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In Topic: GDT: Predators vs Devils (7 p.m., MSG, WFAN)

Today, 01:44 PM

Good to have Severson back. Was supposed to go tonight, but with this weather they're predicting, I'll think I'll pass.


Don't blame you.  Somehow I convinced myself to go to the game today via the train.  I used to like the train and now I can barely stand it.  Hope the results are good tonight to at least make it worthwhile.

In Topic: Zidlicky to Det

Today, 01:39 PM

I can understand the perception with Havlat and Fraser, but for Ryder do the better teams really think he is trash?  He is not far removed from his 30-goal seasons and his fairly productive Stanley Cup run with the Bruins in 2011.  I am surprised not one of the teams figured he could be a 3rd line "what the hell" kind of move and hope he catches fire in the playoffs.

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 04:14 PM

I'm actually surprised no one took a chance on either Ryder or Havlat or that Lou really couldn't or didn't want to trade them.  I can imagine at least with Ryder whose cap hit isn't that bad could be useful to someone and I doubt Lou wants him back.  Just strange.

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 04:06 PM

Perhaps the Devils and their stand on reselling tickets has something to do with it? I never visited the market place much before but I could see why season ticket holders would be hesitant with putting their seat locations on here for sale.


Actually I was talking more about the Jersey and Game worn jersey threads (the game worn jersey thread has over 100 pages alone).  Those were active and no longer as much for reasons....well it's for reasons and let's leave it at that lol.


And I can understand not wanting to sell tickets on here, but even still in my various attempts at selling on here have been mixed.  Made 1 successful sale here to another member and had plenty of tire kickers wasting my time.  That, however, I am not blaming the board or the mods as that's pretty much my experience with trying to sell anything outside of eBay and CL.

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 03:58 PM

Seriously - holy sh!t am I sick of seeing these whiny posts about the "old guard".  Enough already - if you don't like it here, move on.  Keep the pointless romanticizing to yourselves.


We're an active Devils community that is a thousand times better than hfboards and the various facebook groups.  People have strong opinions, and they discuss them freely.


It's a message board.  Do some of you guys even realize how boring this place would be if we all just held hands and sang kumbaya all the time?  


1000% correct on being better than the various FB groups.  While a good indicator of the feelings of the casual fans and entertaining, they are filled with basically the "peanut gallery" fans.


Better than HFBoards?  Maybe.  HFBoards is many times more active regarding topics other than the off-ice product.  The Marketplace and Around the Rock forums used to be pretty busy when I first joined 5 years ago (especially the Marketplace).  Now both are virtual ghost towns.