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#1213983 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by Meals on Wheels on 06 October 2013 - 01:10 PM

all of you are seriously fvcking ridiculous.  just reading all this existensial BULLSH1T about a fvcking goal song not being "classy" or "celebrating the other teams failures" you all sound like a goddamn college-level philosophy class.  


ITS A FVCKING CHANT to celebrate a goal I DONT THINK ANYONE ELSE THINKS "HEY the devils just scored, this chant TOTALLY means that we are taking the attention off the devils"  :blahblah:  give me a fvcking break.  Youre taking this sh!t waaaaaay to literally.  Its a goddamn hockey game.


changing the song back to RRp2 was one of the few things the devils have done right to the fans in these past few seasons, and if 2 little words after HEY really piss you off that much then dont go.  you look like a fvcking idiot if you're actually debating the semantecs of this to THAT extent.  Casting the attention on the other team MY ASS.  We are celebrating like Jerseyans its the most JERSEY chant ever. We are Jersey right?


As for the people saying that the Devils shouldnt have to cater to us......... uhhh, yeah, the fvcking should, they aren't paying me are they? we pay them. so yeah they should do what the fans want. morons.





If the "you suck" chant is the most Jersey chant ever, than it's a shame we didn't invent it and I am also saddened that apparently the stereotypes of Jersey trash are actually true, and I've always defended otherwise. 


For you and the others saying not to analyze the semantics and we are taking things too literally, why don't we examine our franchise for a second. 


This is a team where players need to be cleanly shaven until the playoffs at all times. This is a team that doesn't allow its players on social media outlets. This is a team that chooses not to ever change the uniform or add a third jersey. This is a team that rarely allows players to choose a number higher than the goalie, etc. 


Do any of these things really matter? Would the outcome of our games change  if there were different rules being enforced for our players? We don't know, obviously. What we do know is that the people who run this organization have put all of these rules in place, and have also given us a winning team to root for for the last 20 years or so. It is also considered one of the classiest and strictest teams to play for.  This starts with front office, the demeanor, and the intangibles that so many of you have never complained about. These same people have decided that "You Suck" is not something they want being chanted at the games. Say whatever you want about the people who realize the chant is immature and out of place, but we are on the same page as Lou and his colleagues, and if I have to choose between what a bunch of drunk, young fans want, and what they want, I'm going with them. 


And by the way, I'm one of the drunkest and loudest fans in that building, but it doesn't mean I ever boo my team, or the front offices choices, or scream You Suck while we should be celebrating our goal. I scream for my team, I lose my voice for them, I encourage fans around me to do the same. Not everyone fits your stereotype of the type of fans who aren't chanting You Suck. Booing after the goals on Friday was disgraceful and I can't believe how many of you are defending that. I don't care if you were booing the arena, the music, the front office, the new owners, the guy who plays the music, whatever. You were booing after the New Jersey Devils scored their first goals of the season. Come at me with another excuse, but one day you will realize how embarrassing this was. It makes me incredibly sad to watch the re-runs of our Cup runs, and to hear the crowd in the CAA, and to think back to a much classier time to be a Devils fan, when we were all seemingly on the same page. Win games and be happy, Let's Go Devils. 

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#1121717 GDT: ECF Game 3 - NY Rangers @ NJ Devils

Posted by Meals on Wheels on 19 May 2012 - 06:02 PM

Can't believe you guys call yourselves fans, post on a Devils forum, and are talking about a Rangers/Kings SCF when we are only down 2-1 and have been the better team so far this series. I know none of you predicted Devils in 4 or 5 so stop acting like little b*tches and think positively for game 4. This is a resilient team and they have come back from 2-1 already this year.
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