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In Topic: Msg Tv Tonight

01 October 2003 - 02:45 PM

Center Ice starts October 8, 2003 for this hockey season.

My digital plan offers 1/2 season for $109, full season $159 and if signed up before 10/31 then it's $139 total 4 payments $34.75 each.

My DirecTV is showing the game tonight as I posted on MSG. No Blackout in NY/NJ.

It won't be long now just 7 more days for the regular season.

In Topic: Devils At Boston

01 October 2003 - 01:35 AM

How about the Devils held Boston to 1 shot for 20 minutes starting at the 11 minute mark of the first period and out shot Boston 28-18 and lost 1-0 ? Still pre-season not to worry. Flex Potvin had his night.

In Topic: Pummeled Devils Give Bullies Lesson

24 September 2003 - 12:27 PM

Fighting during pre-season for rookies is a way for young players to make the team or show themselves off. The Devils are not known as a hitting team or as a hard hitting team and certainly not a fighting team. The Devils don't get prospects for fighting and there aren't any fighters left of the veterans.

Don't worry fighting will stop when the real season begins and there won't be any at playoff time. As for hitting that's something the Devils have to learn to do that is take the body. But that's like the PP it doesn't fit into a defensive team's strategy.

Marshall should have known better he is experienced and . If he got hurt shame on him.

In Topic: Nhl Brass Crying Wolf Over Cash-flow Woes

21 September 2003 - 06:16 AM

The owners created what ever financial problem they presently have, if in fact they even have one. It's time for them to open the books, both sets and start to manage the hockey business as businessmen and not children.

The players can't be faulted for being given these salaries or taking them if in fact the salaries are the problem in the first place.

Hockey is a difficult game to watch in person because of the speed and therefore it is very hard to watch for some on TV. The real money made in most sports leagues is the revenue from TV. The NHL has a problem with TV revenues and ability to get a good or decent TV contract. So they suffer because of the control of the TV contract.

Revenue sharing as suggested earlier in this thread is the answer for the smaller teams and Canadian teams with the dollar difference and financial balance that is necessary to sustain the NHL for the future.

The richer owners don't want revenue sharing so they will accept a strike to rid themselves of the small market teams and Canadian teams that can't compete against the US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar.

In the meantime the fan will suffer because of the negatives in the final season before the lockout and NHL hockey will be less when all is done.

In Topic: Joe Has Plenty Of Go

20 September 2003 - 07:39 AM

Interesting posts regarding Joe and his signing. Lou shouldn't have signbed him because he wasn't worth the money for the entire season. His play early on really doesn't matter. PepperKorn said it very well about his petering out as the pressure come on. That should have been observed during the years he played with the Devils. Any comparison with Almo is wrong, Almo was talented and not a flash of his old self at the wrong time. I wish Joe well as I do every player that leaves the Devils. They all leave for the same reason, MONEY. With the Devils losing money and team financial value coming down annually Lou can't waste money on maybes at $5 M.