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In Topic: 'He Makes Other Players Better'

16 December 2014 - 01:12 PM

I love Elias.  He's such a no bullsh!t player. 

I can't ever read him - but he's very honest on ice. 

He's got an unreasonable temper - but he can almost always suck it up and make it about hockey.


Because I cannot read him he seems simply devoted to hockey.  Nothing is personal - it's all about the hockey. Bad hockey is something to take personally -- but not much else. Because he's so hard on himself, he most definitely has strong opinions about sh!t hockey players.  I'm not sure how much he really says though.  And whatever he would say probably is too true and makes things worse...


Anyhow - the thread is stating the obvious and I'm sure everyone has had the same cathartic moment that inspired the post.  Fact is who gives a fvck if nothing can be done about it?  If there is no Elias type available there is nothing to be done.  Saying you must look to the draft ... I think I would respect the thought more if I hadn't truly JUST READ quite a few tri posts saying how the draft is kind of meaningless until after the fact -- when it becomes even MORE meaningless.  You do NOT know what you're getting.  There are NO guarantees no matter WHAT you think your getting.  We thought Jagr was a washed up ego maniac... 


The ONLY solution is knowing how to make the most of the hand you've been dealt.  It's a cop out to say luck of the draw - but to put it all on strategy is kind of the whole point.  To say the solution lies in the draft is to say there is no real solution.  Just my personal feeling.  (Ahh... heh heh  Tri had a little add on there -- hmeh.  anyhow -- you've got to post what you've got to post - leave it to us to overthink it for you or turn it into a slobbering tribute etc & so forth - like Neb00rs wrote: let it go where it wants to - that's the charm/value of the call to start a topic)

In Topic: My Scott Stevens thread

16 December 2014 - 12:32 PM

Yeah -- but this is a dude he acts like he'd re-point his own bricks - and he calls an exterminator?  well -- I guess if you have a big old house with mice,  it'd be hard to find where the little bastards are getting in.  I don't know -- well -- my parents had a opossum keel over under the house and ended up with a HORRIBLE flea infestation. They had to rip their porch apart as well as exterminate.  


we found a gut pile in the woods on Saturday... well Cory the dog did  <_<  :yucky:   I hope it wasn't our big guy.  and I hate jacksses who hunt on our land without asking.  It's because we told them no --- they know no one shotgun hunts here - they're just such effin' yahoos...  I wish the gun club would use our land -- but it's all land-locked so just the neighborhood yahoos not welcome in the club end up in our back yard... man i'd love to smack their stupid sexists faces off


anyhow...  <_<   now I'm all grumpy...

In Topic: DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

10 December 2014 - 02:36 PM

Well -- I'd make the same mistakes Lou's made -- I'd be worse even.  I am way into character.  I may not hold Salvador or Gionta - but I'd probably have my own misplaced ardor of some "character guy"  I'd have been totally sucked in by DeBoer too -- he sees things and articulates things just the way I'd like to hear them from a hockey perspective.  He reminds me of a really bad date... the kind who thinks youve promised yourself to him - he clearly doesn't really see or even like you and yet can't let go of the power of owning your soul and you dont want to hurt him by saying "Dude - wtf?  it's 2 months of dating - lighten up -- I can't help you"

In Topic: DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

10 December 2014 - 02:07 PM

A coach can just NEVER think "well, you're giving me all you can"


BULLsh!t!  Pat Burns always saw that more could be given.  and in this actually pretty positive way. The weakest link coudl always be stronger -- and he was right.


I was so hoping DeBoer was like that because of how he worked with Clarkson.   You know and maybe it wasn't the loss of Parise -- maybe it was Clarkson in there saying "YES this guy honestly believes in you - look at me - I'm your proof he trusts you"  and that was enough.  That did it.  


Does this make sense?  Do you think Lou can understand this?  so... so?  what's to be done about it... well I have no fvcking idea  :P


What this team needs is a coach who can get the nearly impossible out of them.  YES I am one of those "Sometimes you have to fictional in order to achieve reality"   Artists succeed because they know this fact.


and it's not something you can decide.  You cant intellectually say "I am going to trust the fictional"  Pete pete pete - you are an over-thinker and you do not allow deep feeling.  You are far too distant, detached and over-intellectual - albeit for your own self-preservation.   I already know you won't change. 

In Topic: DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

10 December 2014 - 01:55 PM

I don't care who likes Pete or who doesn't.  I don't care if he knows every weakness on the team -- we all do, don't we? His job is to make a difference.  Not make a difference by simply existing and telling them they have to win.  I couldn't read the whole article posted -- but nothing Pete says tells me the value he's bringing to the table. 


So I'm supposed to simply think he plays his cards close to the vest and we can't read from his comments or the teams play what the guy is bringing to the table?  I dont see a tactic, a strategy being employed  -- well -- What I should say is I don't see anything sophisticated or nuanced.  When a coach is struggling you tend to see effort - misplaced sure.  You see players not see and then you see the slight change in tack - you SEE it.  You can even see a player ignoring the direction being provided - even when the coach is saying the same blah bah lines that everyone says to the press -- you still see what's happening.  You can also see when a coach has a brilliant poker face.  I see nothing from DeBoer.


I see nothing.  I dont even see a stupid man who is just blanked out letting things happen around him -- I see a smart observant guy --- but I do not see what he's doing to right the ship.  I see no plan, I hear no plan, I intuit no plan beyond his "system" he came in with from day one -- his idea of what hockey is - which it must be stressed is not wrong in any way.  I see a smart guy almost seeming like a smartass - not DOING anything.  He's got the analytical side down (not stats I just mean he sees the game and his team therein).  But what is he honestly helping them with?


Does he think he's dealing with stupid people?  It almost seems that way -- like he thinks he's intellectually superior and he's used to that and he knows how to deal with that - he's got it all figured out in his head when to step back, and knows that these guys are just not necessarily as full engaged mentally as he is - and there's just so far he can go.  


to me it looks like hes lying to everyone -- like he's told everyone he trusts them, that he knows they're smart and can be trusted -- as if THAT is what trust is.....   so everyone is happy-ish -- but their own fvcking coach doesn't REALLY believe in them -- he finds them limited --- so they ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT PERFORM ABOVE HIS HONEST EXPECTATIONS.


Dude -- it's all about honesty and DeBoer is NOT honest.  He's just not honest.  and you can't put your finger on how it is he's NOT honest.  but he's not and he doesn't trust you and he's NEVER EVER going to get what he wants from this team.  Salvador knows how he plays -- how can anyone trust him when he leads when he can't possibly find the trust in himself.  Pete can go on and on and on about how much he trusts Sal ---- but he DOESN'T and everyone knows it ---do you all see what I mean -- the example I'm giving here?


Not ONE COG that Pete has control of can work.  You need your Jagrs and your Parises who know the game and know how to gloss over Pete's sh!t and tell the truth to the team.  That's the only way it can work with DeBoer.  He needs a translator - who will probably need to be a player who really IS that good and can help everyone kind of see the truth of their strengths so they dont need to rely on Pete's true approval. Jagr can't make his quest everyone else the way Parise was free to. Jagr is playing basically like I'm just doing my thing here.  Pete gives him free reign because he can.  What's creepy is the guys Pete really can't trust are the ones he pretends are his most trusted. and that is absolutely the most damaging thing abut his whole style.  It's false thus everything he does is then untrustworthy.


Maybe I'm wrong - but for myself I need to throw this out there into the internet ether.