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#1167120 Matt anderson called up

Posted by Pepperkorn on 29 January 2013 - 01:58 PM

You're not really understanding.

I am understanding fine


Hey dummass!

Yeah dummass?

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#1167052 Bamboozled by the Devils?

Posted by Pepperkorn on 29 January 2013 - 10:57 AM

Bottom line - I'm not impressed by Lou's phone call. Maybe you guys are "woooooooo'ed" by the GM of a team calling you, but as far as I'm concerned I didn't get what I paid for, and so, out of good faith and good will, the Devils should have respected this guy's request and HOPED he would come back next year...

That's my two cents...

My 2 cents he was asking for special privledges. He was denied his specific request - probably due to a physical box office problem not easily rectified. Once you cancel tx they probably go into a STH sale list. I'd bet there is no mechanism by which to halt his cancelled season going into the sales queue other than NOT SELLING them - which is not and CANNOT be an option for a team like the Devils. The STH box office system is probably NHL mandated and created for teams like the LEafs who have hundereds upon hudreds on their wait list. There was probably NOTHING the Devils could do to retain his exact seats - nothing that coudl be offered STH wide. Thus dude is asking for special privledges. When push comes to shove if that's exactly what he wants it's not worth it catering to him. :noclue: People have to understand they dont have the right to get exactly what they want. and they have a responsibility to hold up to their end of a bargain. You cannot tell me you all dont know that lockouts and work stoppages loom every 5-10 years. This wasn't somethign any STH was blindsided by.

Anyhow -- stupid of me to respond - some will think what they want to.
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#1166846 Tedenby to albany

Posted by Pepperkorn on 28 January 2013 - 12:43 PM

Feel bad for Teddy but this could be it for him.. He's just too small for the NHL and it hinders his game all around

Hmeh -- I dont think it's just his size. Lots of guys can work with the hand they were dealt. I hope he can come back but -- it amounts to he's inconsistant. It doesn't seem like he's learning how he's made things happen. More like they just happen and he hopes he can make it happen again. I'm not holding out any hope he'll see a formula for success at this point. Even if he finds his mojo in Albany - it'll still amount to hit or miss. I dont know who can help the kid.

No confidence = no technique

which equals death -- you have no path to follow no point of reference from which to grow from. Everythign is too sketchy IMO. I hate to say it looks like he doesn't know what he's doing and I dont mean it quite the way it reads. :(
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#1166313 Does Matteau stay?

Posted by Pepperkorn on 26 January 2013 - 03:41 PM

In this case I think he'd benefit from some time in Albany, With his Dad he knows NHL mindset so no worries he'd lose something. I think he could stand to gain a little mojo. He hasn't entered the ring fighting - which is fine. So find some swagger in the minors and come back playing like you want to stay in the NHL.
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#1165386 GDT: Philthadelphia Failures @ New Jersey Devils

Posted by Pepperkorn on 23 January 2013 - 10:48 AM

I think Bryz left his brain in space. That Clarkson goal was a laugher. Instead of following the puck he focused on his lost stick and before he knew it the puck was in the back of the net. That's goaltending-101. Don't take your eyes off of the puck! Brainfart Bryzgalov.

What a glorious start to the season. Rags 0-2. Phailures 0-3. Devils 2-0.

I for one agree with you and understand EXACTLY what you mean. this board is very into selecting minutiae, deliberately being obtuse or overly specific in order to feel correct/superior. You may sound glib and superior which is fine by me - you also happen to be correct. If he is to STAND A CHANCE of making the save he has to keep his eye on the puck. Marty never fvckers around with his stick - if he loses it he plays without it until a whistle.
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#1158247 Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

Posted by Pepperkorn on 07 December 2012 - 03:30 PM

yes I know the difference between there and thier... man even Stevens corrects my spelling. No i do not forget anything - I'd have guessed you;d picked up on that by now. It's a curse.

SUre they wont Daniel -- BUT those like Lou will be working and those like Stevens will be working.... I want quality first and foremost. See I didn't put this in my post and I don't really feel like adding in bit by bit. I'm just not in the mood for a conversation onthis, I THINK OF ALL THIS sh!t -- YOu all know that... you all read my jumbled crap trying to answer all you perpetual debaters before you pipe up even.

I dont want to shut people down so much as - I've thought it through and in my current emotional state this is what I want.

I also want a shortened season because 82 games diminishes the qulaity of the hockey. Everyone wants diluted sh!t in the name of fairness -- the name of what? It's just in the name of revenue at the end of the day. Decertify. Save a union for small time leagues where stupid guys really will be taken for a ride.
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#1144999 Hockey players are the worlds toughest athletes

Posted by Pepperkorn on 20 July 2012 - 11:54 PM


OK - last post -- seriously...

I just want to put this out there. I don't disagree with the fact these guys have to protect themselves more. But I HATE the way these guys are portrayed. Everyone acts like these guys are victim or morons or that they are martyring themselves for their sport. It's not that way - for the most part it's just not. I think they just lose track of where to draw the line.

Just so it's out there -- and you guys who play should understand what I mean I think. IT FEELS GOOD. At the outset it feels fvcking awesome. If you guys dont understand that :noclue: you kind of don't quite understand what your talking about. What you're preaching about. You MUST take this first CRITICAL FACT into account if you are going to actually change anything. I mean you can make rules - but it's wussing it down. You take away the strength of the nature of the desire to push on.

This stuff - dealing with pain builds from what feels like a healthy place. As a former ballet dancer (as in washed up by 12) you enjoy the discipline, not unlike going for the burn. It adds a little extra layer of satisfaction - yeah maybe its stupid and maybe it's a little like "why do you bang your head against the wall? Because it feels so good when I stop" kind of thing.

It feels really good to push through things. There is a rush a physical mental and emotional climax when you push through physically. BUT -- clearly things get off track and you lose sight of why you're pushing, when it stops feeling good, when you see there will be no payoff - you can't see why you're playing when you are truly hurt. It's a little pavlovian -- it's a compulsion. If you give in and sit, and your team fails it's your fault. If they succeed then you feel exposed as a fraud - lacking true value. It's irrational. There is no rule that can change those feelings. It's not something pounded into guys - YES a lot of stuff is indeed pounded in by coaches -- but they are playing upon this INNATE human trait - this fear and self-doubt. They are turning a man's strength against him. Telling a guy that strength, stamina is NOT manly or that being manly isn't important... that's just bullsh!t. It changes nothing. His strength IS important, and it's being exploited.

So we can all tutt tutt and say this has to stop hurumph hurumh hurumph. Yeah -- that's real easy to post on a message board. But it's not the full story and it doesn't ring true when you say crap like it's more manly to sit. and you will not get buy in from the players is the really bottom line. I just think people have to admit what they are really dealing with. It's just not that easy.

You CAN do your best to get rid out of the careless, malicious headshots people throw. You can make it as weak and unappealing as it is. Re-brand. I have no problem with that. But trying to stop a guy from playing hurt by preaching at him... that's just insulting. Trainers coaches GMs yeah - they need to be held accountable for exploiting human nature - this characteristic a hockey player is going to have. But there is something irritating in the way the message is being delivered - it raises the hackles of dudes who's hackles dont need much to get raised.

blah blah blah .. I wish I didn't care or feel like I had to say something. I don't want to post here... but this sh!t just sits in my head and no one gives a fvck in the real world :evil: I just would rather be thinking about something that's me... that's organic to MYSELF. I dont play hockey... I'm not going to. why does it matter that I put this garbage out here -- I'm TIRED!!! dammitdammitdammit. haha - it's painful and I keep pushing through for no reason :lol: no reason at all... **sigh** it is to laugh.... -_- i need a hobby :P
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#1123588 Read Zach's Lips on the Carter Goal

Posted by Pepperkorn on 24 May 2012 - 01:39 PM

What's interesting about this series is the Rangers are tired, physically and mentally - if they lose, it's that they shot their wad. The Devils are young and nervous - it's all mental. But they've come this far so past demons are dead. It's new territory and not at all predictable. Rags -- listening to tortorella talk, looking in his eyes... what I'm reading: These guys are done - they're fried and I have to find a way to motivate them out of this.
It's a shame he's so on top of it because I'd like to have him push too hard. He's a pretty sensitive coach even if he takes as heavy handed a tac as he can. He may well be able to get them going again - find the freshness. :angry: jerkwad.

What sucks, is no one, NO ONE knows what our guys are capable of... I don't. Physically and talent-wise, they can go the whole road no problem. But mentally I'm still not sure -- not because they're weak or tenuous -- it's just so NEW! There's always been a time where I knew the outcome -- I never know with these guys and I really love that!

This is sweet team in both senses of the word because what makes them, is the mix of guys. Star/scrub young/old - it's such a team, it's a little traumatic. You can't turn to an obvious core, so there is no gauging how it's all moving forward. But they have each other and that's just awesome.
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#1120993 Rags on Twitter

Posted by Pepperkorn on 17 May 2012 - 04:10 PM

Not now, dude. I mean, I'm sure there were subconscious things that occurred to make me switch. Like my brother and father are die-hard Ranger fans. My Dad is almost to a fault. Where I'll get mad and sometimes say things in the heat of frustration, he'll always support the team. He's a good fan.

I don't think so. Like I said, I totally respect the team, the organization, and the success that you've earned in your short span. But, I'm a pretty devoted Ranger fan. Sorry, brother! :evilcry:

You've explained it all before.

You said our rude fans caused you to switch -- you wrote that years ago. I didn't read this thread so I'm guessing you had to share again? Is it like confession for you? Why you turned to the dark side or something? And you get all defensive like we invited you in and then attacked you.

I hate the mealy mouthing insincere sh!t you spout. You try, you really do -- you even came back to visit once in a while thereafter to prove you weren't just coming to the board to get your jollies during the series. Sooo what do you want - you're just being a nice guy and we should all be nice to your well-meaning ribbing? NO... we have a cool board and you want to participate :rolleyes: whatever - but take your lumps and enjoy then -- don't expect to welcomes with open arms like you're some wonderful guy. Ya just make me wanna puke, having to read this same load of sh!t all OVER AGAIN. read the same pretentious piety? :puke: :puke: :puke: Do we have this to look forward too next season too?

Don't answer -- I really DO NOT enjoy your posting so I am putting you on ignore preemptively. Yeah, I really do just want to say my piece and have you STFU :evil: 'cause I REALLY care that makes you think I'm an a$$hole.... :doh1:

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#1113611 My personal response to the Panthers

Posted by Pepperkorn on 28 April 2012 - 10:31 AM

We should seriously act like we've been here before, stop worrying about the Panthers and pretend like we have to face the Flyers now.

Dude is it exhausting being the arbiter of ALL things message board.

Posted Image

Seriously -- think about it BEFORE you hit Add Reply -- is it really necessary for YOU to post yet another chiding post to your fellow fans and message boarders? It's just such a bad habit you've got going on and you really are relentless with it...
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#1066345 Wendy's Owner

Posted by Pepperkorn on 22 November 2011 - 10:45 AM

a Where's the Beef chant would be hilarious, but most people wouldn't know what the hell the chant is for :lol:

I'd think it was for Stevens.... Posted Image
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#1057589 Is Marty done?

Posted by Pepperkorn on 18 October 2011 - 12:10 PM

done with what? Are you waiting for the can or something? :unsure:
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#989289 Andrew Peters Retires

Posted by Pepperkorn on 10 February 2011 - 01:08 PM

No actually perspective is realizing some dudes just want to ridicule and bitch :evil: any positive take on the subject currently held up for ridicule is seen as a challenge to their internet message boarding superiority - not simply broader view of the same truth.

IN the broader perspective - Peters sucks in the NHL as the millionaire next door sucks on the Forbes top 100. Does my stating that bother you?

A negative opinion of Peters skill doesn't bother me - I simply ask people look through a broader lens. This is after all a retirement announcement not a Devils Acquire Peters for 5m for 5 where incredulity and outrage are more appropriate
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#989209 Rooting Interests Thread

Posted by Pepperkorn on 10 February 2011 - 09:40 AM

What I sort of like about this position -- it's PERFECT training. EVERY game is critical/non-important so you play with full pressure but there is no deeper kicking yourself. The kicking of ones self is just so non-productive and so impossible to avoid.

Nothing and everything is riding on every game. It's like youth - this blind stupid faith trying to attain the unattainable. Everyone said I HAD to have a back up career - yes mine was art to the dismay of every teacher I had :noclue: When there's no safety net it's just more FUN! and you move forward in such a productive happy way.

This is hockey for me. this is what I love and what I seriously never thought I'd have the opportunity to enjoy as a Devils fan. I had it with the Islanders in the 70s... and now here it is and it's AWESOME! and Lemiare at the helm... I just love this stuff. Who knew this is what it would take to get them there. I always wondered... wow and Lou did it and I'm just happy and pray we dont' get a stupid owner who can't shift his sight with the times. This is a really revitalizing place and I'm psyched for Patty - he's in the perfect time zone for it all. Marty is sooo close! Just hang in there man! You can do it don't get frustrated or beleive your on any down swing! Just get a new fresh vision! Please hang on -- I want it for Marty so badly!!!! But of course not if it's just too much :P I know how it is ^_^

man I drifted in this post.. :lol:
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#987208 Raising No. 27

Posted by Pepperkorn on 04 February 2011 - 06:40 PM

It's sad how many people are still bitter about him taking less money to play with his brother. :rolleyes:

It's so sad how some people cannot accept that not everyone is a Neidermayer fan. Just because I have never agreed with anyone about Neids doesn't mean I'm bitter. I wish we still had all the posts since 2001 so you can see how often I wrote how much I disliked Neids while he was on the team.

His leaving confirmed my feelings and I stated I would eat all my words if he re-signed with the Devils.

I HATED the way he handles his role as Captain on this team. I just find his reticence INFURIATING! I find his heartfelt soul searching insincere - just procrastination, making sure no one KNOWS what a prick he is at heart.
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