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In Topic: New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

21 July 2010 - 02:14 AM

Do you guys seriously not understand the issue with Kovy's contract? It's not the term, or his age when the contract ends. It's the structure of the contract. It's designed to give kovy the max payout during his prime years while making the Cap hit per year very low. The last five years of the contract are only there to lower the cap hit. During this time Kovy won't be making any more money than a rookie or journeymen. And given the current CBA, Kovy has the ability to retire BEFORE his contract is over. This contract was intended to circumvent the CBA and the cap. That's the issue here. The rest is irrelevant. What will happen from this? who knows.

I do hope it ends soon though, so the rest of the free agency can continue. I thought we got rid of all this drama when we got rid of Kovy, but even on another team he seems to create drama.

Enjoy his wrister. That's pretty much all he's got. I will NOT miss the times when he floated in the neutral zone only to have some no name rookie skate over to him and steal the puck away, and go skating off on a breakaway. He's very talented when he has the puck, but when he doesn't have it you could easily mistake him for a figure skater the way he skates around in circles. Your goals for are going to increase for sure; but so are your goals against. You can count on it. Don't believe me? Go to Hulu, and watch any number of games and watch him for yourself. He's a floater!