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#1321491 Devils pick Goalie Blackwood with 2nd round pick

Posted by TheMazz on 27 June 2015 - 11:22 AM

I like this pick. Dude is one of the top goalie prospects in a extremely deep draft, he's tall like Bishop and can really play.


What next to NO ONE understands on here is that our depth at goaltender isn't as good as fans would like to believe. We have a stud number one who is currently on the wrong side of 20, Clarmont and Wedgewood both became major duds, Clemmer won't be retained...


We don't really have that many prospects at this position if you think about it, especially skilled ones. I rather have done Merrill + this pick for Barzal but those freaking out about this pick are TRULY freaking out about nothing and/or are literally in-informed.

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#1306729 1995 Stanley Cup reunion game

Posted by TheMazz on 25 February 2015 - 01:57 PM

I seriously can't believe that they couldn't get this thing held at South Mountain Arena.

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#1306544 I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Posted by TheMazz on 24 February 2015 - 04:30 PM

Because I yell "you suck"? How is the weather up there on your high horse? I go to 30+ games a year. I cheer. I chant. I don't yell profanities. I introduce new people to the game by bringing them for free with my seasons (literally have introduced 3 current STHs to the game). I don't sell my unused tickets to fans of opposing teams. I don't yell about "swallowing" or any of that. I love this team. But because I yell "you suck" I'm ruining the experience and of inferior intelligence? What a terrible fan I am. I should give up my tickets so someone else can have them. Don't generalize and take a long hard look in the mirror because if I'm one of the fans ruining this team then I have no idea what you even are. 


Please close this thread.



Don't worry. I agree with you. I have seasons, I yell, chant, I don't partake in the Flyers/Rangers chant because that's what is truly moronic but I'm a bad fan because I chant "you suck?" The people that are so embarassed over saying "you suck", jeering another team and their players. truly need to get off their high horse. That or take up water polo or golf...

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#1306170 I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Posted by TheMazz on 22 February 2015 - 10:20 PM

I'm legitimately curious about your thoughts on alcohol, mainly because I only get to go to 2-3 home games a year while I'm in Jersey for Christmas. Do people really buy enough $9+ beers to get drunk enough to act that way? It would just surprise me if so many people have the disposable income to get hammered at the arena alone. I feel like that sort of behavior would be the result of people pre-gaming at bars or with their own booze rather than alcohol sold by the Devils, which makes the Devils helpless to do much other than make sure people aren't bringing flasks into the arena. I'd also be curious to see what sort of revenue the team makes from beer sales- I'd assume putting heavier restrictions on alcohol sales would have a negative effect on them financially, which is why I doubt there would be any huge changes.



If we are spitballing? I would put a stop at 2-3 beers/mixed drink per ID. At the VERY least what could be done is something simple, such as getting rid of free booze in the suites or not letting anyone that appears blatently inebriated or intoxicated into the building. The security at the Rock is tough enough to the point that they can kick out anyone trying to sneak in a flask of all things.


And I would also like to point out that I don't hate families or even parents. That is the same generalization that I'm apparently being accused of. However, it's no secret that families and parents are the majority in this and that the plan is to switch to a overly family friendly/generic atmopshere for games. Now, I actually have a Devils ticket plan for next year, I've been a fan of this team since birth and I probably could go toe to toe with anyone when it comes to Devils discussion, memories...etc. However, getting your panties in a bunch over YS is just fvcking laughable.


The point that I was trying to make that it's a chant that can 100% be rationalized with children. As I said earlier, jeering opposing players and teams is a tradition that goes past the Devils, it's the oldest tradition in all of sports. Not just hockey. Chanting HEY YOU SUCK! after the Devils score a goal or the opposing lineups when they are annouced...that's just, childs play.


You can argue "but what if it's a blow out"?!?! Well, personally I don't chant when the Devils are getting blown out but like I mentioned, I rather hear chants of YS then nothing at all or miscued Lets Go Devils chants. There are some games where you can literally hear a pin drop. If you are perfectly content with that, then cool, that's your deal. But people like Daniel who are attacking people and calling them insulting names because they want to chant YS is literally the last way to get your arguement across and comes off worse then the overly militant YSers.


The Devils should crack down on the drunks and the beer/drink sales. My rep said they are going to expand bars in the arena next year. Everyone else thinks that's OK and not asking for trouble but saying "You suck!" is embarassing? Lordy, I can't begin to describe how insane that sounds.


The anti-YSers try to lump YS with the Rangers/Flyers chant and that's equally insulting. One is perfectly harmless and the other is something that needs to legitimately stop. The Flyers/Rangers chant is something I can agree with abolishing. That's wrong and disgusting. However, to get so adiment over a chant that is basically "HEY OTHER TEAM, YOU STINK" is just silly.


People can attack me for being pro-YS, I personally don't care but I don't see the logic in getting rid of it. Especally when there is far worse sh!t going on. You shouldn't have to explain or apologize to someone else that you are going to a game with for chanting "HEY YOU SUCK". Anyone that knows the bare bones of sports should get the logic in the chant. However when it comes to the Rangers/Flyers chant? Absoutely apologize and explain why people feel the need to a$$holes and chant that.

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#1283322 sharks and devils discussing major trade?

Posted by TheMazz on 20 October 2014 - 10:58 AM

You wouldn't enjoy watching Havlat, Elias, Thornton pass the puck around to each other for 5 minutes at a time without a shot?


We do that already. Lol.

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#1283212 Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

Posted by TheMazz on 19 October 2014 - 05:02 PM

I get my kicks berating others? After what you posted that people who don't like the YS chant are snobby amongst other things?

That's certainly the pot calling the kettle black.

Well, I have my opinion, which I think is pretty founded that those who don't like YS are going about their argument the wrong way and act a little snoody. However, I don't call anti-YSers every single name in the book and don't act like a complete jackass because they like to chant YS. Your superiority complex is amazing.; You preach about "immaturity" but act completely immature yourself. That's certainly calling the pot calling the kettle black.

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#1257533 Vote: Edison vs Brodeur

Posted by TheMazz on 31 March 2014 - 07:45 PM

Bon Jovi beat Sinatra and Springsteen?



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#1254836 Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

Posted by TheMazz on 21 March 2014 - 11:46 AM

Well, well, well.....mention YS and TheMazz comes out of hiding to post! It's like saying "Beetlejuice" 3 times!


Same could be said for you. I post on other threads though and pop up in chat. Rarely see you around

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#1254815 Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

Posted by TheMazz on 21 March 2014 - 11:22 AM

I am so sick of everything with our fans "sucking" and you suck, Parise sucks, everyone sucks. I just hate it. It's embarrassing sometimes. I blame the fans and I blame the organization.


Yes. Hearing the words "you suck" towards opposing players and teams is just so emabarssing let me tell you. God forbid we jeer opposition. Hell having to debate having to say "Hey You Suck" in this day in age is laughable. 2014 and this fan base makes "you suck" like it's the most vile word in the dictionary. The season is almost over. Can we admit to everyone who wanted this silly "family friendly" atmosphere that it's a total fvcking bomb? We were a sh!tty team in 2011 and 2013 and the building was still electric. SNA would be FANTASTIC but Weber and co have made every effort to make it the dulliest, lamest chant in the NHL. If you can even call it a chant. The canned "LGD" that no one chants - basically telling people what to say it akin to the old "WE ROCK!" nonsense that used to show up on the screen. Last night was sort of loud. (As loud as you are going to get with 14,000 in the barn) that's because we didn't have that canned "LDG" chant in there. We wouldnt have to change anything if they would just get rid of the canned crap. SNA is actually pretty catchy.


We have to be the most crotchity fan base ever - debating the use of saying "you suck" in sports. Saying something which is pretty common-place as a saying in this day and age, and which is used as a saying as a synonom for "You stink" and nothing else. Again - god forbid we say the opposing team and their players are awful. Why not just break out participation medals after each game so we don't make them feel bad. Last night's game could have REALLY used the YS chant.


A lot of fans I see need to relax and enjoy the game, cheer and have fun. This is hockey. This is a sporting event. Not Church nor a PTA meeting. And my goodness there have been times this season where I could have actually confuse the two. Could we be any more of a group of fuddy-duddies.

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#1230732 Would This Ever Fly In The NHL?

Posted by TheMazz on 05 December 2013 - 06:10 PM


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#1219768 The Clarkson Hype In Toronto is Laughable

Posted by TheMazz on 25 October 2013 - 02:24 PM

They really do think they have the second coming of Wendel Clark in Clarkson coming on board.  I cannot wait to see the backlash.


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#1217286 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by TheMazz on 17 October 2013 - 01:29 PM

But, we're not talking about "you suck" by itself. We're talking about the "Flyers Swallow and Gomez watches" suffix of it. Or, any other kind of F-bomb involved when you have a person yelling it every other word sitting next to a 5 year old,.


That I agree should be montitored more. The chant that comes from the goal song is more or less "you suck" all by itself. I'm for rowdy behavior but I personally never liked the Flyers swallow, Crosby/Gomez watches chant. THAT'S lowbrow. Not "Hey You Suck".

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#1215638 GDT 5 The New Jersey Devils face Bob Hartley's Flames

Posted by TheMazz on 11 October 2013 - 07:48 PM

hey...at least they dont yell that suck word !


Go Devils


Shh...we must never mention that. It's forbidden.

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#1213921 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by TheMazz on 05 October 2013 - 06:24 PM

We play Blurred Lines. A song which is pretty much about having your way forcibly with a woman.

We play You Gotta Fight...which has the porno line.

We play that Icona Pop song which has the lyric: "You're from the 70s but I'm a 90s bitch"


Those are all OK but "Hey You Suck" must be censored at all costs. I just... I don't even know where to begin. It's a major hypocricy if we are playing songs that are just as bad (harmless really) as the goal song.

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#1213659 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by TheMazz on 04 October 2013 - 11:44 PM

I'm not surprised people don't like the song.  I am surprised that our fans are this pissed off over it though.  Like I said though, what about the people who didn't like R&R2?  Do their opinions not count?


No but they are a very, VERY small percentage. That's the thing. We don't live in a "make everyone happy" world. It's majority rules.

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