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Yesterday, 10:56 PM

like you've been around enough to even notice?  How's the family?

In Topic: Devils re-sign Gelinas

15 September 2014 - 10:12 AM

Ultimately the agent works for the player, it only seems like it's the other way around sometimes.

No.  No he doesn't. 

Thinking that he does is the quickest way to failure.

In Topic: Scott Stevens No Longer on Coaching Staff

13 September 2014 - 12:36 PM

OK ok -- quick -- what is that bulsh!t up there based on?


Pat Burns makes the mistake of saying "I have no idea what the hell Stevens problem is -- it looks like depression to me"


then Stevens doesn't say no it's something I cannot explain but it's not ME not inside of ME... I'm just not right and I'm too freaked to even deal with anything right now....I can't communicate it.  Stevens thinks he said that and gets all butthurt that this guy he really respects says what he hears as "Stevens is being a wuss. He's emotionally weak"  Which is NOT what Burns said albeit Pat was pissed off this guy is just AWOL and hopes to push him out of his cacoon with a little tough love... well MISTER MANIPULATOR which Stevens is liek it or not big guy... decides he;s going to "win" and fvckign cancel his press conference and stomps off in a big baby huff leaving his team high and dry NO EXPLINATION.  Acting like he thinks he;s said all he can -- well he didn't.  THAT is why he can't coach.  He thinks I've done enough and you're just ebign a jerk not listen not understanding.  He gets his feeling so freaking hurt with stuff people dont mean... I know he understands that.... it's fine in life btu if he wants to coach that is the exact thing he needs to learn to work around.  DeBoer is a lawyer and I bet the tow clash a little under the surface -- it's power struggle and Stevens is absolutely mentally equipt to handle and win them -- but hes always used brute force -- MIXED with the mental -- it's so close ... such a slim modification and yeah -- it's some maturity he needs which is so hard when he's almost too mature in many ways I sense.



OK so... yeah yeha yeah   I'm all wrong and dont actually know a damm thing --- back to blanching and freezing corn for the winter,  i don't want to stop eating (carb heavy) corn!! 


Just because I don't want to bump the thread -- it's not about PCS.  From what I've seen Stevens has not been good at handling perceived conflict - it stresses him out, he loses focus, his voice quavers and blurts stuff out.  In situations like that, he cannot lie effectively either.  Basically when he feels backed into a corner he may just as well say "Shut the fvck up!" because everything he says comes out that way, be it fast emotionally charged indictments -- or rote standard responses designed to get people to... shut the fvck up.  I hear he's a great talker - I think he just needs to not take everything personally.  Just the way it seems to me.

In Topic: Scott Stevens No Longer on Coaching Staff

13 September 2014 - 12:22 PM

This is the main reason why great players rarely make good coaches.

While I am a great proponent of "you teach best what you most need to learn"  I dont think great players make sh!tty coaches merely or even partially because they were great players. 


Great coaches are great communicators/manipulators.  Stevens manipulated wordlessly.  That's fine but he needs more styles of communication in his arsenal.


So my sense is... He's a weird guy. His integrity, modesty, truthfulness is kind of ... how do I say this?  He's got some moral hardwiring which  -- gets bent I'll say -- and it for specific reasons which are truthful and necessary - but he doesn't field questioning his motives well.  He doesn't like being challenged and he fvcking stomps off like a big fvcking baby rather than dealing with the fvcking situation like an adult because he APPEARS to be more in control when he bales.  It's not a bad thing.  It's got it's own brand of kind of stick in the mud morality.but it's ineffective as far as communicating goes. 


He needs to deal with that.  When he can deal with that then he can coach.  No one challenges him beyond a certain point because he's an a$$hole about -- and knows it and walks away like a big baby and then comes back when everyone is willing to give him a bye and as far as what he's learned on the communication front -- it's MINIMAL.  Lou knows it and also knows if it would just click if he understood the power gained from NOT walking away getting all grumpy and frustrated.and learning how to deal with -- I dont know - whatever is irking him or confounding him, making him feel weak or whatever...then it's all good.  and chances actually are that if this is what he wants it will click.  I'd like him to have a tutor... you know, and not a little high pitched self righteous yammer and stuff that he can just sort of suck it up about but still not be convinced.  You know -- and he's not a fan of his temper I'm feeling.  He's being a baby about it -- his idea of control is walking away and that's just crap.   you know -- it's doubt.  Its waaaay too easy to get the guy to doubt himself.  Charging ahead isn't quite the way... it's close -- but he doesn't see the way... grrr... there's a certain stopping and facing it keeping calm enough to listen -- stay in the moment not too many steps ahead second guessing a response and trying to head it off losing sight of what you really want....


BAHHH -- I have to make catsup and do work and stuff...  :P

In Topic: Scott Stevens No Longer on Coaching Staff

11 September 2014 - 05:15 PM

well -- just read all that Chere stuff... hmeh.  Stevens not being heard is all on Stevens.  He knows it.


So someone who knows tells us more with any kind of bitching players voice removed from the tone of his assessment.


Seriously Sundstrom - without the garbage thrown on top and with your own imagination and knowledge of Stevens tell us what you heard.


I think you're not giving yourself enough credit and taken what someone else had to say too literally.  Frustrations colors things badly.  I'd like to hear the full account though not little hints about what an a$$hole Volchenkov thinks Scott Stevens is.  Clear the air because that IS what you've written not so covertly.  I just don't agree with the conclusions you've drawn. Maybe that's Stevens fault though.  There was some pretty piss poor communication going on that's for sure.  Stevens SUCKS because he gets all tense and hysterical holding too much in and blurting too much out all at the same time.TAKE THIS BACK SUNDSTROM

You have written about this tons -- you've never been a pansy footing jerk about it so ...


I just searched sundstrom and Stevens and got my answers. I still feel disgruntled that you relegate Stevens to the absolute bottom of the coaching barrel just based on your buddy's (Russian) opinion.  The flaws you cite are the ones we all know - his communication style basically.  As for the hitting thing - I think you've got the wrong take on why Stevens stresses it. But I, thus he, have no leg to stand on because of his sh!tty communication style - which I agree wholeheartedly must be the problem. 


Actually what you've said isn't at all out of line with what I suspected.  I wonder how DeBoer will interface with Albelin.  Tommy is very nice but he's also very social and obviously stubborn and willing to slam his head against a wall to get what he wants.


So what DOES Albelin want is the thing.  You make it sound like Stevens was this moron who just said "HIT" and nothing more - as if it woudl solve everyone's problems.


OK So Stevens has to share his knowledge not what he feels is his biggest skill.  He was always HUGE on positioning.  just HUGE --- so he can't coach it? 


IWell -- none of this even matters until he season starts... we shall see!

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