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Quotes about Defence and positioning

11 March 2014 - 08:30 AM

So has anyone read quotes about how our d has crappy positioning?  I have of course -- never mind who said it.    A lot of people seemed really happy with the defense getting in on the plays -- I missed the games this weekend. 


Were guys sacrificing positioning for offensive moves? 


While the quotes I read could be seen as maybe a little deflective, I do like that someone is bringing focus to the teams defense.  What does everyone think about Devils defence specifically?  Are the pieces just crap or is the coach crap or is it a combo of both or neither?


we just signed up for our biennial cable deal so I should see some hockey on TV until the end of the season.

I'm just trying to figure it all out

06 March 2014 - 10:04 AM

I have no problem with anything the Devils organization has been doing if I take it all one move/non-move at a time.  The thing of it is -- all the moves when taken en mass - when looking at the big picture... I just don't see how it all fits together in a sapient progressive way.  In fact on the whole the management has been nothing short of erratic.


I cannot reconcile this team, and the decisions being made, with the Devils of old. 


Choices have always made sense to me in the past.  Most of the time they were exactly what I'd like to have done with the team and I am by no means a crowd pleasing group-think kind of person.  Big choices aligned with the small.  They just dont now.  If you do A. for the big picture then the small picture step B that must logically follow, never comes!  A whole non-conforming step is taken!  it's nto a clever twist or thinking outside the box -- it is a flat out DIVERGENT step.  What's worse it's not a tug of war --- it's the left hand just letting the right do whatever it wants -- HAPPILY AT THAT!  (and vice versa).




:mellow:  I have nothing to say.  I can say NOTHING except lash out and contradict myself - no one can so I completely apologize to any and all I have trashed.  No one is wrong or right -- I was just frustrated because no one is getting specific enough or offering solutions that makes sense within the frame work of this current team and management -- but the fact is no one CAN.  It's not that the organization is defying logic -- it's that it's defying any sort of momentum whatsoever.


Well - the only sane read I can come up with is that Lou WAS a HUGE micro-manager.  I admit, I thought he was just a brilliant personnel guy who hired people with his exact same mindset and vision.  But it really is seeming like he ran the ENTIRE show previously and he is now actually letting others do their part without providing significant over-sight.  As if he said OK this has to work without me one day so I have to start stepping back now.


I'm just SURE there are guys who know what Lou would have done in the past -- but now that he's stepping back a little they don't know what to do.  they dont trust their own Lou-think... If it's what Lou wanted he'd tell them right?  So they do nothing or try to stay some stupid useless course. it's like everyone is taking the bull by the horns and leading it in a different direction - though everything is conservative and well thought out and justifiable -- nothing forms a successful cohesive plan.


I can't imagine Lou trying to change his whole modes operandi at this late stage.  He'd have to revert to fix it mode - the old Lou just couldn't let things fail like they are. 


I dont know... and I have no time to think it through properly.  Everyone just needs to start NOT being themselves but doing their best Lou impersonation.  it seems like Lou is saying do it your way!  Do as Lou DOES not as he says. 


Or shoudl they start doing as Lou says?  I cannot imagine anyone NOT listening to or following Lou's plan.


Right now I just imagine Lou at Panera saying -- Well guys,  I got nothin'  Do your own thing and we;ll see what happens.


that seems so UNLOU though.  I have no idea.



Halle-flippin'-lujah, brother!

25 January 2014 - 05:06 PM



and this is why I have such a hard time posting anywhere on NJDevs now. I'll leave it at that.  But if you're thinking

"do you mean... :blahblah: "  YES!  I DO!

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