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In Topic: Careful what you wish for, Devils fans

Today, 03:50 PM

ill keep my eyes open for this..and be prepared for the negativity that we will probably get as that seems to be the usual i feel.


That's pretty much what I am thinking.  I can see it now.


"and here is special contributor Scott Burnside to give his outlook on the New Jersey Devil's upcoming season...."

In Topic: MSG Summer Ice

Today, 01:47 PM

I LOVE that song! I need an mp3 of it so i can make it my ringtone lol


I posted before it's called New York Hustle by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart.  It was made for the Alfie soundtrack.

In Topic: Revitalization Around The Rock

Today, 11:27 AM

They will probably allow jerseys, but there is that outside chance it might happen.


Yeah Loft had that policy the first few weeks it was open.  It was not just upstairs, but the entire bar/lounge/restaurant.  I heard they felt like the jerseys made the place less "classy."  They changed because it was becoming a ghost town compared to Dino, EAH and BCBG.


That is why I do not really patronize them as they basically looked down on Devils fans and only changed their policy because they were losing a ton of business.

In Topic: MSG Summer Ice

Today, 11:09 AM

The song the Rags play after they lose is New York Hustle by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart



In Topic: Revitalization Around The Rock

Today, 11:05 AM

Looks nice.


What are the chances they will not allow anyone in a Devils jersey at their bar and rooftop bar on game days like Loft 47 did when they opened up?  These hipster "boutique" hotels like to enforce rules like that.

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