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In Topic: The "What FAs are you hoping the Devils target this offseason"

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

No matter who we sign this off season the affect will be minimal at best.  This team, especially up front, have a ton of issues that no Band-Aid signing can fix.  I fully expect this team next year to be at best a playoff bubble team and at worst a draft lottery team.

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

24 March 2015 - 08:33 PM

Can't wait to see lundqvist drive around with Jeff Gordon. Really gripping stuff.

In Topic: Slow News Day: Kremlin Edition- Could IK Come Back to NHL?

24 March 2015 - 03:15 PM

OK, so you buy Parise wanting to go home to a place one time zone away, that speaks a slightly different version of American English, practices most of the same customs and traditions as people in New Jersey, where he still had instant telephone and text access to all of his family and friends in Minnesota, but Kovalchuk going back to a place nine time zones away where he had almost none of the luxuries Parise did here and had to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle to, you're not buying? It was just money for Kovy but Parise's reasons were noble ones?


In your Parise hatred rant, you completely missed my point.  Honestly, who gives a sh!t why Parise left.  I certainly couldn't care less with any reason given.  The point is that he honored his contracts with NJ and left to do whatever he wants to do once his contract with NJ expired.  He was an UFA.


Kovy on the other hand left in the middle of his contract to bolt to Russia making the same money at face value, but take home was more due to not paying taxes and not paying into the escrow.  He QUIT on his contract.  A contract for 15 years that the Devils got slapped pretty hard with fines/penalties that was only partially nullified because of the new owners.


So yeah I do think Parise is the more noble/honorable of the two by a mile.

In Topic: The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

24 March 2015 - 01:22 PM

I forgot the night they were ending, I wanted to snag a cheap one


Who did you end up getting?


I got Driver.


Going through the auctions, looks like the same bidder won the Lemieux, MacLean, McKay and Niedermayer jersey lol.  Wish I had deep pockets like that.

In Topic: Who will be the Devils' next captain?

24 March 2015 - 12:13 PM

Elias has played in 60 games, scored only 10 goals, and gets paid $5.5 million a year. On top of that, he complains about his "diminishing role".  If he receives the 'C' then Lou needs to get his head examined.  


I would be pissed too if I played on the same line as Gionta and Zubrus.