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In Topic: Brodeur Interview with Gulitti

Today, 09:19 AM

BINGO! ..and guess what? --that's okay! I have no problem with the group that think April 13th, 2014 should've been the finale. This is still fresh, and yet you have people screaming; "get over it" when the guy just retired yesterday.


It's one thing to have people saying "tarnished", but what I saw yesterday was a lot of "traitor" and even worse being thrown around (I even saw people putting their Marty memorabilia collection up for sale out of spite).  I think that's too far.  I guess by the time Brodeur gets his number retired by the Devils most, if not all of that will be forgotten but it's pretty sad to see.


I don't mind that these people are hurt but I think plenty are taking it waaaay too far. 

In Topic: The AHL: Westward ho!

Today, 09:15 AM

There's really no need to connect a team below the AHL because a team should really only have a few players in the ECHL and these are your least valuable prospects who have very little chance at becoming NHLers.  In baseball skipping a level is not common even by the best players.  It's convenient to have your guys in one place but I don't think the Devils got anything out of having Trenton affiliated with NJ.


That's true for the most part, but sometimes good prospects get put into the ECHL.  An example would be Wedgewood.  I admit these examples are pretty rare but it does happen.


I mean how often do AA players make it the MLB?  Is it more common for that to happen than a hockey player going from the ECHL and eventually making it to the NHL?

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Today, 09:09 AM

Perhaps you dont remember it because you were much younger. Either way, I can assure you that 15-20 years ago, these characteristics and certain fan behaviors certainly existed back then (probably even more so at that, too). In my opinion, it used to be worse. But youre right in that this stuff was more in the isolated uppers and, like Crasher says, far less publicized.


I was in high school 15 years ago so I remember it pretty well and I do not remember any of these antics.  I do remember the "sucks" part after the visiting lineup announcements in the 03 Finals, but the YS chant didn't exist and I again I didn't see much at all of this "attitude" that PD is talking about.  I am not saying it never happened, but not to that level that he is talking about.


Again it could be because I spent those years in our seats in the lower level where things tend to be much tamer.  I can accept that reasoning.

In Topic: Devils to honor '95 Cup team March 8

Today, 09:07 AM

I really wish the Devils would put out a list soon of the players/coaches who are going to be there, especially for the alumni game on March 7th.  There are a couple players I would really like to meet if they have an opportunity before or after the game.


I don't think I will be going to the Philly game though.

In Topic: The AHL: Westward ho!

Yesterday, 05:15 PM

Good updates on what's going on with these teams.


Also isn't the other part of the end-game to this where they re-organize the AHL and ECHL into a more direct farm system like baseball where every team has a A, AA and AAA affiliate?  Right now the Devils have a AAA affiliate in Albany but no clear AA affiliate as they are not connected to a single ECHL (or similar level team).  Instead from what I understand the Devils have players in a few ECHL team and I believe they are right now the only team in the NHL without a single, established ECHL team affiliate.


If what I said is true, could this be the re-birth of Trenton perhaps or would they just have a formal affiliation with a single, established team whether they share with another NHL team or not?