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In Topic: Which Player are you Most Curious to Watch Next Season?

21 August 2014 - 06:42 PM

LOL at pepperkorn.. you have a serious hard on for scott stevens.

I prefer to call it a chubby

In Topic: Which Player are you Most Curious to Watch Next Season?

20 August 2014 - 11:16 AM

Scott Stevens :yay:

In Topic: BEER

17 August 2014 - 04:08 PM

yes!  Dietrich's Meats!  Well I will definitely try more Saucony's then.  Try the Carton Panzenella - well.. I thought it was good.  It didn't growler well but a pint is swell! 


I could use a nice lager right now...  horse show today - then I was painting for the 4H fair.  I really wish there could be a beer tent at the 4H fair.  Why can't we get our priorities straight here like the UK? :P

In Topic: BEER

17 August 2014 - 10:19 AM

We always get growlers these days and Weyerbacher - our everyday home beer is great bottled but Dogfish head just seems to consistently blow it away from tap.  I think maybe we're trying to like Weyerbacher...  we have been trying to visit the brewery all Summer but just have to speed by.  We seem to be living out 78 - I'm so not a fan of 78 --


Speaking of which -- I was trying to get to the fact I also tried the Saucony Kutztown lagerbier - it was nothing special on tap :(  I'd love to like it.  What's the butcher out there in Kutztown just off 78?  I love going there... our local butcher just retired.  82 and he thinks he deserves a little time off now.  :angry:  Mareska's  - I cannot believe they're gone now.  My husband was seriously considering  apprenticing under Emil Mareska.  anyhow -- beer and meat  -- I digress  :P  ANYHOW - I want to try more Saucony stuff.


Then Carton's Boat beer was also on tap and that was yawnsville.   

In Topic: BEER

16 August 2014 - 10:05 AM

yes...Nik's food was to laugh -- and they themselves said the biergarten was mostly just a smoking area :giggle:


The flavored beer - like a Maple beer -- I somehow have grown out of them :(   I had that Creme Brulee beer the other day and it was like drinking hazelnut coffee -- it was just wrong to my taste buds.  I'm anxious I'm not going to like pumkin ales this season.


At Nik's we must have been in the salted beer mood.  I had the hintochino plum ale -- that was extremely cool. Brother-in-law had the Carton Panzanella.  We got a growler of the Panzanella for home.  As salty beers go I liked both.  The guys liked the Carton better but I think it was partially a locavore thing on their parts.  My husband got the BerlinerWeisster I think -- it was a sour beer - anyhow it was like a riesling wine -- it was very good once you got over the shock.  My sister got the lambic  :yucky:

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