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The tanking 76ers and Harris/Blitzer article

05 December 2014 - 12:02 PM

I am not sure if this is being posted in the right spot, but I feel it has some relevance to our Devils.  It is probably nothing that we don't already know, but some reading material nonetheless.






When they acquired the team, the 76ers were overachieving in the weak Eastern Conference. Harris’s first big move was to bring in a potential star who might take the team even further, Andrew Bynum. The move was a disaster. Bynum did not play a single game for the 76ers and signed elsewhere after the team paid him $17 million.


After that debacle, Harris and his co-owners abruptly changed tack. They purged the roster of big names and costly contracts. They began amassing draft picks through trades.


And last year, they brought in new management, including a former Madison Square Garden executive, Scott O’Neil, as chief executive and a data-driven general manager in Sam Hinkie.

“They operate much more at the board level than other owners I’ve worked for,” O’Neil said of Harris and Blitzer. “They believe in weighing in on the budget, on management and on strategy. They invest in talent, and then they let the operators operate.”


All these moves are designed to build a championship-caliber team and return the 76ers to greatness. But to win, the owners believe, the 76ers first must lose.



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