BACK!!!

In Topic: Careful what you wish for, Devils fans

09 August 2014 - 08:47 PM

this makes sense but its so tough to tell without seeing how larsson, merrill and gelinas progress. while we are all high on them, i think it's safe to say that the season is going to start out with deboer leaning heavily on sal and zid and they will have to play their way down the depth chart while the kids play up.


if at the end of the year, you're seeing sal taking on anton's role this year of PK guy and 13:00 of 3rd pairing and zid is PP2 and 15:00 because the kids have stepped up, its possible that severson and/or santini are given a shot.


but even with that, there's still peter harrold's spot that needs to be dealt with so he could get more responsibility if he's resigned or another guy is brought in.

Its not a given that zid and sal are any more consistent defensively then these kids. that's why I thought losing fayne was a mistake. once you get past greene and maybe  Merrill, things get dicey defensively...Larsson is the key here..he needs to step up and be a force

In Topic: I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About

29 July 2014 - 10:01 AM

IMO, it all came down to Marty, or how we handled Marty...once we jettisoned him it greased the wheels

In Topic: 2014 UFA Signing Thread

23 July 2014 - 02:21 PM

dumb move by Zucc, need to strike while you had a strong SC showing. guys get ACLs and concussions all the time


they could have structured a multiyear deal with built in cap relief for 2014, correct???

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