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Yesterday, 08:39 PM

I doubt he is doing it to scam someone but game worns should really never be altered. I have gamers of scrubs but never would think of altering them.

In Topic: The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

Yesterday, 03:06 PM

I'm still thinking about the Meigray sale. Bernier or Harrold with 40% off? What do you guys think?


I personally would choose Bernier, but depends on wear ( I think Bernier would win too but who knows).

In Topic: All Jersey Talk

Yesterday, 10:33 AM

Furthermore about this year's SS jerseys; they are garbage.  The Sharks is a mess but the Kings are worse.  I am not going to get on them about the television numbers (arm numbers) like a lot of people have, but I just do not like the overall design of either and the collars on both are a dumpster fire.


Another reason why I am glad the Devils just went with their retro's last year and didn't chromify their jerseys like the other teams.

In Topic: GDT: 12/17/14 Ottawa Senators @ NJ Devils

Yesterday, 10:30 AM

I'm not one to boo, so I didn't boo. Most people in attendance last night seemed to be the season ticket holder base. I'm not buying the 15,000+ attendance number Gulitti reported, there's no way. I think every season ticket holder was in their seats last night and THAT'S IT. We are ANGRY. Most of us could use the money we spent on these tickets and take a nice vacation to Italy or Spain for a couple weeks, but we choose to spend it here. Last night was a collection of all the boos that the crowd have been mostly restraining themselves from most of the season.


That being said, the boos were from the frustration that's been building up since the end of October. I rationalized the boos as a statement to management. Clearly, the effort was there. This one was on management; not DeBoer, not the players, not our injuries. We simply don't have a team that can compete in this league. We have an AHL-caliber roster, if the AHL weren't a place where young prospects are sent to develop. Our record shows this.


I thought Schneider would get booed during the player intros but he didn't. The crowd wasn't as hostile as I thought it would be early on.


But like what others have said this team went into this season with many "if's" and there was as good of a chance, if not more that this team would stink than they would be a playoff team.  You take a bit of a gamble when you buy season tickets and this is what you get.


The effort was there last night it's just that the team is just not that good.  The defense actually played well and limited Ottawa's chances but we lost on a huge deflection and a bouncing puck that no goalie would stop and an empty net goal.  I will still go to games this year it is just that my expectations will be a lot lower.  These games are still great entertainment and time killer as I often meet people I have gotten to know over the years there and talk to them and see the sights (even if they are limited) and just have some fun.

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

Yesterday, 10:23 AM

Meh, if there is another lockout, I think it'll be more like the last NFL one where the preseason gets cut short, but you don't lose any regular season games.  The last two lockouts had a lot more issues that had to be worked out.  For example, from press accounts, a major point of disagreement with the players and the owners was over maximum contract lengths to avoid front loaded deals.  The seven/eight year formula has seemed to work out pretty well for both sides.  While there are always unforeseen disagreements, right now it seems like the main, and perhaps only issue of significance will be agreeing to a number so far as the revenue split and escrow.


A collapse of the KHL would also give players fewer options and would make coming to a new agreement easier.


Right now isn't the revenue split 50/50?  I mean whoever is going to make a play for more is going to look real bad in the eyes of the forum of public opinion and I doubt either wants that.  I think with the issue will more likely be about the definition of what counts as HRR and what does not.


But I believe you are correct in that at worst this will be a minor lockout since most of the other major issues have been resolved.  The new contracts rule seems to have worked out well for both players and owners.