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#1265862 Doc in NHL 15

Posted by DevsMan84 on 28 May 2014 - 03:09 PM

Eh now I am starting to think you two are right.  Maybe I am looking at this too harshly (I am being 100% honest with this).


I think one of the things I will do for this coming season is to be less critical of our own fans and just let it be.  God knows it will be better for myself and others lol.


Ok carry on about NHL 15 now.  I don't play the game so ummmm there's that.

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#1265336 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by DevsMan84 on 22 May 2014 - 10:56 PM

Now I can't wait to hear boomer fighting through tears tomorrow morning on the FAN. His tears make the perfect salt for any meal.
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#1261573 Brodeur Appreciation Thread

Posted by DevsMan84 on 17 April 2014 - 05:49 PM

Typical. Appreciation thread turns into another bashing thread. :mad:

Who's bashing? I swear you pull this crap all the time by seeing things that aren't there or happening. All this so you can come here and feel high and mighty. Stop it already.
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#1261198 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by DevsMan84 on 15 April 2014 - 07:10 AM

For the Rangers-Flyers series I will be rooting for the arena roof collapsing.
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#1256145 Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

Posted by DevsMan84 on 27 March 2014 - 10:08 AM

I am not sure if I've ever been a fan of yours, but this is some sheer bullsh!t that made me lose the last amount of respect for you I may have had. I didn't come on here looking for a confrontation, but me, being a fan for as long as a can remember, this is just downright offensive. If you're a season ticket holder, you better have a vested interest in what our fanbase does, and the atmosphere we provide. If you genuinely do not care at all, then do us all a favor, and don't renew for next year. I'd rather have one less season ticket holder than an apathetic nothing. Sit on your hands at home.


The part you are not quite understanding is that not everyone has the same definition of whats good :atmosphere" at the arena.  I doubt even the dead-set anti-"You suck" crowd would want a library of an arena, but not everyone enjoys the obnoxious atmosphere of a college basketball game either.  There are games I attend simply because the game will be quieter and not filled with the obnoxious college crowd and the silly man-children to basically ruin my enjoyment and be in constant fear of having someone killing my eardrums or drunkenly spilling crap all over me.  That's not fun to me and it's not fun to many others and you have to respect that as well.


Years ago (I am saying like 10+ years) I think there was a happy medium for the most part on a lot of game nights, but now it seems there are just two types of crowds: the quiet library one and the college basketball obnoxious crap crowd.

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#1252578 GDT: Devils @ Phailures 7:00 PM

Posted by DevsMan84 on 13 March 2014 - 04:28 PM

The people who comment on those Facebook fan groups should be forced to pass a hockey IQ test to continue watching. Since they'd all fail miserably, it would help weed out a lot of fvcking morons.


Here are pretty much every post on those groups right now:


1) Cory or Marty?

2) I think we should trade Gelinas and a 5th rounder in 2016 for Tavares.  Is this a good deal for us?

3) OMG!! Fully stitched authentic Devils jerseys for only $35!!!! website: www.fakesh!ttychinesejerseys.com

4) The goal song sucks!  I hate everything!

5) Look I made this sh!tty-looking customized t-shirt.  Buy one!!  I even put one that says "Jagr-bomb"!  I am so clever!

6) When is the next game/signing/event/etc.  I am too lazy to do a 5 second google search.

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#1247310 All purpose Olympics thread

Posted by DevsMan84 on 24 February 2014 - 09:09 PM

The one that still annoys me is when dm84 tried to get on my case because I said attendance RANKINGS don't mean anything to me. See I do care about the Devils attendance. I don't care about where we rank in relation to the rest of league because even if we sell out every game, we won't be higher than like 17th or something in the league.

There's too many variables when it comes to attendance figures. Unless the league can come up with a ranking system that eliminates all of those variables, I don't care where we rank.

Except there is a significant difference between the two phrases.

No, but if you go into court assuming certain phrases or terms mean the same thing, you'll get blown apart in court.

dm84 is usually just that.

I haven't mentioned you or directed anything towards you on here in almost three days and now this?

Just stop your crap already and stop involving me when you get called out by other people. It's clearly not just me who has an issue with you.
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#1246508 All purpose Olympics thread

Posted by DevsMan84 on 19 February 2014 - 06:05 PM







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#1246443 All purpose Olympics thread

Posted by DevsMan84 on 19 February 2014 - 02:18 PM

Anyone know why the water bottles appear to be gone?


That's because Clarkson is not there to protect them.

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#1244194 GDT - February 3, 2014: 7:30pm Colorado Avalanche vs New Jersey Devils

Posted by DevsMan84 on 05 February 2014 - 10:18 AM

I don't play the Devil's advocate shtick.  The only person I see doing that is you.  You argue with people for no reason.


That's another way of looking at it.


That's certainly the pot calling the kettle black.

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#1244175 GDT - February 3, 2014: 7:30pm Colorado Avalanche vs New Jersey Devils

Posted by DevsMan84 on 05 February 2014 - 08:29 AM

It doesn't matter. By the time the end of the season comes around, or close to it, there will be teams that are eliminated. Hell maybe one of them is us. But this logjam will slowly start to break apart. THIS MAY COME TO A SHOCK TO YOU, BUT THESE TEAMS WILL ALL BE PLAYING AGAINST EACH OTHER FOR THE MOST PART IN THE FINAL 2 AND A HALF MONTHS IN THE SEASON! That includes us. In other words, we will have plenty of opportunities to close the gap ourselves, not to mention when they beat up on each other.

Worrying about the games in hand and seeding AT THIS VERY MOMENT is pointless!

The last dozen posts or so by you are again you playing both sides and that is why half the board finds you annoying. You are telling people it's too early about what other teams are doing yet in the OOT thread you post every fvcking day about what results we want from other teams to help us in the standings. Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth and drop the "playing devils advocate" schtick coma you seem to be in and more people won't have an issue with you.
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#1240615 Stadium Series Game: Are you going?

Posted by DevsMan84 on 22 January 2014 - 04:05 PM

damnn youre right.. about 4k tickets just disappeared


It's because all tickets are hard-copies and so the listings have to end today.

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#1238474 2013-2014 Attendance

Posted by DevsMan84 on 13 January 2014 - 04:36 PM

Half the kids don't respect teachers now a days. Its hard for a 18 yr old to respect a 22 yr old teacher. Kids don't hesitate to talk back anymore to teachers either now a days.


That's up to the parents to teach kids how to behave.  Unfortunately in today's society you can never criticize or hurt the precious little snowflake's feelings in any way.

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#1238427 2013-2014 Attendance

Posted by DevsMan84 on 13 January 2014 - 02:27 PM

We honor the military enough at our games, even schmucks who just signed up a week ago and have been stationed at Fort Dix for 2 days. We used to honor guys who received congressional medal of honors and even a Purple Heart or two, and now we go overboard. (And I do agree, we should honor some more law enforcement; there's firefighters and cops ACTUALLY saving American lives everyday who could stand to get a little more recognition).


Our love affair with the military is mainly the reason our country's education system is so messed up and behind. We'd rather send our men and women to guard an oil field in Iraq than reduce our class sizes and hire/train a few more teachers. Then our politicians brainwash and beat into our heads that teachers are lazy and overentitled... gtfohere


I do NOT envy teachers' jobs at all. Especially nowadays, they have to be psychologists/P.C.-crusaders/law enforcement all in one. My mom was a teacher and I would've never swapped places with her, despite me working 12 hour days and having crap benefits. People talk about how hard parenting is; well, teachers have to deal with our sh!tty young generations for 8 a day (and more). You don't just stand there and regurgitate information; if that was all the job was, it'd be a much more attractive profession.


Most people dislike teachers unions, not teacher themselves.  That's another debate right there though.


I work and I bust my ass off and of course I feel like I should be earning more than I do.  I would say I make a decent amount but since I am moving into a place next week I always feel like I could earn more.  I mean I think this feeling is shared by pretty much every person on Earth.  However, while military personnel and first responders are risking their lives every day, people such as myself and teachers are pretty safe working at a desk job (as much as you would want to say otherwise, a teaching job is a desk job).  Since teachers then get free tickets, where are mine too?  I work long hours, deal with customers who range from friendly to unreasonable/unrealistic to just plain jerks and I have to do it without losing my cool.  How is that a lot different than teachers?


I always appreciate teachers and I believe a vast majority are good, honest and hard-working people.  However, why do they always get the "untouchable" label thrown at them by a good chunk of society and why are they getting free tickets for a job that is not really far off from what I and most people in the private sector do?

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#1237545 Do the Fire and Ice Lounges need some updating/refreshing?

Posted by DevsMan84 on 10 January 2014 - 01:15 PM

PartyPoker's our big sponsors now CR. This is what the Fire\Ice Lounges are going to look like by 2016..


Lose all your money and you better make like a tree and get out of there
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