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New Jersey's Desperate Need for Young Forwards

17 August 2015 - 09:21 PM

I'm constantly hearing on this board that we need young forwards, but I rarely hear from any of these people which players they would pursue.  Obviously there aren't many of us who are amateur or pro scouts, but consider this thread as a wishlist and discussion of young forwards.  I will edit and add to this OP as names come up.  I also begin this thread knowing that we've already acquired Kyle Palmieri, however, another young right wing would really help this team move forward in its rebuild.  

I'll start with this list.  Obviously not many of these players are truly acquirable, but I will later advocate for one or two.  

Filip Forsberg - To begin, he would be very difficult to pry away from NSH after they absolutely HOSED WSH for him, but he's a right-handed right wing who has a great deal of skill.  He shoots the puck a lot, 63 points, 26 goals in his rookie season.  

Alexander Burmistrov - Coming back to the NHL this season to play with the Jets.  I think you very rarely see successful comeback campaigns, but the argument is that he is still very young and has a pretty great skillset.  Out of most young forwards, he may be the easiest to acquire.  

Nikita Kucherov- Put his talent on display this past year in the playoffs.  Don't know if he would really be easy to acquire, but a name on this list who is interesting without a doubt.  

Let's limit this list/discussion to players under 26.

Thanks NJDevs members.  

Line struck through means they are unlikely acquisitions.  

NEW POSSIBILITIES (I'm just throwing the names out there, feel free to shoot them down as unacquirable or whatever) 

Mark Stone - Broke out in the past season with Ottawa.  Likely difficult to acquire for that very reason

Curtis Lazar - Hasn't really broken out yet, but Ottawa's top 6 might become crowded if Stone or Zibanejad become fixtures

Mike Zibanejad - Same possibility as Lazar. 

Alex Galchenyuk - 

Brendan Gallagher - 

Tomas Tatar- Had a good breakout year with Detroit, will likely need to repeat it.


Tomas Jurco- HASN'T broken out, so maybe an interesting low-risk trade.  

A few more to come, have a few more names in mind, just do not have time right now.