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In Topic: My Scott Stevens thread

24 July 2014 - 04:58 PM

well... how do you define meet?  I have this problem with that whole speaking thing so... not really. 

In Topic: Analytics in the NHL

24 July 2014 - 12:53 PM

As an intuitive thinker with an extreme love of detail and logic, accompanied by a dislike of conflict and a need for absolute capitulation from my detractors,  I love the idea of comprehensive stat tracking to articulate my decisions. Since I AM always right of course I can cherry pick the stats that will "prove" it  and tell everyone to bugger off - it's my way  what the empirical evidence says or the highway  :evil:


Yes - I'm hear to tell you, as contradictory as it may seem, those who embrace system and theory depend upon empirical data to get their way.  :uni:

In Topic: Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?

24 July 2014 - 12:00 PM

I read the last sentence... It's a run on and used the word "but" four times. That's a lot for one sentence.

hahahahaha .... butt.

In Topic: Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?

24 July 2014 - 07:30 AM

DD56, I'm not sure. It really reminds me of when you used to date all these cute girl next-door kind of girls that were great in their own way, but a little boring. Then you get set up with this super-hot Russian girl, one of the prettiest girls you've ever seen that you have admired for a long time. Sure she is a little exotic and rough around the edges for your family's strict conservative values, but you are sure you can make some changes to her, so they approve. You find out at first she is so needy and demanding but you give into her demands because....well look at her.


At first you're disappointed, but it's probably a little blip in a very long-term relationship. Then everything is great, and she wins your heart by saying of the two of you "this is team", and she buys you and her these cool hoodies with your relationship motto. She has an extended break from work so In the summer she goes back to Russia to visit her family, and see some old friends, one of the friends that you know is really into her. He's gotten his act together and has a job, his own house and car...even if they are crappy at best. Next thing you know she is actually staying at his house, but you shrug it off because you just finished such an incredible year together. You sometimes hear some stupid rumours that she actually likes this guy she is staying with and misses Russia, but you dismiss it sounds like some jealous friends making sh!t up or some idiot that usually is only right about 2.3% of the time.


Eventually she comes back home, but you are not sure if things are still okay and the relationship seems a bit different, definitely not as hot and heavy as before, but that's okay. So things aren't as great as they were, and maybe she isn't as pretty as she once was. Then all of a sudden she completely shocks you one summer day by dumping you and telling you she is moving back to Russia and getting engaged to that guy she stayed with. You feel like you got punched in the stomach, but you'll survive. You keep thinking that you should have seen the signs coming, yet you were just blinded by love. On the plus side, you were about to build an $11 million mansion that she designed and demanded, and she left days before you were about to break ground on the project.


So you are looking for a new girlfriend, and there is just no one out there except this really old girl that you sort of used to know back in high school. Well really you watched her from afar, but never dreamed of talking to her. She was the most popular girl in school and was absolutely wild. Never in a million years could you see yourself with her. Except she's matured and is looking to settle down, and you're desperate and on the rebound. She's actually been hurt by a few boyfriends recently. Even though she looks great for her age, they keep dumping her for younger guys. So after a tough first few dates, things start to look really promising. She's smart, gorgeous and really funny. So easy to get along with and not demanding at  all. She loves everything about you which kind of shocks you because you are kind of plain and boring, and she's used to wild and crazy guys and more adventerous things. She really has matured and her priorities have changed. You know it won't last but you count yourself lucky everyday.


Yet part of you keeps looking at your ex-gfs Facebook page, and man does she look awful. Everything there seems awful, but you can't stop wondering about what could have been, even though you are in a better relationship now. And....wait wait.


Actually that doesn't sound like anything that we are talking about, Come to think of it now, it also very much reminds me of that girl you break up with who you suspect has a meth problem, and then it turns out she does. So fvcking true. We can all probably relate to that.



Now no more girlfriend analogies please, unless you can work meth into them.

After all your years of mocking you produce this masterpiece.  And look dude -- it got you THREE reputation points. 


(FYI - this is how it works:  "TLDR," so everyone missed the whole last part there - it was the analogy that won you those points, don't fool yourself.  BUT they did read the very last sentence -- which total agreed with the original analogy making your ENTIRE post pointless! FABULOUS!   THAT is beauty in the off season post.  I'm so proud of you :wub:


EDIT:  Oh the LAST very last sentence was ignored by all - I originally assumed that was a given but thought I better add it in in case you thought I hadn't realized it, but I know you must have known. but in case someone had to post the clarification for me I thought I'd put that in there now.... but this won't get read because no one reads the VERY last last sentence.

In Topic: This off seasons UFA's and realistic possible trades

24 July 2014 - 07:12 AM

I don't care what we talk about, it could be whether you prefer peanuts or cashews, I'm bored and need something to waste time with lol.

I am really into almonds these days.  And you know, based upon my observations it's true their calories have been miscalculated.  I'm just sayin'


I was thinking about it here on this board -- and what's funny is I think everyone feel sthe same way you do -- just bored and longing for action.  But sometimes it just looks so ridiculous asking for trades, firings, whatever -- just for actions sake.  Very few take the tie to sit and traumatically ponder the situation.  It's why I like Tri whether I agree with him or not - he gives serious consideration from a to z... and beyond.  I also love Stereo who just goes nuts on intuitive stream of consciousness -- which I understand gets rolled into a fully thought out plan of action -- even if he does get realy distracted by stuff he has actually thrown out of his plan but nontheless feels he must defend the initial thought just because he's creative like that and ... well -- you know how it is.


SO  honestly -- I don't think I'm an actual fan of the peanut.  It's  a nice base but stand alone... it actually doesn't do it for me -- not like an almond.  But I feel so shafted PAYING for almond butter and stuff...


Wonder what Scott Stevens is up to.  My dad just gave us his canoe and went off on how it's damned good but not a Peterborough and then proceeded to tell me about watching them make them when he was a kid....  that's probably why I started thinking about Stevens...

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