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In Topic: Ftorek is back behind the bench

20 February 2004 - 11:50 PM

Earlier this season i saw him in the stands in Manchester watching his son's fir game.  Who is a good player btw, but good for him wonder what will happen when the Rats play his son?

luckily that won't be a problem this season since the rats don't play the monarchs again.

In Topic: DEVILS vs. LEAFS 1/10

11 January 2004 - 12:13 AM

I only hope that Suglobov or Berglund were not playing becasue of injuries becasue it is a shame to see Skrlac only have 3 shifts when a guy like Berglund or Suglobov could throw a bit off offense in the picture


For the Devils, defenseman Scott Stevens (flu, 1 gm missed) and right wing Aleksander Suglobov (bruised wrist, 2 gms missed) are both out on a day-to-day basis. Left wing Christian Berglund (bruised hip, 2 gms missed) was placed on the Injured Reserve List Jan. 8.

In Topic: Any early scouting reports from those in Albany?

04 January 2004 - 05:47 PM

After Dunham and Schwab, I think Ahonen and Clemmensen are the best goaltending duo the Rats have had.  Sid and Shulmistra were pretty good, but both were players whose best days were behind them. 

I don't think fatigue is the problem.  Clemmy's only played 19 of 33 games or so games, and when Ahonen was out, the Rats didn't exactly have a heavy schedule.  I think he's just in one of his rare slumps right now.

Where are Freddy and JF anyway?

In Topic: Any early scouting reports from those in Albany?

04 January 2004 - 04:54 PM

We never had a problem with goaltending in the past, Lou will take care of that in this draft, there are plenty potential #1 goaltenders in this draft.

Oh I don't know, I don't have many fond memories of the J-F Damphousse/Fredric Henry years either. :blink:

Of course there's still a chance that the Rats won't be around next year, so it's probably a little premature to think about next year's team.

In Topic: Any early scouting reports from those in Albany?

04 January 2004 - 04:39 PM

DeMarchi is also making a good name for himself, before the season I didn;t really understand why Lou was placing him in with our current Devils Martin and Hale. I thought DeMarchi was a couple steps back from those two. He has shown an offensive presence, added weight and I heard he is playing a Daneyko type game playing nasty.

Johansson is also playing some good hockey, he is a +3 and putting up some good points. I guess his WHL dominance is showing at the pro level.

Edit: Albany will be dominating the league in a couple of years, our prospects are still young, our second year players are doing great and we will be adding alot more talent. Laine, Kadeikin, Chvatal, Tallackson, Voros, Ryznar and Massen are all waiting for a Lou call, If you remember the Albany team mid 90's I am hopeing we will be back at that level in the future.

I'm hoping you're right Jason, but I don't see it happening unless we draft or acquire some better goaltending--I'd be surprised if Ahonen is back in Albany next season, and I'm kind of hoping I don't have to endure another year of Scott Clemmensen. :unsure: