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Changes to Prudential Center

23 April 2015 - 09:17 AM

Starting this only because if I put this into the Rock sub-forum, it will just get lost into that abyss.


Major changes are coming to the Rock next year.  The club seats are getting cut down, the lounges for the club seats are getting complete makeovers and the Goal Bar is being completely re-done into mini-suites.


Club Seats: These are being restricted now to all of sections 8 & 19 and only the first few rows of sections 7, 9, 18 and 20.  They are the only ones who will have access to the Fire and Ice Lounges and they are bringing back free unlimited food and soft drinks.  The just-released seating chart shows this and the grey seats in sections 7, 9, 18 and 20 will not have access to the clubs, but instead will be given "15-minute" cards.  Basically its good for unlimited food on the concourses but are restricted to use them only once every 15 minutes.  Still not a bad deal IMO.


Goal Bar: Apparently this is being converted into mini-suites where the owners of them will have access to all events at the Rock, even non-Devils events.  Not entirely sure on any other specifics with that and the Goal Bar will now be known as the "Bud Light Premium Lounge."  For those of you who didn't have a seat there but liked to go the bar before and after games, that is no longer allowed.  Instead they are going to move the "everyone" bar to another "under-utilized" location within the Rock.  Was not told where at this point.


Fire and Ice Lounges: These are being completely re-vamped and below are the renders of what they will look like.  Gone are the Fire and Ice motifs so I doubt they will keep their current names.  Looks A LOT more modern and overall better than the current set up, which had grown long in the tooth much quicker than expected and never looked quite as good as the renders that were shown when the Rock was being built. 




New Fire Lounge:




New Ice Lounge:



No Devils Awards This Year

07 April 2015 - 04:18 PM

According to TG and Chere, Lou said the Devils are not doing team awards this year.  Sucks that they aren't but I am not shocked either.


That being said even with this crappy season almost at a close, I think it will still be fun to see people's opinions on who should win the awards if was held.  The categories are MVP, Player's player (hard to do when we aren't in the locker room) and Unsung Hero.  If anyone wants to add other categories by all means go for it, but below are mine:


MVP: Schneider

Player's Player: Gomez

Unsung Hero: Bernier