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In Topic: Devils hoping to retire Marty's #30 this season

Yesterday, 10:46 PM

Edit: Mike Modano is a great comparison. Dallas fans were crushed when he left. Are they somehow lesser and unappreciative fans?

Yeah, I always admired Modano for his loyalty/one-team player. Plus he's still the all-time leading US scorer iirc. He was a big reason why I felt Parise would be the next American to break those records as a Devil years back. I used the Modano comparison in the Elias thread as well.

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In Topic: Patrick Kane

Yesterday, 09:34 AM

Yeah but don't you think that is partly because of the backlash of the NFL's handling of the Ray Rice case? See how the NHL handled the Varlomov situation pre-Rice. Your point that the NFL is the worst is correct but the NHL's handling of the Voynov situation had more to do with league image than their rightful concern for battered women.

You're correct, it was likely done for league image more than anything else. But the major difference was that Voynov was suspended by the Kings first, and then sanctioned by the NHL if my understanding is correct. Charges against Varlamov were dropped, Voynov is served time. I don't think you can attribute those outcomes simply to "league image". The Kings have been doing shady things when considering Voynov and richards

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In Topic: Devils hoping to retire Marty's #30 this season

02 September 2015 - 04:23 PM

After clicking on the link, it's sad to see that some unappreciative idiots will never get over the seven games he played with the Blues, or the fact that he choose to stay on with the Blues' front office.  Hope they can get the fvck over it and enjoy the retirement ceremony.


It's gonna feel a little weird for Marty for sure...the Devil organization he remembers exists only in his memory bank.  Looking forward to seeing #30 and #26 make their way to the rafters.  I may not see another Devil jersey retirement in my lifetime after those two.   

Aw, don't say that CR1976.  There's more to come my friend.  

My comment to the article = As they should.  I can't wait to see #30 in the rafters where it belongs.  Like Lou, he was one of the few faces of this franchise.  I just wish that he accepted his role more towards the end because that's always been Lou's philosophy in terms of being a part of an orchestra.  Everyone wants to be the go-to guy and the best player, but there comes a time that a player has to accept that he's not a 1st violin seat anymore, and that he's more of a viola or bass player.  He could have remained a Devil for life and gotten more games as a backup in New Jersey than he would have with the Blues.  Should have handed the reigns over more willingly to Schneids and accepted the backup role gracefully, like Hasek maybe, but that's just my opinion.  

In Topic: Salvador Retires - The Players's Tribune

02 September 2015 - 04:16 PM

Lou's NEVER publicly acknowledged concussions, it's been a running joke with good reason.  Stevens had the 'flu' for three months...the closest they came to acknowledging a concussion was when they admitted Clowe had headaches.  Maybe they did with Merrill too, that's about it.

To be honest, I've always been okay with not knowing exactly what is wrong with players or specific injuries. Not that I believe that players would target injured players or anything like that, but I think that if a player is on the ice, he's fair game, injured or not.  

I've always trusted Lou when he said he has reasons for not disclosing information like that.  

In Topic: Salvador Retires - The Players's Tribune

02 September 2015 - 03:55 PM

Salvador likely to announce retirement.  


Now, by working with the Devils and local New Jersey hockey organizations, I hope to be an example for young players and spread access to the game for everyone. I want to pass on the lessons of perseverance, sacrifice, and determination that I was fortunate enough to have learned while playing hockey. If I believe in one thing in life, it’s that hockey is a force for good. It can change kids’ lives and give them an outlet so that no matter what’s going on with them personally, they can get on the ice for a few hours and forget about everything but that little black piece of rubber. 


Bravo to Sal if he wrote that bolded part.

(Copied from the Offseason thread.)
There was no way that Salvador is going to play another year with the Devils, let alone the NHL.  He was done after last season tbh, or like two years ago.  Two forty game seasons due to injury coupled with pretty poor play.  He wasn't even good on the PK when he did play.  He should have retired after last season.  I am greatly curious in whether or not Shero gave him a push in that direction.  

He has mentioned(end of this season or last, can't remember) that he's had recurring tfoot and back issues.  A average defenseman at an advanced age is NOT going to hold up with injury issues like that.  I wish Sal the best in whatever he decides to do in life after hockey and thank him for his insane 2012 playoff performance (even though it earned him a contract he did not deserve or could really live up to).