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In Topic: looking for meigray partner

Yesterday, 10:38 AM

$450.. so it would be $225 each plus shipping. But I dont think that would really matter if someone wated something that was in a different price range if we called and talked to them about it I would think they would be able to work it out..theyre just looking to clear out inventory with the way they set the terms up for this summer sale.


Hmm I would have to see if there is anything I might be interested in plus check my jersey money pot.


I doubt Barry will give a discount on the already discounted jerseys.  They usually don't budge on their sale prices.

In Topic: looking for meigray partner

Yesterday, 08:47 AM

Just curious at about what price are you looking for?  Wouldn't make sense to partner up with someone whose price is not near what you are looking to get.

In Topic: Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

22 July 2014 - 09:38 AM

I wonder if they think that the generally low ticket sales had to do with parents not bringing their kids, due to the you sick chant.

Clearly it didn't matter when we were good since the place was packed during the playoffs. And on top of that the place was shaking with crowd chants, specifically "you suck" throughout.

They should bring back the old song and let people have their fun. If they want to fill the stadium lower the ticket prices because it's not worth 100+ bucks to go see the Devils play the Panthers in the middle of the year.


Maybe a part of it, but doubt that was the main reason or huge reason.


There is a galaxy of reasons why the Devils have been having trouble selling tickets on a regular basis.

In Topic: The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

22 July 2014 - 08:32 AM

as bad as I want one of his jerseys iam in the same boat.. the amount of money that meigray is asking for one is down right ridiculous for a hockey jersey.. meigray already pulled a bone job by changing the terms of the summer sale and they wont accept 50% off on the older jerseys I tried to work something out with them and they were not willing to work with me like they did in the past.. not sure what their problem is all of a sudden but makes me not want to buy from them


Meigray prices are always silly but it could be worse (*cough* Steiner *cough*).  I mean a non-rookie or special event Josefson is worth $750 while an Andy Greene is worth $450?  Please.  I can understand the price schemes in the first year as those who want first crack at them will pay, but when they are sitting on the shelves 2+ years Meigray should be going back and re-evaluating the prices on these jerseys.


Instead Meigray relies on stupid grab bags to clear inventory.  And why not?  60 out of the 75 jerseys in this grab bag were the non-prize jerseys of game-issued, preseason or training camp worn jerseys where if you put them up on ebay would at best get $150, maybe a little more if you are lucky.  Meigray now does about 3-6 grab bags a year and make a ton of money on them and they tap into the gamblers in the hobby.  At this point Barry might as well turn Meigray into a casino (i've even said this on other jersey collecting forums).


Fact is as long as these grab bags work at clearing dead stock then Meigray doesn't need to change.  They as well as a handful of others are the gatekeepers to a majority of the game-worn jerseys in the hobby so they also have that for them.  It is what it is and yes the terms of this year's summer sale is weak but this is what it is going to be.  If I would have known earlier about the buy one get one free offer I would have better prepared to budget myself for that, but the terms were not released until 2 days prior.  Now I know so I will probably do that next year.

In Topic: Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

21 July 2014 - 05:22 PM

Not a fan of Hugh Weber, he is trying to build a cult of personality similar to Stalin.

What? I hope you are not serious.
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