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In Topic: T-Devs on Thin Ice

29 July 2011 - 08:26 AM

Certainly possible. I’ve never heard of the website this came from before and anyone who’s been involved in a situation that makes the paper knows that details are often incorrect in the reporting….

Plus any of those 8 that were aligned in the Devils system certainly won't be coming to Trenton. Lou would never let that happen.

In Topic: T-Devs on Thin Ice

29 July 2011 - 08:14 AM

news article

Is this wrong then? Not like the press ever gets anything wrong of course.....but that's pretty definitive that the contracts transfer which would indicate they bought the franchise. I would think, anyway...

I wonder if the writer maybe misinterpreted Lisk. My guess is the Titans retain the rights to the 8 players if they want to sign them.

In Topic: T-Devs on Thin Ice

28 July 2011 - 05:40 PM

Ugh. Apparently not.

Posted Image

If these are for real, I may have to remove myself from the "Happy The Titans Are Back" bandwagon.

If they are real, they're just as dumb as the Devils. But that's an interesting photoshop job, especially when you see the logos are different sizes. The socks on the mascot are a nice touch though. Looking at the guy's FB page, he's clearly into photoshopping hockey stuff.

However - those would make a great one-off third jersey/charity auction.

In Topic: T-Devs on Thin Ice

28 July 2011 - 12:42 PM

I think I figured out where the disconnect is. Most of us who are arguing that the Devils "destroyed" the minor-league markets they have operated in recently -- Trenton, Albany, and Lowell -- are from those areas. They were our local teams. Our allegiance or lack thereof to the NHL Devils is irrelevant because they don't have our cities on their chest. You might be able to argue that the NJ crest ought to be enough for NJ residents, but for someone in the Trenton area, of course they're going to have just as much allegiance to the city of Trenton as they are to the state of New Jersey as a whole.

On the other hand, you have Adam and the handful of people who agree with him, and they don't seem to understand that dynamic. I think the reason is that for them, the NHL Devils ARE their local team. They have no reason to care about Trenton because they're from different parts of the state. They can't conceive a situation where you wouldn't want the Devils to come in and be your local team. It's not a failing on their parts, just a misunderstanding of what others have gone through: watching the Devils come in to some admittedly bad situations and somehow making things worse. The worst management they've seen from the Devils -- take your pick from a number of questionable and flat-out putrid post-lockout decisions -- doesn't even compare to what Lou and Chris have done elsewhere to other people's teams, so they truly don't get the frustrations. Again, it's not really their fault, they just don't have the perspective that we do.

Good God - We could've saved ourselves 14 pages of arguing - this sums things up pretty freaking well.

Well played.

Adam makes a good point that had it not been for Lou and JVB, Trenton could have lost the ECHL years ago. Same thing with Lowell and Albany; the Lock Monsters might have ceased to exist had the Devils not bought them, and Albany could very well be without the AHL had the Devils not moved back there. It doesn't excuse the constant bumbling once they arrive, though. After a while, one does start to wonder if something is truly better than nothing.

I still contend that had no one stepped in and bought the Titans, the Flyers eventually would've put the Phantoms in Trenton. Would've been a far better financial move than sticking them in an outpost like Glens Falls.

In Topic: T-Devs on Thin Ice

28 July 2011 - 11:46 AM

Let the Flyers take the credit for reviving the city (they are just slapping their name on the team to be an affiliate, there's no money coming from them). New Jersey should have just let them die, Philly had no problems doing it.

You've really got your finger on the pulse here. Didn't realize the Flyers were the new buyers.

90 percent of the T-Devs fanbase will come and support the Titans. You and the other 11 T-Devs fans that make up the other 10 percent won't.

It's ironic that the same people that give Flyers fans grief for having not supported the T-Devs turn around and talk about how they won't support the Titans for the exact same reasons.

Go figure.