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In Topic: Dano is the new Chico. jMac is the new Dano

Yesterday, 10:07 PM

you changed my title  <_<  

JMac has had one too many Bmacs me thinks  HAHAHA!  Seriously - he's uncharacteristically chubby eh?  Of course I am too.  TRAUMA!!! 

wait a sec -- are we seriously talkng about Derek Jeter here?  Let's talk about Bob Ojeda then !

In Topic: Forum Outage

Yesterday, 10:03 PM

Just what I was thinking Dew!  El D!!   Did you see B's jumping on Facebook?  She's nervous all of a sudden... :unsure:  off topic.... I'll see you on FB!  :P

In Topic: Board Awards 2012!

21 September 2014 - 10:56 PM

like you've been around enough to even notice?  How's the family?

In Topic: Devils re-sign Gelinas

15 September 2014 - 10:12 AM

Ultimately the agent works for the player, it only seems like it's the other way around sometimes.

No.  No he doesn't. 

Thinking that he does is the quickest way to failure.

In Topic: Scott Stevens No Longer on Coaching Staff

13 September 2014 - 12:36 PM

OK ok -- quick -- what is that bulsh!t up there based on?


Pat Burns makes the mistake of saying "I have no idea what the hell Stevens problem is -- it looks like depression to me"


then Stevens doesn't say no it's something I cannot explain but it's not ME not inside of ME... I'm just not right and I'm too freaked to even deal with anything right now....I can't communicate it.  Stevens thinks he said that and gets all butthurt that this guy he really respects says what he hears as "Stevens is being a wuss. He's emotionally weak"  Which is NOT what Burns said albeit Pat was pissed off this guy is just AWOL and hopes to push him out of his cacoon with a little tough love... well MISTER MANIPULATOR which Stevens is liek it or not big guy... decides he;s going to "win" and fvckign cancel his press conference and stomps off in a big baby huff leaving his team high and dry NO EXPLINATION.  Acting like he thinks he;s said all he can -- well he didn't.  THAT is why he can't coach.  He thinks I've done enough and you're just ebign a jerk not listen not understanding.  He gets his feeling so freaking hurt with stuff people dont mean... I know he understands that.... it's fine in life btu if he wants to coach that is the exact thing he needs to learn to work around.  DeBoer is a lawyer and I bet the tow clash a little under the surface -- it's power struggle and Stevens is absolutely mentally equipt to handle and win them -- but hes always used brute force -- MIXED with the mental -- it's so close ... such a slim modification and yeah -- it's some maturity he needs which is so hard when he's almost too mature in many ways I sense.



OK so... yeah yeha yeah   I'm all wrong and dont actually know a damm thing --- back to blanching and freezing corn for the winter,  i don't want to stop eating (carb heavy) corn!! 


Just because I don't want to bump the thread -- it's not about PCS.  From what I've seen Stevens has not been good at handling perceived conflict - it stresses him out, he loses focus, his voice quavers and blurts stuff out.  In situations like that, he cannot lie effectively either.  Basically when he feels backed into a corner he may just as well say "Shut the fvck up!" because everything he says comes out that way, be it fast emotionally charged indictments -- or rote standard responses designed to get people to... shut the fvck up.  I hear he's a great talker - I think he just needs to not take everything personally.  Just the way it seems to me.

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