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#1328959 TSN Interview with Lou

Posted by Pepperkorn on 22 September 2015 - 10:50 AM

I think a lot of his innuendos regarding events on the Devils are pretty much crap.  End of the day it's on Lou.  So a lot is just damage control and softening of his past mistakes to make the Leafs a more attractive destination IF any of his policies drove players away.


There is no doubt in my mind Zach Parise's leaving had very little to do with money - and I dont see Lou allowing himself to be hi-jacked to THAT degree - Suter or some other buddy would have to have been in the deal too I'm sure just to soften the Langenbrunner fiasco as distant as that may seem to everyone now. Fact is - over-paying for "character" players hamstrung the team a lot IMO.


I think the chatter about the Devils encouraging players to play hurt is upsetting to Lou.  I might be misinterpreting a little but still.   As if he couldn't pay a better medical staff?  As if he couldn't make that a priority for some reason?  Like ownership was saying "Hell no - put that injured guy out there - his absence will hinder the bottom line!"  I think it just never really occurred to him how to fix the problem.


I wish that the Devils had been able to mediate a wedding of old knowledge with new.  I get that it's not worth the effort with so much to do.  I just think it could have been handled with a lot more integrity and confidence. I have to say - I am impressed with Shannahan's confidence.  Although we all know what they say about confidence.  It's that feel you get before you fully understand the situation. :evil:

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#1317080 John Hynes of Pens AHL team expected to be Next coach.

Posted by Pepperkorn on 19 May 2015 - 09:49 AM

This is actually quite a revealing time on this board.


You can see quite clearly who likes what I'll call Devils hockey - which I consider consistent hockey throughout the ages unaffected by trends of the times.


You can see who didn't really know what they were watching. You can see now that all their years of hockey talk actually boil down to their pretty much just trying to second guess what Lou would do next - not really seeing the WHY he might do it or why he did do something.


You can see who kind of bandwagoned onto to the team - yet still felt great loyalty and stuck with the organization despite it not representing a product they liked at ALL. The winning was cool but they didn't actually enjoy the hockey. hmm.


You can see who reeeally doesn't know sh!te from shinola about hockey and has been trying to figure it out all this time latching on to a winning team and trying to figure it all out from there. Sort of a "these guys are winning and they make me admire them - there is strength and I'm going to sit here and watch and try to figure it all out."


Many people are quite lost...  they have no clue why they did or did not like Lou or in fact the Devils.  You can tell by what and how you all are writing. 


I enjoy the people trying to see how to get Devils hockey back in play.  They reference decent teams and look for HOCKEY options. Maybe they came to the team for any one of the reasons above but they've come out the other side KNOWING.  They found hockey.  Which is ...  :wub:  its the best ever...  My nephew is finding hockey playing and that's adorable  not sure he likes it...but I thinkhe does.  He's a  scaredy cat -- but as he grows I see he's just a big thinker -- I hope he starts to enjoy the game <3

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#1316365 Report: Devils GM Shero high on Penguins AHL head coach

Posted by Pepperkorn on 11 May 2015 - 12:36 PM

True enough but the guys I'm thinking of HATED that kind of talk.  And they'd get the wrong information from it like they do today with the few bits we have.  Probably why they hate it so much -- they suck at comprehending intangibles. They lack creative thinking.


Theses guys who were anti-Lou are not from Jersey even.  Why not go root for Ottawa instead?  Or Montreal?  Why did you bad-mouthing a team you've adopted that has nothing to do with you?  Because you liked the style.... so when that style is dull to you go back from where you came from, you know?  Why drum out what got you here and change things to just another sh!t Ottawa Montreal Leafs team?


It took a decade but these crappers got what they wanted.  It's "their" team now.  It's just garbage - like any other team in the NHL with some good years some bad.  I don't see a tradition being carried on from here.  I really don't.  I'm sure I'm just being negative - but it's McHockey. Homogenized. Commercialized.  There will be nothing to make NJ stand out from the crowd now.  They'll be inconsistent running by whim of the NHL demi-gods -- not by hockey. 

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#1313389 John Hynes of Pens AHL team expected to be Next coach.

Posted by Pepperkorn on 13 April 2015 - 02:13 PM

Marty would be a HORRIFIC GM.  BEYOND Horrific.


What are you imagining based on his past hockey and life experiences?  I can list off the pros and cons - but:


Basically the fatal flaw is his self indulgence.  That will ABSOLUTELY lead to poor decision making. He will NEVER get it under control. 


I just dont know Oates well enough but it's an interesting thought actually.  He seems to have a very cool head and a clear  (for my tastes)  correct vision.  He has some communication stuff to learn... and i canNOT tell what it is -- drives me absolutely insane.  Thanks for the ^&%ing muzzles Lou -- how can I help you then HMMM????


Hey --   just a quick note -- I figured out Lou's lie tell --- he stops listening.  He's committed to the lie and he stops really listening - he's for sure learned: to listen after the fact, is to open yourself up to inconsistencies in reasoning -- therefore getting caught in a lie.  Once he's committed to that lie he can no longer apply logic or reasoning without acknowledging the betrayal of trust -- and then you've you got your strawman ready built and an end to productivity :P.   Anyhow --  It's very obvious.  He's got a liar face that he makes and kind of an innocent shirking of responsibility face.  It's very annoying -- and the reason is that he's NOT listening -- you're SOL and it's infuriating.  Yeah -- I just needed to see it once and it stuck with me  - you know I'm right... I'm just right about that stuff  :uni:  :P

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#1290176 DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

Posted by Pepperkorn on 20 November 2014 - 12:19 PM

 You don't bend the team to accommodate mediocre players, otherwise you end up with a mediocre team.


Did anyone tell DeBoer that?  ummmmm.gif

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#1285855 DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

Posted by Pepperkorn on 29 October 2014 - 12:04 PM

The stuff I am reading in this thread is shocking. DeBoer has no system? If anything he is too wedded to his system.

WHOLEY UNDERWEAR!  Are you trying to deflect from your inane fire Hugh thread or what?


His system isn't a system -- it's bullsh!t.  It does not deserve the honor of being called a system.   ---- That was the whole freaking point!  Re-read this thread and comprehend what you're reading.  or print up some Drive out Hugh shirts - whatever floats your boat.




Oh jeesh... Well -- even with Tri and Eco's posts my point still stands.  DeBoer's system if you insist on calling it that - is not a winning system.  it's also extremely static. 


The Ineffable System  - built around the game of hockey - the never changing premise of hockey - it withstands all styles therein.  There are a few key points, around which there are mutable points. A system that allows for mutable points is the key to success. 


DeBoer's so called system has static unchanging points which result in static unchanging outcomes regardless of given circumstance. Blown leads for example.  I dont like to call it a system because it goes against all this is the former Devils System - which I love honor and respect to the ends of the hockey universe. 


and I'm not calling for his head -- I just want him to fvcking USE HIS!@  he's a damned stubborn fool OBVIOUSLY.

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#1285831 Save us Jacques Lemaire

Posted by Pepperkorn on 29 October 2014 - 10:49 AM

I don't know, dr. I might be going about it like an idiot but this team is a pain to watch. Can't hold a lead to save its life. Basic plays breaking down.

These are the exact problems we've been having for a couple years now.

No need to back-peddle.  No one cares what judgement DR33 has cast on you.  Frustration drives you to aggression.  It drives dr33 into insipid piety.  Neither gut reaction detracts from either of your hockey knowledge or prevents either of you from making a few salient points here and there. :evil:

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#1264952 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by Pepperkorn on 20 May 2014 - 09:55 AM

I'd be cool with the Rangers beating the Kings.  It would serve Hamden right. (my home town if you haven't read the background)


If the Kings win jackass (Jon Quick) better bring the cup to his home town (Hamden) the second chance he's been given.


If the Hawks win - blah, so what.


If that habs win -- cute -- but at the end of the day, so what.


I'm apathetic unless it's the Devils.  It's the only way to appropriately show my love for the team.  Hate is too strong. 

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#1262053 Lou speculation

Posted by Pepperkorn on 22 April 2014 - 06:44 PM

Well.... you'll have to talk to Marty about that -- and DO NOT make fun of his accent....

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#1256300 Brodeur Article, name dropping where he might want to play, reveals wh

Posted by Pepperkorn on 27 March 2014 - 05:18 PM


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#1250947 Marty's Quote at trade deadline

Posted by Pepperkorn on 07 March 2014 - 10:28 AM

Well -- if I want to be thinned skinned about it, Marty for sure intended to imply he'd rather be on playoff team and he doesn't see this team getting there.  He makes it sound like he asked for the trade because the Devils weren't committed to winning. Clearly, he feels if they were, he'd be seeing more ice time.  That's the worst take I can put on his quote.


But the reality of it is, he wants to paint himself as someone who is in control.  In control of his career and being held back unfairly from taking control of his life on the ice.


Dude is not in control of several things and he has to admit this - he can't regain control until he faces certain facts.  He doesn't not have control of his sight.  He does not have control of his reaction time.  He does not have control of his body.  These things are going to do what they want, not what he wishes they'd do.  They have changed and to have a few good years left you have to take time to change with them and not do it in the limelight squealing about how others are stopping you from doing what you've got to do. 


You play on your own time if you don't get the start.  If you need to play every game to keep in your groove, you find a way to recreate it.  You can't learn on ice it's costing the team and that can't happen.  The team can't afford for you to find some groove you have no concept of how to find.  After 40 nothing "just clicks"  Just trust people Marty.  Just trust people.  They never lied to you before - they dont think old guy can't cut it they SEE OLD GUY CAN'T CUT IT.  So trust them PLEASE. You are the one betraying a trust no one else.


Guys are so NOT like women.  All his buddies see the way things are but know how guys are and think poor guy is just fvcked.  they dnt help him out and try to help him through it -- they just assume he won't hear.  because he's a dude.  Has Jagr said -- this is why I went to overseas - to make a nice transition away from the spotlight.  Marty you can't do that.  You're not a forward.  You're a goalie -- you have nothing that anyone will LET you hide behind.  There is no more Stevens Dano Neidermayer to cover your ass in transition periods or weak moments.  and you're NO HELP refusing to admit weakness.


whatever.  People are frustrated at your lack of trust and refusal to see YOU are the betrayer here.  No one has betrayed you except that they gave you all the rope you asked for. 


Man you know...  exhausting. 

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#1246662 All purpose Olympics thread

Posted by Pepperkorn on 20 February 2014 - 02:54 PM

that slashing call was for sh!t.  It's pretty lame when the refs win the game for you. whatever.

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#1241242 Random Thoughts & Stuff

Posted by Pepperkorn on 25 January 2014 - 05:09 PM

You mock me!  Will Don let you post it?  I can't tell you how happy your Montreal trip made me!  LOL  How ridiculous is that?  It was just perfect old school NJDevs message Board perfection!


...and I saw it on facebook!  :rofl:


:mellow:  :saddevil:

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#1239106 Langenbrunner retires

Posted by Pepperkorn on 16 January 2014 - 09:30 AM

oops.  Can you undo my +1 up there (lest someone thinks someone actually agrees with me :P )?  I hit it trying to fix my Jammie typo.... 


AND - in closing :)


Jamie was a great hockey player and did what he thought was best.  I'd trust him to lead any team I was responsible for even now. I really loved watching him play and having him on the team. I sincerely hope he has a great retirement and no regrets.

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#1239104 Langenbrunner retires

Posted by Pepperkorn on 16 January 2014 - 09:20 AM








AHHHHHHH!!!!!  Lemaire doesn't retire without that fvcknut COMPLETELY messing with the team psyche!





Dear lawrd -- I posted before I finished the thread and saw where we all tried to take it.... no.


Jamie.  It's all Lou, allowing the Jamie thing to spin completely out of control.  Do you not see how this sort of thing fvcks with the very foundation of a system like Lou's?  Trust is HUGE.  Jamie betrayed the trust Lou gave him, in the worst most damaging way possible.  He turned it on it's head and said: because you're making these decisions (which we know were actually on the right track), we can no longer trust you.  TRUST WAS DESTROYED BY LANGENBRUNNER AND UNTIL EVERYONE IS GONE FROM THOSE DAYS, IT WILL ALWAYS BE WEAK.  THIS is what I always write about - this is LOSERVILLE.  This is that intangible LOSER thing I keep writing about.


Yes - the team has to shake it off -- people have to shake the lessons history has given them off.  Lou is very conservative and hence we have some really slow shaking off.  It's why I'm glad Parise is gone.  Although if he had stayed it would have meant the Langenbrunner legacy was gone actually. Pretty much only Parise had that power to rid the team of that and keep them winners get them back to mental confidence.  But it's done.  The team had to be taken down to bare bones square one and that's where we are.


fine whatever.  I may be over-stating to a point - but if you do not understand the string of actions then you can't understand why the team is where it is -- what it is coming out of and why it is.  It's a waste of a valuable lesson.  Hmeh - but you know -- people waste history continually.  I'm not goign to let it die a quiet re-written death though  :evil:

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