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In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

When you're a seller like we are and are hunting draft picks and prospects, there are no panic moves. You exploit panic to make your team better.

Which hopefully we'll do in the next 18 hours with Zidlicky and/or Gelinas.

I'd agree if Gelinas wasn't an RFA in the off season. We can afford to be patient til the draft and beyond with him instead of selling him for a 2nd or a prospect worth around there if we could hold on and get more.


Zidlicky can go and everyone else. Hell if we could get an old shoe for Salvador I'd do that too

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 05:39 PM

I think its JVRs -21 that makes him so attractive!

Yeah because wingers are the reason and the soul reason goals are scored when they are out there. Not the other 4 guys out there. Nope its that winger that has the low number. People online really overrate how much a winger does on defense with their plus minus.


Also why is everyone so desperate on here to unload Gelinas this trade deadline. You'd probably get a better deal waiting til the offseason. IF anyone thinks he's the key to a cup and wants to over pay go for it but selling low in the middle of the season in a panic move never works.

In Topic: Clarkson to Jackets for Nathan Horton

28 February 2015 - 11:45 AM

Everyone and their mother should have seen the Clarkson fall off based on how he ended the last lockout season. He was cold as ice for as long as he was hot in the beginning of that season.


Honestly I can't complain that the NHL wasn't going after this for cap reasons as this feels like trading our 1st rounder for cap relief.

In Topic: Move Over Panera...There's a New Hot Spot in Town

25 February 2015 - 02:41 PM

TGI Fridays near me had Vader signing stuff during Wrestlemania. Two 8 by 10s and shook his hand for 20 bucks. I mean I probably could have just bought 1 for 10 but I need two signed pictures.


This has nothing to do with anything other then it being in a crap chain restaurant.

In Topic: Entering Prudential

24 February 2015 - 01:01 PM

They'll probably take a look inside so you'd be best to not take your gag dildo with you tomorrow to work