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Chico Resch Talks Ceremony, PDB, Brodeur's Future, Playoffs

Today, 02:26 AM

Chico Resch is one of the NHL’s most beloved personalities, both as a goaltender and as a broadcaster where he spend nearly twenty years as the color commentator for the New Jersey Devils. Resch is set to be honored by the Devils on October 24th, 2014 for his contributions to the team. In this exclusive interview with AlternativeNation.net’s Sports section, Resch discusses the upcoming ceremony, Mike “Doc” Emrick, the future of Martin Brodeur, Adam Larsson, if he thinks this year is truly “do or die” for Devils coach Peter Deboer, what the Devils have to do to make the playoffs this season, and more.


You can view the full interview here

Robinson on Severson: "NJ Would Have Won The Cup W/ Him"

19 October 2014 - 05:06 PM

As much as I like Severson, I'm not sure if I agree with that statement:



Submit Questions For Chico Resch

18 October 2014 - 10:23 AM

I would bump up the Zubrus thread (which the Devils confirmed then canceled on me. Thanks for that guys.) but the page history apparently goes back three pages.


Anyway, I am interviewing Chico next week so if anyone has any questions leave them here.

Zach Parise Says 2012 Cup Run Was "Surreal", Talks Brodeur

09 October 2014 - 02:11 PM

As promised here is my interview with ZP. (I am still waiting on the Zubrus answers to get back to me) Parise talks Marty Brodeur, bashes NHL expansion and reminisces about the 2012 Stanley Cup playoff run.



I'm Interviewing Zach Parise...I Need Qs

15 September 2014 - 05:52 PM

This nugget came from the Wild's office today to me:


Hi Mike,


Let me talk to Zach and see what he thinks. How soon do you want to try and get this accomplished? Things are getting crazier by the day with camp starting on Friday.





Aaron Sickman | Media Relations Director
Minnesota Wild


BRB in shock...


Um, granted he's not our problem anymore but does anyone have any questions they'd like me to ask that aren't of the "What does Ryan's lips taste like ya fvcking tratior" variety. This is the biggest thing I've gotten outside the Miller interview. Holy sh!t.


Also, for those wondering why I'm not getting Devils interviews. Trust me, I've tried. Their PR department aren't that friendly and are as secretive as you could even imagine.