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Devils Swarm it up T-Shirts

17 June 2012 - 09:16 PM

FOUND A STORE THAT MIGHT SELL THE DEVILS SWARM IT UP T SHIRTS ONLINE. I met a screen printing store owner over the weekend, who said he might design and sell t-shirts modeled after the Devils Swarm it up shirts and sweats Kovy made for the boys during the playoffs. They would look identical to the ones the team wore... a grey cotton t shirt, with the Devils logo and individual player number underneath. I think he's going to make shirts with 9, 17, 30, 14, 26, 23, 19 under the logo. He showed me a picture of the design for the back, and it looks exactly like the same font, dice and design of Swarm it up on the real Tees.

His only concern was that he'd make a bunch and people wouldnt be interested in them. I told him I'm sure he could sell a bunch, as this would be a pretty cool and unique shirt for Devs fans.

I told the owner i'd post on this forum to see if people would be interested in buying the shirts.... He's looking to sell for $20 each.

Hopefully he'll actually go through with it and make them. Once i find out more details i'll let you guys know.